Hiccups at a fruit

If the first movements of the kid in a womb, as a rule, cause sincere affection in the pregnant woman, then later some actions of a fruit can force future mother to worry about whether there is to the kid no something bad. It is about the rhythmical movements which testify to the shown hiccups at the child.

How the hiccups at a fruit is shown?

The hiccups arises owing to rhythmical reduction of a diaphragm — the muscle dividing an abdominal cavity and a thorax. The hiccups is a congenital reflex therefore it can appear also at yet not born child.

The pre-natal hiccups at a fruit can be felt by the woman approximately from 28th week of pregnancy. But sometimes the woman begins to understand how the hiccups at a fruit, is felt much earlier as the kid begins to hiccup to the third trimester. Therefore especially sensitive pregnant woman notes the feelings at pregnancy connected with a fruit hiccups, on 16-18 week.

The hiccups at a fruit at pregnancy is expressed by short rhythmical pushes, at the same time the woman does not feel unpleasant feelings. But in certain cases the child's hiccups in a womb of mother can proceed very long that leads to emergence of concern in future mother. The fruit during pregnancy can hiccup also several minutes, and much longer. Some children during pre-natal development do not hiccup at all. It should be noted that hiccupping does not deliver to the kid of unpleasant feelings and does not constitute any danger to his further development.

How to define a hiccups at a fruit during pregnancy, those women who bear not the first child well know. Some experienced mothers even try to determine the provision of a fruit by a hiccups. If pregnancy the first, then future mother can worry some time concerning uncharacteristic pushes. It is necessary to tell surely about all manifestations to the attending physician who will calm the patient, having explained the reasons of such pushes.

Why the hiccups at a fruit is shown?

Икота у младенца в животеEach future mother has to understand accurately, as periodic manifestations of a hiccups at the child, and their total absence are not an occasion to worry about fetation. The hiccups at the kid during pre-natal development can occur owing to the internal and external reasons. Is the external reasons, for example periodic swallowing amniotic liquid in large numbers. It can occur when the child in a womb actively sucks a finger. Thereof there are active reductions of a diaphragm. The internal reasons are displays of a hypoxia of a fruit or separate symptoms of this phenomenon. Owing to a hypoxia at the child the nerve center of a brain which is responsible for motive function of a diaphragm is irritated. As a result, there are rhythmical reductions of a diaphragm.

If the fruit hiccups reasons at pregnancy are external, then the woman should not worry. The hiccups in this case demonstrates only normal life activity and activity of a fruit. But if the hiccups is a consequence of irritation of a motive nerve center of a diaphragm, then it is necessary to make continuous observation over fetation. The hiccups caused by oxygen shortage (hypoxia), as a rule, is followed by some expressed symptoms. The child in a womb behaves very actively, he notes reduced heartbeat, the hiccups is shown very often and does not pass throughout a long span. All these signs have to become the reason for visit of the doctor. Carrying out additional inspections and careful supervision can sometimes be required.

How to get rid of a hiccups at a fruit?

Младенец икаетIf the woman complains that some time is observed a frequent hiccups at a fruit, and at the same time there are some symptoms of a hypoxia described above, it is important to address the gynecologist observing the pregnant woman in time and to tell it about all manifestations. As a rule, the specialist appoints carrying out a kardiotokogramma. In the course of this research it is possible to define whether uterine reductions and heartbeat of a fruit are normal. Also KTG allows to learn whether there are no aberrations in a physical activity of a fruit. Carrying out this procedure practices after the 30th week of pregnancy, it is not dangerous or painful.

Informative research in this case is also ultrasonography with a doppler by whom it is possible to define character and features of a blood-groove between organisms of mother, child and a placenta. The doctor can learn whether fruit heart normally works, whether there are no disturbances in functioning of a placenta. Ultrasonography with a doppler similarly is absolutely safe and painless procedure. Carrying out these researches will allow to exclude existence of serious threats for a fruit or in time to appoint effective treatment to warn problems in the future.

However the hiccups at a fruit is, first of all, individual phenomenon, and each future mother has to understand that it is not necessary to worry concerning her periodic emergence. It agrees with medical statistics, in more than 90% cases doctors do not confirm a fruit hypoxia. To avoid problems, it is important to pregnant woman to eat rationally, to have a rest more, to sleep fully and to walk daily on the street.

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