Immunoglobulin of the person anti-Rhesus factor of RhO (D)

Иммуноглобулин человека антирезус RhO(D) Drug photo

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  • Latin name: Immune globulin human antirhesus Rho[D]
  • ATH code: J06BB01
  • Active ingredient: Immunoglobulin of the person anti-Rhesus factor of Rho (D) (Immune globulin human antirhesus Rho[D])
  • Producer: BURDENS "The Ivanovo regional station of hemotransfusion", Russia


Antirezusny immunoglobulin has in structure the operating ingredient immunoglobulin on protein, and also glycine water for injections as an excipient.

Release form

Is issued in the form of solution for introduction intramusculary. Liquid has light yellow color or it is completely colourless, completely transparent or a little opalescent.

There can be a small deposit which disappears if to stir up an ampoule. In packaging from a cardboard there can be 1 or 10 ampoules, and also an ampullary knife.

Pharmacological action

Immunoglobulin of the person an anti-Rhesus factor of RhO (D) — protein fraction with immunological activity. It is allocated from serum or plasma of those donors who initially underwent testing for absence in blood of antibodies to HIV, to hepatitis C, also in blood there was no surface antigen of a virus of hepatitis B. The operating drug ingredient — immunoglobulin G as a part of which there are incomplete anti-Rho (D) of an antibody. Under the influence of this drug in an organism of the pregnant woman at a negative Rhesus factor who gave birth to children with positive Rho (D), or transferred abortion on condition of Rho (D) of positive blood of the man the Rhesus factor sensitization is prevented (that is formation of Rho (D) of antibodies).

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

The highest level of concentration of antibodies in blood of the patient is noted 24 hours later after administration of immunoglobulin of the person an anti-Rhesus factor of Rho (D) intramusculary was carried out. Time of semi-removal from an organism – four-five weeks.

Indications to use

This means it is possible to apply exclusively to destination the specialist. Drug is shown to use for the purpose of ensuring prevention a Rhesus factor conflict at the women having a negative Rhesus factor in the following cases:

  • at pregnancy and the subsequent birth of the child with a positive Rhesus factor;
  • at spontaneous or intended abortion;
  • in case of interruption of an extrauterine pregnancy;
  • in the presence of threat of spontaneous abortion in any trimester;
  • after an amniotsentez, and also other procedures at which there is a risk that blood of a fruit appeared in mother's blood;
  • in case of an injury of an abdominal cavity.


Anti-Rhesus factor of RhO (D) specialists do not appoint immunoglobulin of the person to Rh-positive women in childbirth, and also Rh-negative women in childbirth, sensibilizirovanny to Rho (D) antigen cannot receive it (on condition of detection in serum of Rh antibodies).

Side effects

Undesirable reactions develop seldom. At administration of this drug the following manifestations are possible:

  • hyperemia of integuments in those places where solution is entered;
  • in the first days after a prick — fervescence, dispepsichesky manifestations;
  • various allergic manifestations.

Development of an acute anaphylaxis is very seldom possible. Patients to whom entered medicine have to stay under supervision of specialists half an hour after carrying out a prick. The specialist has to have an opportunity to carry out if necessary antishock treatment.

The instruction on Immunoglobulin antirezusny (A way and a dosage)

Before introduction of an ampoule with solution it is necessary to sustain for two hours at a temperature from 18 to 22 °C. Intravenously it is impossible to enter. Not to allow foaming, in the syringe it is necessary to gather solution a needle with a wide gleam. It is impossible to store the opened bottle.

One dose of drug once is intramusculary entered. To the woman after the delivery Immunoglobulin is entered for the first three days.

At abortion the injection needs to be given right after operation.

Need of introduction of a certain dose of means at full incubation of pregnancy is defined depending on that how many blood of a fruit got to mother's blood stream.

For the purpose of prevention before childbirth one dose (300 mkg) of means is entered, it needs to be entered approximately on the 28th week of pregnancy. In 2-3 days one more dose of Immunoglobulin is after the delivery entered provided that the Rh-positive child was born.

In the presence of threat of abortion it is necessary to enter one dose of medicine into any of the periods of incubation of a fruit.

If there was a misbirth or interruption of an extrauterine pregnancy after the 13th week of incubation of a fruit, introduction of 1 dose of means is recommended. At abortion till 13th week the mini-dose (50 mkg) can be entered.

Indications and dosage of drug in other cases are defined only by the specialist. Also it will help to define what antirezusny Immunoglobulin is better.


About drug overdose data are absent.


Administration of drug can be combined with treatment by other medicines including with antibiotics.

Terms of sale

It is possible to get only according to the recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to protect from children, to store in the dark and dry place, temperature at the same time has to be from 2 to 10 °C. It is not necessary to use those ampoules, integrity or marking of which were broken and also if physical properties of solution in an ampoule changed. It is necessary to transport medicine at a temperature from 2 to 10 °C.

Period of validity

Period of storage of medicine — 3 years.

Special instructions

Children of mothers who received before childbirth an injection of Immunoglobulin of the person an anti-Rhesus factor of Rh0 (D) can have poorly positive takes of direct tests for anti-globulin at the birth.

After administration of drug the woman can receive any live vaccines not earlier than in three months.

If there are exact data that the father of Rh0 (D) - negative, medicine can be not entered.

To Rh-positive women in childbirth the drug is not administered.

Antirezusny Immunoglobulin at pregnancy and a lactation

In the presence of indications the drug is administered to women during pregnancy, and also if necessary — after the delivery. At the same time the instruction at pregnancy in which there is information on a medicine dosage has to be observed strictly. Responses of women demonstrate that drug, as a rule, does not cause the expressed side effects. Whether there is an opportunity to receive antirezusny Immunoglobulin at pregnancy free of charge, it is necessary to learn in specific medical institution.

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