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  • Latin name: Impaza
  • Active ingredient: Antibodies to endothelial NO synthase
  • Producer: Physician's Materia NPF Holding of Ltd company (Russia)


The structure of the 1st tablet included mix homeopathic of C12, C30 and C200 of divorced antibodies (affinely cleared) to endothelial NO synthase.

In addition tablets contain: lactose, magnesium stearate and microcrystallic cellulose.

Release form

Medical Impaza is made in the form of rassasyvayemy tablets, on 20 pieces in a pack.

Pharmacological action

Recovering a potentiality (erectile man's function).

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Impaza is homeopathic medical medicine which main effect is directed to increase of activity of endothelial enzyme – NO synthase. Reception of tablets of Impaz, in the presence of sexual stimulation, promotes activation of process of synthesis of nitrogen oxide (NO) in endothelium cells, increases the tsGMF level (cyclic guanine riboside-monophosphate) in smooth muscles and favors to its relaxation. These effects lead to filling by blood of cavernous bodies of a penis that provides rather long and strong erection. The therapy course using Impaza, as well as her single dose, raises a man's libido and increases satisfaction with the carried-out sexual intercourse. At moderately low concentration of testosterone in a man's organism regular reception of tablets well influences increase in its serumal level and, as a result, increase of "man's health".

Indications to use

Purpose of drug of Impaz is shown to men at:

  • the vegetative frustration observed in the period of a man's climax (including decrease in a libido, feeling of fatigue and weakness, lowering of physical activity and so forth);
  • decrease in a potentiality or impotence (erectile dysfunction) of different genesis.


The only contraindication to reception of tablets of Impaz is high personal sensitivity of the patient to HP ingredients.

Side effects

In case of use of drug for the purpose of therapy of the above-stated painful states and in the dosages of development of any side effects recommended by the instruction it was not revealed.

At patients with the traced personal sensitivity allow a possibility of forming of the negative phenomena connected with portability of drug to HP ingredients.

Impaza, application instruction

Tablets of drug are intended for a rassasyvaniye in an oral cavity for the purpose of faster and full delivery of their active ingredient in the man's organism. The application instruction of Impaza recommends to the patient to hold in a mouth 1 tablet of drug up to its full dissolution (for once), avoiding parallel meal.

For the purpose of periodic stimulation of an erection appoint one-time reception of 2 tablets of Impaz in 1-2 hours before expected sexual intercourse.

For increase and stabilization of ability of the man to sexual proximity (a sexual potentiality) to the patient recommend to conduct a treatment-and-prophylactic therapeutic course lasting not less than 12 weeks. The dosing mode of such treatment, depending on expressiveness of observed erectile dysfunction, can vary in the range: from reception of the 1st tablet at 48 hours before reception of 2 two tablets twice a day, it is desirable in the evening. In case of need perhaps povtoreni0e course therapy after 3-6 months.


The negative symptomatology of accidental overdose by Impaza is reduced to the dispepsichesky phenomena owing to effects of the fillers entering tablets.


Impaza's appointment to the patients with an ischemic heart disease (the I-II functional class of an angina of exertion) accepting nitrates, and also parallel use with APF inhibitors, diuretics, antagonists of calcium and beta adrenoblockers is allowed.

Terms of sale

Impaza is included into the nonprescription list of medical drugs.

Storage conditions

The most admissible temperature threshold of storage of tablets is equal to 25 °C.

Period of validity

From the moment of production – 3 years.

Special instructions

Because of inclusion in structure of tablets of lactose they are not recommended to accept to patients with any traced intolerance of sugars.


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Section: For increase of a potentiality
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Education: Graduated from the Vinnytsia national medical university of N. I. Pirogov, pharmaceutical faculty, the higher pharmaceutical education – the specialty "Pharmacist".

Experience: Work in Koneks and Bios-Media pharmacy chains as "Druggist". Work as "Pharmacist" in Avicenna pharmacy chain of the city of Vinnytsia.

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