Adenoid disease and its aggravations

The adenoid disease is a chronic inflammatory process which affects the palatine tonsils which are in a human throat. The inflammation develops owing to influence of a number of adverse factors – strong overcooling, decrease in protective forces of an organism and resilience, allergic reactions. Such influence activates microorganisms which constantly the person sick with an adenoid disease has on almonds. As a result at the patient quinsy and a number of further complications which can be and local, and the general develops.

The Limfoglotochny ring is made by seven almonds: lingual, pharyngeal and guttural almonds which are unpaired, and also pair almonds — palatal and pipe. From all almonds palatine tonsils most often inflame.

Almonds are lymphoid body which participates in formation of the mechanisms providing immunobiological protection. Most actively almonds carry out such functions at children. Therefore immunity forming becomes an effect of inflammatory processes in palatine tonsils. But at the same time specialists deny the fact that, having removed palatine tonsils, it is possible to influence negatively immune system of the person in general.

Reasons of an adenoid disease

In the course of the inflammations of almonds repeating very often which arise owing to influence of bacterial infections immunity of the person is weakened, and there is a development of an adenoid disease. Most often the adenoid disease arises as a result of influence of adenoviruses, a streptococcus of group A, staphylococcus. At the same time if treatment of an adenoid disease is carried out incorrectly, then the immune system can also suffer owing to what the course of a disease is aggravated. Besides, development of an adenoid disease happens owing to frequent display of acute respiratory diseases, scarlet fever, rickets, measles.

Often adenoid disease develops at those patients who throughout a long time suffer from the broken nasal breath. Therefore, adenoides, the expressed curvature of a nasal partition, anatomic features of a structure of the lower nasal sinks, existence of polyps in a nose and other reasons can be the cause of development of this illness.

As the factors promoting development of tonsillitis it should be noted existence of the infectious centers in bodies which are located a row. Thus, the teeth affected with caries, purulent antritis, an adenoiditis which has chronic character can be local origins of tonsillitis.

Failure in functioning of immune system of the person, allergic manifestations can precede development of a chronic form of tonsillitis.

Sometimes quinsy which treatment was carried out without appointments of the LOR-specialist becomes the reason of further development of an adenoid disease. In the course of therapy of quinsy of the patient has to adhere surely to a special diet, without using the dishes irritating a mucous membrane. Besides, it is necessary to refuse completely tobacco smoking and not to take alcohol.

Symptoms of an adenoid disease

Хронический тонзиллит и его обостренияCan find symptoms of tonsillitis of a chronic form of people not at once, and already in development of an illness.

Symptoms of an adenoid disease at the patient first of all are expressed by feeling of strong discomfort in a throat – the person can feel continuous presence of a lump. The feeling of a sadneniye or irritation in a throat is possible.

From a mouth the unpleasant smell as there is a gradual decomposition of contents of lacunas and release of pus from almonds can be felt. Besides, symptoms of tonsillitis is cough, feeling of an indisposition, strong fatigue. The person hardly performs usual work, being exposed to weakness attacks. Temperature can sometimes increase, at the same time the period of increase of indicators of body temperature proceeds the long period, and it increases closer to an evening.

As objective symptoms of tonsillitis doctors allocate existence in the anamnesis of the patient of frequent quinsies, is purulent - caseous traffic jams in lacunas of almonds, hypostases of palatal handles. Also the hyperthermia of handles as the blood flow and a lymph near the inflammation center is broken is expressed. The patient notes painful feelings in almonds, increase of their sensitivity. Similar manifestations can disturb the person throughout a long time. Also at the patient regional lymph nodes increase. If to carry out their palpation, the patient notes display of weak pain.

The adenoid disease can be followed by a headache, small pain in an ear or emergence of discomfort in an ear.

Forms of an adenoid disease

In medicine two different forms of tonsillitis are defined. At a komprensirovanny form available exclusively local symptoms of an inflammation of palatine tonsils. At the same time thanks to barrier function of almonds, and also reactivity of an organism there is an equilibration of a local inflammation owing to what at the person the general expressed reaction is not observed. Thus, protective function of almonds works, and bacteria do not extend further. Therefore, the disease is expressed not especially strongly.

At the same time at a dekompensirovanny form take place and local symptoms of tonsillitis, and paratonsillar abscess, quinsy, tonzillogenny pathological reactions, and also other illnesses of a number of systems and bodies at the same time can develop.

It is important to consider what at any of forms of an adenoid disease can occur infection of all organism and to develop extensive allergic reaction.

Complications of an adenoid disease

Хронический тонзиллит и его обостренияIf symptoms of tonsillitis of a chronic form are shown at the patient throughout a long time, and at the same time adequate therapy is absent, then development of serious complications of tonsillitis is possible. In total as complication of tonsillitis about 55 different diseases can be shown.

At an adenoid disease patients very often complain of difficulty of nasal breath which is shown as a result of a constant rhinedema and its cavity.

In view of the fact that the inflamed almonds cannot fully resist to an infection, it extends to fabrics which surround an almond. Thereof there is forming of paratonsillar abscesses. Often there is a development of paratonsillar abscess into neck phlegmon. This dangerous illness can end with a lethal outcome.

The infection can gradually affect also underlying respiratory tracts that leads to display of bronchitis and pharyngitis. If at the patient the dekompensirovanny form of an adenoid disease takes place, then changes of internals are shown is most brightly expressed.

Many various complications of the internals arising as an effect of an adenoid disease are diagnosed. So, influence of an adenoid disease on manifestation and the further course of collagenic diseases which are among rheumatism, a system lupus erythematosus, a dermatomyositis, a hemorrhagic vasculitis, a scleroderma, a nodular periarthritis, polyarthritis is proved.

Owing to manifestation at the patient of frequent quinsies heart diseases can develop after a while. In this case developing of the acquired heart diseases, endocarditises, myocardites is possible.

The digestive tract is also exposed to complications owing to distribution of infections from the inflamed almonds. It is fraught with development of gastritis, a peptic ulcer, duodenitis, colitis.

Manifestation of a dermatosis is also very often caused by the adenoid disease which exactly earlier arose at the patient. The similar thesis is confirmed in particular that the adenoid disease is very often diagnosed for the people having psoriasis. At the same time accurate dependence between exacerbations of tonsillitis and activity of a course of psoriasis is observed. There is an opinion that treatment of psoriasis has to include carrying out a tonsilectomy without fail.

Pathological changes in palatine tonsils are very often combined with nonspecific pulmonary diseases. In certain cases progressing of an adenoid disease promotes an exacerbation of pneumonia of a chronic form and to considerably aggravate the course of this illness. Sootvetsvenno, according to specialists-pulmanologov, for decrease in number of complications at chronic illnesses of lungs should be eliminated quickly the infection center in sky almonds.

Some diseases of eyes can also be complications of an adenoid disease. Human body poisoning with toxins which are emitted owing to development of an adenoid disease can weaken the akkomodatsionny device of an eye very strongly. Therefore, to warn short-sightedness, it is necessary to eliminate the infection center in time. The streptococcal infection at an adenoid disease can become the reason of a course of a disease of Bekhchet which signs damages of eyes are.

Besides, at the long course of tonsillitis of a chronic form the liver, and also zhelchevyvodyashchy system can be surprised. Sometimes also the diseases of kidneys provoked by a long adenoid disease are noted.

In certain cases at patients with an adenoid disease various disorders of neuroendocrinal character were observed. The person can sharply grow thin or gain excess weight, it considerably breaks appetite, constant thirst is observed. Women suffer from disturbances of a monthly cycle, at men the potentiality can decrease.

At development of focal infection in palatine tonsils sometimes there is a weakening of function of a pancreas that as a result leads to insulin destruction process. It can lead to development of a diabetes mellitus. Besides, there is a failure in work of a thyroid gland that provokes high education level of hormones.

Besides, progressing of an adenoid disease can influence developing of immunodeficiency.

If the adenoid disease develops at young women, then it can influence development of reproductive organs. Very often adenoid disease at children becomes aggravated at teenage age and passes from the compensated form into dekompensirovanny. During this period the child has an activation of endocrine and reproductive systems. Therefore, there are various disturbances in this process.

Thus, it is necessary to consider that at a disease of an adenoid disease at the person the most various complications can develop. It follows from this that treatment of an adenoid disease at children and adults has to be carried out timely and only after the correct establishment of the diagnosis and appointment of the attending physician.

Diagnosis of an adenoid disease

Хронический тонзиллит и его обостренияProcess of establishment of the diagnosis is made by studying of the anamnesis and complaints of the patient to displays of a disease. The doctor carefully examines palatine tonsils, and also examines also a palpation of lymph nodes. In view of the fact that the inflammation of almonds can provoke development in the person of very serious complications, the doctor is not limited only to local survey, but also carries out the analysis of contents of lacunas. For capture of material for carrying out such analysis by means of the pallet language is removed and pressing on an almond is made. If at the same time there is a release of pus of mainly mucous consistence and to an unpleasant smell, then in that case it is possible to assume that in this case it is about the diagnosis "adenoid disease". However even the analysis of this material cannot precisely demonstrate that at the patient adenoid disease takes place.

Precisely to establish the diagnosis, the doctor is guided by existence at the patient of some deviations. First of all, it is reinforced edges of palatal handles and existence of a hyperthermia, and also definition of cicatricial commissures between almonds and palatal handles. At an adenoid disease of an almond look loosened or cicatricial changed. At lacunas of almonds there is a pus or caseous and purulent traffic jams.

Treatment of an adenoid disease

Now there are a few methods of treatment of an adenoid disease. In development of degenerative changes in sky almonds the adenoid tissue of which normal healthy almonds consist is replaced with connecting cicatricial. As a result inflammatory process is aggravated and there is organism intoxication in general. As a result, microbes get on all area of a mucous membrane of upper respiratory tracts. Therefore treatment of an adenoid disease at children and adult patients has to be directed to impact on upper respiratory tracts in general.

Хронический тонзиллит и его обостренияRather often in parallel with an adenoid disease also the chronic form of pharyngitis develops that also should be considered in the course of purpose of therapy. At an exacerbation of a disease first of all it is necessary to remove displays of quinsy, and after that it is possible to carry out directly treatment of tonsillitis. In this case it is important to carry out full sanitation of a mucous membrane of upper respiratory tracts then treatment for recovery of structure of almonds and stabilization of work of immune system is carried out.

At an aggravation of a chronic form of a disease the decision on how to treat tonsillitis, the doctor has to accept only. In the first days of treatment it is desirable to observe a bed rest. Complex therapy includes reception of antibiotics which approach taking into account individual sensitivity them. Washing of lacunas of almonds is carried out by special devices, using solution of Furacilin, 0,1% iodine chloride solution. After that the tushirovaniye of lacunas of 30% is made by spirit extract of propolis.

Besides, physical methods of therapy are widely used: ultra-violet radiation microwave therapy, fonoforez vitamins, lidaza. Today also other new progressive techniques of treatment of tonsillitis are often used.

The attending physician can sometimes make the decision on carrying out surgical removal of palatine tonsils — tonsilectomies. However for removal of almonds it is necessary to receive accurate indications initially. So, surgical intervention is shown at recurrent paratonsillar abscesses, and also in the presence of some associated diseases. Therefore if the adenoid disease proceeds without complications, then it is reasonable to appoint conservative complex therapy.

There is a number of contraindications to carrying out a tonsilectomy: operation cannot be done by a sick leukosis, hemophilia, an active form of tuberculosis, heart disease, nephrite and other illnesses. If operation cannot be made, then sometimes the cryogenic technique of treatment is recommended to the patient.

Prevention of an adenoid disease

To warn this disease, it is necessary to watch that nasal breath always was normal, timely to treat all infectious illnesses. After quinsy it is necessary to carry out preventive washing of lacunas and greasing of almonds by drugs which will be recommended by the doctor. In this case it is possible to use 1% iodine-glycerin, 0,16% GramicidinGlycerin, etc.

Also regular hardening in general, and also a hardening of a mucous membrane of a throat is important. Morning and evening rinsings of a throat are for this purpose shown by water which has room temperature. At a food allowance there have to be products and dishes with the high content of vitamins.

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