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  • Latin name: Immunal
  • ATH code: L03AX
  • Active ingredient: Ekhinatse of a purple grass juice (Echinaceae purpurae herbae succus)
  • Producer: Lek (Slovenia)

Immunal's structure

Immunal for intake is a part of solution active component — juice of a grass of a purple cone-flower purple, and also additional components: sorbitol, ethanol.

As a part of tablets Immunal contains active component — the dried-up juice of a grass of a purple cone-flower purple, and also additional components: colloid silicon dioxide, sodium saccharinate, magnesium stearate, lactose, vanillin, fragrance.

Immunal Plus With as active components contains in structure juice of a grass of a purple cone-flower purple and ascorbic acid, and also edetat dinatrium, potassium sorbate, maltitol (liquid), sodium hydroxide, water, fragrance.

Release form

Tablets and solution Immunal are made.

  • Solution can be transparent or muddy, it has brown color. There can be a flocculent deposit in the course of storage of medicine. Solution contains in bottles from dark glass on 50 ml. The bottle and a pipette for a dosage is put in a cardboard box.
  • Tablets have the ploskotsilindrichesky round form, color light brown, there are impregnations. Possess aroma of vanilla. In the blister there can be 10 or 20 tablets.

Pharmacological action

Means Immunal is an immunostimulating drug which basis are the vegetable raw materials. As a part of all forms of medicine juice from the blossoming parts of a purple cone-flower purple contains. The main active components of juice of a plant are derivatives of caffeic acid, polysaccharides, alkamida. All these active components strengthen protective forces of an organism, and also stimulate function of immune system.

Under the influence of active agent the quantity of leukocytes increases and phagocytosis becomes more active. Also reproduction of microorganisms is suppressed and process of destruction of bacteria becomes more active. Also antiviral effect of a grass of a purple cone-flower purple in relation to causative agents of flu and herpes is noted.

In general Immunal increases resistance of an organism to different infections, in particular the infections influencing respiratory system.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Data on pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of a purple cone-flower purple are not provided.

Indications to use

Children's (syrup) is recommended to apply means Immunal and Immunal in such cases:

  •  for the purpose of strengthening of immunity at people with acute uncomplicated infectious diseases, and also at those who often have catarrhal illnesses;
  • for the purpose of prevention of flu and catarrhal diseases;
  • as auxiliary drug at prolonged treatment by antibiotics of chronic infectious diseases that is followed by deterioration in immunity.


It is not necessary to appoint Immunal to patients in the following cases:

  • at high sensitivity to means components, and also to other plants which belong to family of thistle family;
  • at the autoimmune and progressing system diseases: at tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, collagenoses, leukoses;
  • the patient with AIDS or HIV infection;
  • at the age of the child till 1 year (solution) or till 4 flyings (tablet).

Side effects

Hypersensitivity reactions in some cases can develop, they are shown by rash on skin, dizziness, an itch. Also the Quincke's disease, a bronchospasm, an acute anaphylaxis can develop. If means is applied for 8 weeks and more, the leukopenia can develop.

Application instruction of Immunal (Way and dosage)

Drops Immunal, application instruction

The correct dosage of solution is provided by a pipette which is put in each packaging of medicine. Inside it is necessary to part with solution reception a necessary dose of medicine in a small amount of water.

Children of 1-6 years receive 1 ml of means three times a day. Children of 6-12 years receive 1,5 ml of means a day. Patients after 12 flyings receive 2,5 means a day.

Means Immunal Plus With as a part of which there is an ascorbic acid is shown to reception to children of 1 year, its dosage is appointed by the doctor. As a rule, to children appoint 1-2 ml three times a day, to patients of 12 flyings – on 2-3 ml of means a day.

Tablets Immunal, application instruction

If tablets are appointed to small children, then the tablet can be pounded then to mix with liquid in a small amount. Children of 4-6 years receive 1 tab. 1-2 of time a day. Children of 6-12 years receive 1 tab. 1-3 of time a day. Patients of 12 flyings receive 1 tab. 3-4 of time a day.

It is possible to reach therapeutic effect only at reception of means for 1 week and more. At the same time the course of treatment should not last longer, than 8 weeks.


Symptoms of overdose of medicine Immunal were not noted.


Before accepting solution Immunal, it is necessary to consider that in his structure there is an alcohol. Therefore this means can strengthen or change action of other drugs.

Clinically significant interactions at use of a number of derivatives of cephalosporin were noted. This is Tsefotetan, Tsefamandol, Tsefoperazon, Tsefmenoksim, the Moxalactam. Interaction was expressed by nausea, a headache, redness of the person, perspiration, strong heartbeat. Therefore with the specified drugs Immunal it is not recommended to apply. It is possible to begin treatment by Immunal only in three days after the end of reception of the specified cephalosporin derivatives.

Also interaction at alcohol intake was noted.

At a concomitant use of tablets Immunal and immunodepressants is marked out mutual weakening of action.

There are no data on interaction with other drugs.

Terms of sale

It is possible to buy without recipe.

Storage conditions

To protect Immunal from children, to store at a temperature up to 25 degrees.

Period of validity

It is possible to store 2 years

Special instructions

Before an initiation of treatment drug of children till 12 flyings, and also those who have allergic diseases and bronchial asthma or have these diseases designated in the anamnesis it is necessary to consult with the specialist.

If side effects are shown, it is necessary to stop treatment and to address the doctor. If symptoms of an illness remain longer, than 10 days, consultation of the specialist is also necessary.

As a part of solution 20% of ethanol therefore the content of alcohol is equal in the greatest single dose to 1 h l contain. dry wine.

In the course of storage in solution there can be a deposit which consists of active polysaccharides. Before use it is necessary to stir up a bottle.

When using the doses specified in the instruction driving of transport and work with dangerous mechanisms is allowed.

Immunal's analogs

Analogs of this medicine are drugs Gerbion a purple cone-flower, Immuneks, Immunorm, etc. All these medicines contain in structure a purple cone-flower purple. Their cost depends on the producer, drug packaging.


  • Immunal of 50 ml kaplilek of.
  • Immunal No. 20 tabletkilek of.
  • Evalar Stimmunal No. 20 tabletkievalar
  • Evalar Stimmunal No. 40 of a tablet for rassasyvaniyaevalar
  • Immunal plus solution for internal use 50mllek of.

Drugstore of IFC

  • Immunal plus About solution for intake fl 50 ml, Leksloveniya
  • Immunal of a drop fl 50 ml, Leksloveniya
  • Immunal tbl No. 20, Leksloveniya
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  • Immunal1
  • Immunal of a tablet 80 of mg No. 20 Lek (Slovenia)


  • Immunal of a drop 50mllek
  • Immunal of a drop 50mllek


  • Immunal of 50 ml of a drop for intake
  • Stimmunal of 530 mg No. 20 of table.
  • Immunal Plus of 50 ml solution for intake of flacon.
  • Stimmunal of 0,54 g No. 20 of the tab. for rassas.
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