Humulin of M3

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  • Latin name: Humulin M3
  • ATH code: A10AD
  • Active ingredient: Insulin two-phase [human genetically engineered] (Insulin biphasic [human biosynthetic])
  • Producer: Lillie Vostok S. A. ales. (Switzerland)


1 ml of suspension includes 100 ME insulin of the person recombinant (30% of insulin of soluble and 70% of isophanes of insulin) – active ingredients.

Minor ingredients: the overtaken metacresol, phenol, glitserol, protamin sulfate, hydrosodium phosphate heptahydrate, Acidum hydrochloricum, zinc oxide, water for and, sodium hydroxide.

Release form

Drug Humulin of M3 is issued in the form of injection suspension for p / to introduction. In bottles on 10 ml No. 1; in cartridges on 1,5 and 3 ml No. 5 intended for the BD Pen syringe handles and Humapen.

Pharmacological action


Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

DNA-recombinant drug of insulin Humulin of M3 is two-phase injection suspension which has effect of average duration. After carrying out an injection pharmacological efficiency of insulin is observed in 30 - 60 minutes and reaches maximum on an extent from 2nd to 12 hours, with a duration of influence equaling to 18-24 hours.

Activity of insulin can have individual distinctions which depend on area of administration of drug, correctly picked up dose, physical activity of the patient, the kept diet and other factors.

The main impact of Humulin of M3 directionally on regulation of processes of a metabolism of glucose, in parallel drug shows also anabolic action. In tissues of muscles and other fabrics (except brain tissues), insulin influences activation of intracellular transportation of amino acids and glucose, and also accelerates proteinaceous anabolism.

Insulin Humulin of M3 favors to transformation in a glucose liver in a glycogen, helps transformation of excess of glucose to fats and inhibits a gluconeogenesis.

Indications to use


  • the diagnosed hypoglycemia;
  • hypersensitivity to Humulin's ingredients M3.

Side effects

When carrying out therapy by drugs of insulin including Humuliny M3, most often it is possible to observe development of a hypoglycemia which in a severe form, can lead to a hypoglycemic coma (oppression and a loss of consciousness), and in certain cases and by a lethal outcome.

At patients allergic reactions of local character in the form of an itch, puffiness or reddening in the field of an injection, as a rule, passing in several days or weeks can be noted. Sometimes these reactions are not connected using the insulin, and are a consequence of influence of external factors or the wrong administration of drug.

Also, allergic reactions of system character which arose much less often were shown, but were more serious. Manifestations of such reactions can be followed by the complicated breath, a generalized itch, the asthma, pulse increase, lowering of the ABP raised by perspiration.

In especially hard cases these allergic reactions can pose threat for life of the patient and demand carrying out urgent treatment. Carrying out desensitization or replacement of insulin can be necessary.

Resistance, lipodystrophy and hypersensitivity to insulin most often arise at use of animal insulin. The probability of their development when using insulin of Humulin of M3 is close to zero.

Application instruction

In/in Humulin's introduction M3 is forbidden.

In a case with insulin, their dosage and the mode of introduction is selected only the doctor and only in an individual order, according to glycemia level. Humulin M3 apply for p / to introduction though also injections in oil are sometimes allowed.

P / to introduction it is carried out to the area of a stomach, hip, shoulder or buttock. One place for injections is tried to be used not more often than 1 time in 30 days, that is alternated once a month. When carrying out an injection it is necessary to use correctly injection devices, to avoid hit of a needle in vessels, not to mass the place of a prick after introduction.

Humulin of M3 is ready mix, with already mixed by Humulin NPH and Humulin Regulyar that allows to avoid solution preparation by patients.

For preparation of a dose of insulin for behavior p / to an injection it is necessary to roll bottles or Humulin's cartridges of M3 of 10 times in palms and to shake slowly here and there overturning on 180 °, so far suspension will until not look homogeneous muddy liquid or to remind milk.

It is vigorous it is not necessary to stir up insulin as it can cause emergence of the foam disturbing an exact set of a dose.

Also it is not necessary to use insulin with the flakes or a deposit remaining after hashing.

Administration of insulin

For the correct introduction of a dose of insulin it is necessary to carry out some preliminary procedures. For this purpose it is necessary to choose the place of implementation of an injection and previously washed up hands to wipe it with a spirit napkin. Then to remove a protective outside cap from the hypodermic needle and fixing skin, zashchepiv or having pulled it, to enter a needle and to make an injection. To take a needle and for several seconds to press the place of an injection a napkin, without pounding it.

After that, using a protective outside cap of a needle, it is necessary to turn off a needle, to liquidate it and to put on a cap back the syringe handle.

Needles do not use the syringe handles twice. Bottles and cartridges apply to their emptiness then throw out. The syringe handle are intended only for individual use.


Insulin Humulin of M3, as well as other representatives of this category of medicines, have no characteristic definition of overdose in view of the fact that the serumal level of glucose is a consequence of system interaction between concentration of glucose, insulin and other processes of a metabolism.

The hypoglycemia develops as a result of a disproportion of content of plasma insulin in relation to a metabolic cost and the accepted food.

Symptoms of the forming hypoglycemia can be shown: slackness, vomiting, tachycardia, the increased sweating, pallor of integuments, a shiver, headaches, confusion of consciousness. In some situations, such as the big duration of a diabetes mellitus or its intensive control, symptoms preceding a hypoglycemia can change.

The hypoglycemia can be benign prevented by internal reception of sugar or glucose. Correction of a dose of insulin, review of a diet and/or change of exercise stresses can be necessary.

Treatment of a moderately severe hypoglycemia is usually carried out p / to or introduction of a glucagon in oil, with further internal reception of carbohydrates.

In case of a heavy hypoglycemia, with neurologic frustration, spasms or even a coma it is shown p / to or introduction of a glucagon in oil or in/in a glucose concentrate injection.

Afterwards, for the prevention of repeated forming of a hypoglycemia, recommend to the patient food carbohydrate-rich. Hypoglycemic conditions of extremely heavy degree demand urgent hospitalization.


Gipoglikemiziruyushchy HP (peroral), ethanol, salicylates, MAO inhibitors, streptocides, APF inhibitors (Enalapril, Captopril), blockers angiotensin II of receptors, beta adrenoblockers (non-selective) increase Humulin's efficiency of M3.

Glucocorticoids, oral contraceptives, growth hormones and a thyroid gland, Danazol, thiazide diuretics, beta2-sympathomimetics (Salbutamol, Ritodrinum, Terbutalin) lower hypoglycemic effects of insulin.

Lankreotid, Oktreotid and other analogs of somatostatin can strengthen or lower insulin dependence.

Clonidine, beta adrenoblockers and Reserpinum can hide hypoglycemia symptomatology.

Terms of sale

Humulin the M3 can be bought only according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Insulin is kept in the refrigerator (2-8 °C) without freezing, and protect from heating and a sunlight.

The insulin which is in the use can be kept for 28 days at a temperature of 15-25 °C.

Period of validity

At observance of temperature condition – 36 months.

Special instructions

Personal interruption of therapy or use of inadequate dosages, in particular insulin-dependent patients, can become the reason of forming of diabetic ketoacidosis or a hyperglycemia which are potentially life-threatening states.

At some patients, when using human insulin, the symptoms preceding a hypoglycemia can be other than similar symptomatology when using animal insulin or be shown in weaker form.

The patient should be warned that at normalization of content of glucose in blood, in particular as a result of carrying out an intensive insulin therapy, the symptoms preceding a hypoglycemia can disappear. Also, this symptomatology can be less notable or change in case of use of beta adrenoblockers, diabetic neuropathy or the diabetes mellitus observed throughout a long span.

Not adjusted conditions of a hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia can become the reason of a loss of consciousness, a coma and even to lead to a lethal outcome.

Transfer of the patient into other insulin drugs or their types has to be carried out especially under medical supervision. Transition to insulin with other activity (NPH, Regulyar and so forth); by a production method (an animal, DNA – recombinant); specific accessory (analog, pork) can demand immediate or gradual correction of the entered doses.

At pathologies of a liver and kidneys, insufficiency of function of a hypophysis, adrenal glands or a thyroid gland at the patient the need for insulin, and at an emotional overstrain and some other similar states, increase can go down.

Correction of doses of insulin in case of change of a dietotherapy or increase in exercise stresses can be required.

Due to a possibility of development of a hypoglycemia, the patient is obliged to estimate adequately the condition if necessary to be engaged in dangerous work or driving of the car.


  • Monogift (K15; K30; K50);
  • Rayzodeg Flekstach;
  • New mix 30 Flekspen;
  • Humalog Mix (25; 50).


  • Humulin of m3 suspension 100ME/ml 3 of ml No. 5 of a kartridzhiela Lille and company
  • Humulin of m3 suspension 100ME/ml 10 of ml No. 1 of a flakonela Lille and company
  • Humulin of m3 suspension 100ME/ml 3 of ml No. 5 cartridges + Kvikpeneli Lilly's syringe handle and company
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