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  • Latin name: Humalog
  • ATH code: A10AB04
  • Active ingredient: Lizpro's insulin
  • Producer: Lille Frans S. A. S., France


Lizpro's insulin, glitserol, metacresol, zinc oxide, hydrophosphate sodium heptahydrate, Acidum hydrochloricum (hydroxide sodium solution), water.

Release form

  • Solution colourless, transparent 3 ml in cartridges in the blister packaging in a cardboard pack No. 15.
  • Cartridge in the syringe handle Kvikpen (5) – in cardboard packaging.
  • Also drugs of Humalog the Mix 50 and Humalog the Mix 25 is issued. Insulin of Humalog the Mix represent mix in an equal ratio of solution of insulin of short action of Lizpro and protaminovy suspension of insulin of Lizpro with an average duration of action.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Insulin of Humalog is DNA the changed analog of human insulin. Distinctive feature is change of a combination of amino acids in an insulin V-chain.

Drug regulates process of a metabolism of glucose and has anabolic effect. At its introduction in muscular tissue of the person the maintenance of a glitserol, glycogen, fatty acids increases, protein synthesis amplifies, consumption of amino acids grows, however, the gluconeogenesis, a ketogenesis, a glycogenolysis, a lipolysis, release of amino acids and a catabolism of proteins at the same time decreases.

In the presence at patients of a diabetes mellitus of 1 and 2 types at administration of drug after food more expressed hyperglycemia concerning effect of human insulin is noted. Widely varies time of action of Lizpro and depends on a set of factors — doses, body temperatures, places of an injection, blood supply, physical activity.

Administration of insulin of Lizpro is followed by decrease in quantity of episodes of a night hypoglycemia at patients with a diabetes mellitus, and its action in comparison with human insulin comes quicker (on average in 15 minutes) and lasts well (from 2 to 5 hours).


After introduction drug is quickly soaked up and its maximum concentration in blood is reached through ½ — 1 hour. At patients with a renal failure the high speed of absorption in comparison is noted by human insulin. Time of semi-removal makes about one hour.

Indications to use

Sugar achrestic diabetes: bad portability of other drugs of insulin, the postprandialny hyperglycemia which is poorly adjusted other drugs; acute insulinorezistentnost;

Sugar non-insulin-dependent diabetes: in stability cases to antidiabetic drugs; at the operations and diseases complicating clinic of a diabetes mellitus.


Hypersensitivity to drug, a hypoglycemia.

Side effects

Hypoglycemia — the main side effect caused by effect of drug. The severe form of a hypoglycemia can cause a hypoglycemic coma (loss of consciousness), in exceptional cases, the patient can die.

Allergic reactions: to a thicket in the form of local manifestations — an itch in the place of an injection, reddening or hypostasis, a lipodystrophy in the place of a prick; the general allergic reactions — a skin itch, fever, decrease in the ABP, the increased sweating, a Quincke's disease, an asthma, tachycardia are more rare.

Humalog, application instruction

The dose of drug is established individually depending on sensitivity of patients to exogenous insulin and their states. It is recommended to administer the drug not earlier than 15 minutes to or after meal. Introduction mode individual. At the same time, temperature of drug has to be at the level of room.

The daily requirement can change considerably, making in most cases 0.5-1 ME/kg. Further daily and one-time doses of drug are adjusted depending on a metabolism of the patient and these repeated blood analyses and urine on the content of glucose.

To introduction of Humaloga it is carried out as standard in/in an injection. P / to an injection become to the area of a shoulder, buttock, hip or stomach, periodically alternating them and not allowing use of the same place is more often than once a month, at the same time, it is not necessary to mass an injection site. At procedure it is necessary to be careful, without allowing hit in a blood vessel.

The patient is obliged to learn the correct technique of an injection.


Overdose of drug can cause the hypoglycemia which is followed by slackness, perspiration, vomiting, apathy, a shiver, disturbance of consciousness, tachycardia, a headache. At the same time, the hypoglycemia can come not only in drug overdose cases, but also to be result of the increased insulin activity caused by power consumption or meal. Depending on weight of a hypoglycemia the relevant activities are held.


The hypoglycemic effect of drug is reduced by oral contraceptives, HP of hormones of a thyroid gland, GKS, Danazol, a 2-adrenomimetika beta, tricyclic antidepressants, diuretics, Diazoxide, the Isoniazid, Chlorprothixene, a lity a carbonate, derivatives of a fenotiazin, niacin.

The hypoglycemic effect of drug is strengthened by anabolic steroids, beta adrenoblockers, etanolsoderzhashchy HP, Fenfluramin, tetracyclines, Guanetidin, MAO inhibitors, peroral hypoglycemic drugs, salicylates, streptocides, APF inhibitors, Oktreotid.

It is not recommended to mix Humalog with drugs of animal insulin, but it is possible to appoint it under control of the doctor with human insulin of long action.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

In the refrigerator not to freeze, at a temperature from 2 ° up to 8 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

Farmasulin, Inutral HM, Inutral SPP, Iletin II regulyar, Iletin i regulyar.

About Humaloge

Responses in most cases positive. Well helps to compensate a lack of sugar of blood. About side effects of references it is not enough.


  • Humalog Mix 25th suspension 100ME/ml 3 of ml No. 5 cartridges
  • Humalog solution 100ME/ml 3 of ml No. 5 cartridges
  • Humalog Mix 25th suspension 100ME/ml 3 of ml No. 5 cartridges + syringe handle Kvikpen
  • Humalog solution 100ME/ml 3 of ml No. 5 cartridges + syringe handle Kvikpen

Drugstore of IFC

  • Insulin of Humalog solution for in 100ME/ml of cards. 3 ml No. 5, Lilly France S.A.S.Frantion
  • Insulin of Humalog Mix 25 susp. for inj100me/ml cards. 3 ml of N5, Lilly France S.A.S.Frantion
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