Immunomodulators (immunostimulators)

Immunostimulators it is accepted to call those substances which render stimulation of nonspecific resistance of an oraganizm and immunity of the person. Very often the terms "immunostimulator" and "immunomodulator" are used as synonyms. However between similar drugs nevertheless there is a certain difference.

Types of the drugs influencing immunity

All drugs which anyway make impact on immune system can be subdivided into four types: immunoproofreaders, immunomodulators, immunostimulators, immunodepressants. Use of immunomodulators is reasonable in case of therapy of failures in immune system, and also for recovery of functions of this system. Such drugs use for treatment only after appointment of the specialist.

Drugs immunoproofreaders affect only some links of immune system, but not for its work in general. Sredstva-immunodepressanty, on the contrary, do not stimulate, and suppress its work if its functioning is too active and harms a human body.

Preparaty-immunostimulyatory are not intended for therapy: they only strengthen immunity of the person. Under the influence of these drugs the immune system functions more effectively.

Immunomodulators have various origin and influence immune system of the person is dependent on what was its initial state. Specialists classify such means according to their origin, and also being guided by the mechanism of their influence. If to consider an origin of immunomodulators, then they are divided into endogenous, exogenous and chemically pure drugs. The mechanism of effect of such drugs is based on influence on T - V-systems of immunity, and also phagocytosis.

As immunomodulators and immunostimulators work

The immune system of the person is unique system of an organism which can influence the alien antigens getting to an organism neytraliziruyushche. Immunity prevents adverse effect of causative agents of infectious diseases. Immunomodulators are capable to influence change of human immunity.

Immunostimulators directionally affect work of a certain link of immune system, activating it. And immunomodulators are appointed to counterbalance all components of immune system, at the same time activity of one amplifies, and others – decreases.

Иммуномодуляторы (иммуностимуляторы)Interferona are the proteins produced by organism cells. It is response to attack of viruses. Interferona are attached to receptors on a site of a cellular membrane and carry out protection against influence of infectious agents. As medicines the synthesized proteins which influence is directed to a producing own interferon by an organism are sometimes used. Among drugs which are used for rendering similar influence at displays of cold or flu arbidol, the cyclohair dryer, viferon are often applied, ribomunit, likopid, tsikloferon, etc.

However reception of these drugs has to be strictly dosed as at too long treatment own immunity of an organism can work less actively. At too prolonged use of immunostimulators without due control of the attending physician such means can negatively affect immunity both the child, and the adult patient.

Indications to use of immunomodulators

Existence of signs of immune insufficiency is considered the main indicator which is accepted to attention at purpose of immunomodulators. Very frequent manifestation virus, bacterial, fungal an infection which traditional methods of therapy do not influence is characteristic of this state.

Before to begin treatment, the doctor has to define what immune disturbances take place at the person, and also that, are how strongly expressed these disturbances. If decrease in a certain parameter of immunity is diagnosed for the healthy person, then it is not always reasonable to accept such drugs. In this case it is important that the patient was examined and consulted surely by the specialist immunologist.

Often about immunomodulators to patients vitamin-containing drugs, and also antioxidants and microelements are appointed. In most cases as an additional method sorption therapy for the purpose of decrease in level of endogenous intoxication is appointed.

Immunostimulators and immunomodulators of a plant origin

Иммуномодуляторы (иммуностимуляторы) Except the drugs which are artificially synthesized now actively also immunomodulators and immunostimulators of a plant origin are used. Such drugs naturally and gradually recover an organism, at the same time without changing hormonal balance. These drugs are created on the basis of medicinal plants: nettles, chicory, a lungwort, a yarrow, a clover, etc. Krom of medicinal plants, possess the immunostimulating properties also some food plants

The purple cone-flower possesses very powerful properties of an immunostimulator. This herbaceous perennial plant which extract is very often applied today and both in cosmetics, and at production of medicines. Ekhinatsey promotes formation of red blood cells, it enriches an organism with selenium, calcium, silicon, vitamins A, With, E and others, elements not less important for life activity and strengthening of immune system. Besides, the drugs created on the basis of a purple cone-flower possess antiallergic, diuretic, antiinflammatory, antibacterial, anti-virus influence. Ten-percentage spirit tincture of a purple cone-flower, and also grass collecting which this plant enters is generally applied. On the basis of a purple cone-flower rather popular drugs Immunal, Immunorm are also made. These means influence immunity of the person softly and well. They are appointed even to children who already were one year old. In the preventive purposes these drugs are recommended to be used three times
in a year, on one month that promotes strengthening of body resistance of the person in general.

Drugs on the basis of a purple cone-flower are used as immunostimulators for children. However it is very important to consider that the immunostimulators having a plant origin cannot uncontrolledly be applied as there are certain contraindications about which it is necessary to learn before reception.

Except a purple cone-flower a popular natural immunostimulator is extract of roots of an eleuterokokk. Adults accept infusion of this plant till 30-40 drops, and children should count one drop of infusion for one year of life. Today extract of an eleuterokokk is very often applied as means which warns infection with flu and cold in the period of epidemic. Rather often in such cases apply also ginger. Immunomodulators rather often apply to children in kindergartens, and also recommend for use of the house in the period of epidemics.

Use of immunostimulators for children

Иммуномодуляторы (иммуностимуляторы)It is very important that immunostimulators and immunomodulators were applied to children especially carefully. A number of such drugs have accurate contraindications, information on which is designated in instructions to these medicines. Those children for whose relatives autoimmune diseases as their influence can provoke development of such diseases in the child are diagnosed cannot undertake treatment by such means. Among diseases which are designated in contraindications it should be noted insulin type of a diabetes mellitus, vitiligo, multiple sclerosis, Addison's illness, a scleroderma, and also other autoimmune diseases. The majority of such illnesses are incurable.

But there are also direct indications to use of such drugs for treatment of children. So, immunostimulators for children are appointed at some serious illnesses. It is flu with complications, heavy cold. Also immunomodulators use for treatment of pregnant women at cold as such means have some contraindications.

Very useful and almost harmless immunostimulator which perfectly suits children is honey. It contains very large amount of useful irreplaceable vitamins and microelements, besides such tasty remedy children use with pleasure. Treatment by means of honey even of small children who were not one year old yet is allowed. The only contraindication in this case are allergic reactions to honey.

That the immune system of the child funktsionarovat at full capacity, it is necessary to resupply some microelements regularly. The continuous use of the products containing zinc is very important: these are peas, carrots, oats, red sweet pepper, a buckwheat. Very strong immunostimulator is garlic. However it is important to consider that children till three years can give exclusively boiled garlic.

But nevertheless drugs-imunostimulyatory, and also the medicines of this type having a plant origin are not usual vitamins. Therefore in need of use of this type of drugs for strengthening of immunity of children it is necessary to consult nevertheless with specialists.

Immunomodulators for therapy of herpes

Herpes is a disease at which treatment some immunomodulators are also actively applied. The drugs belonging to group of interferon, and used for therapy of herpes are Ridostin, Poludanum, Amiksin. Drug amiksin makes the expressed impact on viruses and stimulates development with an organism of interferon.

Recurrent gerpesny infection often treat with use of drugs viferon, giaferon, leykinferon, not OVIR which part the recombined interferona of the person are. These immunostimulators at herpes effectively maintain antiviral body resistance.

Besides, at herpes also other drugs of this type are used. Drug immunomodulator imunofan stimulates formation of immunoglobulins in an organism and activates its antioxidant system.

Treatment by drug likopid is shown to children of early age at herpetic immunodeficiencies. This means the doctor appoints the scheme of therapy in an individual order.

Besides, at herpes at children and adults as immunostimulators drugs are used galavit, tamerit, epitelamin, polyoxydoñas and a number of other effective drugs.

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