Immunoglobulin anti-staphylococcal

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  • Latin name: Immunoglobulinum humanum antistaphylococcum
  • ATH code: J06BB08
  • Active ingredient: Immunoglobulin of the person antistaphylococcal (Immunoglobulin human antistaphylococcus)
  • Producer: Microgene, NPO Federal State Unitary Enterprise (Russia)


Immunoglobulin of the person anti-staphylococcal (antialfastavafilolizin), as additional substances — glycine, sodium chloride is a part of this medicine as the main substance.

Release form

It is made in the form of solution which is entered intramusculary, solution is packaged in ampoules, in a pack from a cardboard – 10 ampoules.

Pharmacological action

Human antistafilokokovy immunoglobulin is the protein fraction possessing immunological activity which is received from plasma of the person. It contains antibodies to staphylococcal exotoxin. Drug contains from 9 to 11% of protein. Also under the influence of this medicine nonspecific body resistance increases.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

The greatest concentration of antibodies in blood is observed in 24 hours after introduction of medicine. The elimination half-life from an organism equals to four-five weeks.

Indications to use

Immunoglobulin antistafilokokovy is appointed to people for whom diseases of a staphylococcal etiology are diagnosed. It is applied to treatment of adults and children.


It is impossible to apply Immunoglobulin of the person anti-staphylococcal in the following cases:

  • provided that at the patient in the anamnesis heavy allergic reactions after introduction of blood preparations were noted;
  • at heavy sepsis at people who in the anamnesis have an acute anaphylaxis at introduction of blood preparations;
  • at allergic diseases or in the presence in the anamnesis of serious allergic reactions in day when immunoglobulins were entered, and for eight days after the injection was carried out. In that case it is possible to accept Immunoglobulin against antihistamines;
  • people with system immunopathological diseases have to receive drug only against the corresponding treatment.

Side effects

In most cases after administration of this medicine at the person side reactions are not shown. Rise in body temperature, local reactions in that place where solution was entered is very seldom noted.

At patients at whom the changed reactivity is noted manifestation of allergic reactions is possible. Development of an acute anaphylaxis is very seldom noted. Therefore each person who received the Immunoglobulin injection within half an hour has to stay under supervision of specialists. The doctor at the same time has to have access to funds for antishock treatment.

The instruction on antistafilokokovy Immunoglobulin (A way and a dosage)

Solution is entered intramusculary into buttocks or into an outside surface of a hip. Before entering means, it is necessary to sustain an ampoule at the room temperature for two hours.

It is necessary to observe strictly requirements of an asepsis and antiseptics, opening ampoules and carrying out introduction. It is desirable to gather staphylococcal Immunoglobulin in the syringe by means of a needle with a wide gleam. It is impossible to store solution in the opened ampoule. The dosage and frequency of administration of solution depends on features of a course of a disease. If the generalized staphylococcal infection was diagnosed for the patient, then the single dose has to be defined at the rate of 5 ME drugs on 1 kg of weight of the patient. Children till 5 flyings have to receive a single dose not less than 100 ME.

If at the patient the localized illness is noted, it is necessary to enter to him a single dose not less than 100 ME.

From 3 to 5 injections are appointed to a course of treatment, they will be out daily or every other day, depending on appointment of the doctor.

It is impossible to use Immunoglobulin the expired, damaged ampoules, solution with the changed physical properties.

Carrying out a prick is registered in a special form.


There are no data on overdose of means.


Drug is compatible to other drugs, it can be accepted along with antibiotics, to use in complex therapy.

It is possible to enter Immunoglobulin anti-staphylococcal not earlier, than in three months after to the patient immunization with use of live virus vaccines was carried out. Medicine does not influence efficiency of other vaccines.

After receiving drug at the patient results of serological tests can change. The result in that case can be false positive.

Terms of sale

Immunoglobulin anti-staphylococcal can be bought only according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

At storage or transportation of means the corresponding temperature condition – from 2 to 8 °C has to be observed. It is impossible to freeze drug.

Period of validity

Period of storage — 2 years.

Special instructions

People at whom allergic diseases are noted or are tendency to development of allergic reactions, have to in day of receiving Immunoglobulin and in the next eight days to take antihistaminic medicine. At an aggravation of allergic processes it is possible to administer the drug only in the presence of the corresponding conclusion of the allergist.

After introduction of means psychomotor disturbances are not observed, respectively, driving of transport and work with difficult mechanisms is allowed.

To children

According to indications it is appointed for treatment of children in the corresponding dosage. Children till 5 flyings have to receive means in a single dose not less than 100 ME.


  • Immunoglobulin anti-staphylococcal 100ME No. 10 of an ampoule
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