Acupuncture (other names — acupuncture or acupuncture) is an ancient technique which arose in China more than two and a half thousand years ago. But in the countries of the West learned about this technique only in the seventies the last century. This nonconventional medical system is based on reflex ratios and is implemented by irritation of the receptor device of skin, fabrics, mucous membranes for the purpose of impact on a number of systems of an organism.

Acupuncture is made as follows: under skin of the patient enter special fine needles from metal. The doctor who is specially trained in this method makes this procedure manually, or uses for this purpose the special electric device.

Acupuncture is one of the most ancient methods of treatment which is based on profound knowledge of anthropotomy, arrangements of all nerve centers having them the corresponding points on a body. It is accepted to call these points acupuncture points. The acupuncture is successfully applied as the method relieving pain. Also it is considered as alternative to usual, traditional methods of therapy of chronic eye, respiratory diseases. Acupuncture is applied to weight loss, at back diseases, to treatment of dependence on smoking.

Acupuncture philosophy

Among postulates of Ancient Chinese medicine there is a doctrine about the vital energy passing across some canals of a body. According to this doctrine, vital energy passes through all body organs owing to what they work in a normal rhythm. At the same time each channel connects to outside system of human organs. If process of receipt of vital energy is broken, then at the person a certain illness develops. On a human body there are more than one thousand acupuncture points, working on which, it is possible to activate inflow of vital energy as a result. The acupuncture affects points which are located under skin.

Features of acupuncture

It is necessary to apply special needles to implementation of this procedure, especially acute and thin. They are inserted under skin into acupuncture points. To stimulate the movement of energy and to recover its normal balance, pressure is used. Today specialists who are engaged in acupuncture apply sterile needles which are made of stainless steel. Modern specialists made technology of acupuncture more perfect. To strengthen effect of acupuncture, sometimes use also low-frequency current. Acupuncture is especially often applied as the anesthetizing procedure. Sometimes this procedure can be combined with electrostimulation and laser therapy.

If in the countries of Asia people who have no vocational medical education can carry out acupuncture, then in our country the acupuncture is carried out only by physicians.

If acupuncture is carried out by the competent specialist, the person practically does not feel pain at introduction of needles. This method possesses a number of advantages: it is available, does not cause notable side effects, it has no large number of contraindications. So, people with an allergy to a number of drugs have the unique method of removal of pain an acupuncture. Contraindications for therapy by medicamentous means often take place and at those patients who found medicinal dependence. And here the acupuncture comes to the rescue. Besides acupuncture at osteochondrosis and at other diseases, it can be used as effective prevention of development of some illnesses.

Indications to acupuncture use

иглоукалываниеThere is a number of diseases which specialists from the International Organization of Health recommend to treat acupuncture. However if the doctor appoints to the patient acupuncture, contraindications to this method should be considered without fail.

So, acupuncture is recommended to be applied at acute sinusitis, tonsillitis, cold, rhinitis, that is at respiratory diseases. Acupuncture is used for treatment of patients with acute conjunctivitis, a myopia, a cataract and other diseases of eyes. By means of this method treat an inflammation of gums, pharyngitis, a dentagra. Acupuncture is used at a number of orthopedic diseases (a lucheplechevy bursitis, back pains, a sciatica, a pseudorheumatism), at digestive tract illnesses (acute gastritis, a peptic ulcer, colitis, a lock, diarrhea), neurologic diseases (migraine, headaches, front paralysis, enuresis, intercostal neuralgia, etc.). Acupuncture is applied now and at infertility, however today there are no exact data on efficiency of such method.

There are researches which prove undoubted advantage of acupuncture for simplification of toxicosis at pregnancy. This method and as rehabilitation procedure for the patients who had a stroke is used.

Besides, this procedure is carried out as a technique of a relax and promotes effective stress coping and full relaxation. It is proved that acupuncture considerably lifts the general vitality of the person.

Frequency of carrying out procedures of acupuncture is defined depending on with what illness of the patient addresses specialists of this profile. Most often sessions are held every other day or every day, to the patient appoint from seven to fifteen procedures. After several weeks the course of treatment is repeated, at the same time such courses can be a little.

There is also the second technique according to which acupuncture is carried out for several months and even years. At the same time one session of acupuncture is held once a week or two. However more exact scheme is appointed by the specialist after exact acquaintance with features of a disease.

Feelings at acupuncture

When the needle gets under skin, the person feels a small pricking: it occurs penetration of an impulse. After a while the person can feel numbness, notable inflow of heat, weak painful feelings or a small shchekotaniye near a point where the needle was entered. The session of acupuncture continues generally from fifteen to thirty minutes.

When carrying out procedure also some side effects, however they, as a rule, short-term and insignificant are sometimes shown. Most often as by-effects there are feelings of dizziness, and also small bleeding after needles are taken. However in rare instances (approximately in one of hundred) there can be a hit of an infection. Very important before beginning an acupuncture session, to check, sterility of needles for the purpose of avoiding of infection with infectious diseases.

Acupuncture for weight loss

Today there are no exact, proved data on efficiency of acupuncture for weight loss. However rather often the acupuncture is included into comprehensive programs of weight loss and combined with healthy nutrition, active lifestyle. In view of positive impact on an organism in general, and also thanks to effective disposal of a stress and loss of appetite acupuncture is applied to weight loss rather often. Important and the fact that acupuncture helps to recover the correct metabolism what becomes a starting point in the course of loss of weight.

However this method should be applied only in a complex. It is also necessary to consider that the good result can guarantee only accurate following to recommendations and instructions of the specialist.

Acupuncture from smoking

Use of acupuncture for the purpose of disposal of some addictions is not less widespread today. So, acupuncture from smoking is used to remove an acute syndrome of "withdrawal pains" at heavy smokers who threw this habit. In the course of impact of needles on active points the syndrome of an absistention is removed and gradually the person gets rid dependences on nicotine. There is a special technique of holding a session of acupuncture from smoking: for this purpose needles enter into points which are located on an ear of the person. Depending on a point the needle is entered under a certain corner. However it is important to consider that the acupuncture session from smoking will be effective only if the person abstained from cigarettes, at least, eight hours. After sessions of acupuncture of people not only gets rid of nicotine addiction, but also often has disgust for tobacco smoking. However in this case not all smokers suit acupuncture. Contraindications exist the following: cannot struggle in such a way with nicotine addiction pregnant women, patients with oncological educations, and also to those people who have a weight too low. Before an initiation of treatment it is very important to consult with the manual therapist and to tell it about all diseases which are earlier transferred you.

Acupuncture at osteochondrosis

иглоукалываниеAcupuncture is actively used also for treatment of a number of widespread diseases of a backbone. Acupuncture at osteochondrosis is very often used. High performance from influence of this method is explained by existence on the course of a rachis of very large number of active points. Acupuncture by impact on the main carrying-out systems of an organism allows not only to get rid of morbidity at osteochondrosis, but also to prevent further progress of a disease. Especially often acupuncture at osteochondrosis is used for therapy of those people at whom the intolerance of certain drugs or manifestation of allergic reactions takes place. More expressed effect brings use of acupuncture in combination with massage. Also acupuncture influences activity of hormones of adrenal glands, increasing it. Thereof there is a change of permeability of vessels, exchange processes improve.

It is very important, that acupuncture at osteochondrosis was carried out by the experienced specialist, aware how to approach each patient individually.

Contraindications for acupuncture

There is a number of states at which use of acupuncture does not practice. So, people at whom various tumors, acute diseases of infectious character, and also a condition of fever take place cannot apply acupuncture. It is not necessary to resort to this method of treatment by the TB patient, a brucellosis at an aggravation stage. The method is also not applied at organic heart troubles, kidneys, at a decompensation of breath, blood circulation. Acupuncture is contraindicated to people of advanced age and children babies, those who suffers from too low weight, to the people staying in an ebrietas and also an acute hyperphrenia. It is impossible to use this method for treatment of addicts, and also people at whom acute pains which origin is not established are shown. Very carefully it is necessary to treat use of this method for treatment of pregnant women. So, in the second half of pregnancy acupuncture is not used in general. In the first five months of pregnancy it is impossible to give injections in points which are located in the bottom of a stomach, standing and in a number of sensitive points which are well-known to experienced specialists. Sessions of acupuncture are not held to people after run, heavy loadings, and also after acceptance of a hot bathtub.

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