Impotence (other name — erectile dysfunction) is a state of which disorder of sexual function owing to which the penis of the man does not reach the due level of the increase, straightening and hardening necessary for commission of sexual intercourse is characteristic. Also in this condition of the patient that span which is necessary for duration of full sexual intercourse cannot support an erection. Impotence is one of the sexual dysfunctions characteristic of men. As researches of the American specialists testify, the similar disease is on a global scale characteristic approximately of 150 million men who already were 40 years old.

The designation "impotence" became current from the Latin term impotentia coeundi which describes impossibility of the man suffering from this frustration to enter a penis at the getting sexual intercourse and to complete sexual intercourse in view of insufficient intensity of a penis. It is important to consider that similar disturbance of an erection does not influence directly a possibility of the man to an ejaculation.

In view of sensitivity of this problem treatment of impotence the long time was very specific sphere. However already in the Middle Ages actions for development of means for fight against this state were taken. But effective drug for full treatment of impotence appeared only in the 1930th years.

Impotence reasons

On condition of normal sexual function the man has the full sexual intercourse consisting of sexual desire, preliminary love caress, process of an erection, the subsequent introduction of a penis, performance of several tens frictions and end of the act by an ejaculation and feeling of an orgasm. In the absence of a certain component from listed full sexual intercourse it is not possible owing to what there is also a disturbance of other components over time. As a rule, problems with emergence of an erection or an ejaculation become the main disturbances causing it.

In the majority disorder of sexual function is shown by a case not as an independent disease, and as the illness accompanying other diseases. Various endocrine frustration (a diabetes mellitus which causes neuropathy, and also a hypogonadism at which the level of testosterone decreases owing to disturbances of functions of a hypophysis or testicles) can become the reasons of impotence. Disturbances of an erection are often connected with urological diseases, and also with defeat of the centers regulating sexual functions which are located in a cerebral cortex. Vascular diseases, injuries can become the reason of a similar state. These reasons of impotence provoke organic disturbances of an erection.

Today emergence of morbidity at sexual intercourse for one of partners is not less frequent reason of impotence. There are impotence reasons which are recognized as irreversible.

But nevertheless specialists assure that often problems with an erection are directly connected with disorders of psychological character. So, neurosis, a depression, neurotic states which accompany different diseases can become the reason of erectile dysfunction. Similar disturbances are defined as psychogenic.

One more reason of impotence – display of erectile dysfunction owing to reception of some medicamentous means. The similar state can cause the use of psychotropic, anti-hypertensive drugs, a number of estrogen, anticarcinogenic means.

Delusion is also the fact that impotence is an age problem. Actually with age men have a bigger number of various diseases and frustration which provoke developing of erectile dysfunction. The important factor influencing a condition of a potentiality it is negative, also unhealthy way of life – malicious smoking, continuous alcohol intake, physical passivity is.

Impotence symptoms

импотенцияDisplays of organic and psychogenic impotence considerably differ. Erectile dysfunction of psychogenic character always arises suddenly, is shown periodically in certain situations. Its emergence is directly connected with manifestation at the man of a stressful state. As a rule, at a similar problem available and psychological problems in personal relations of partners. At the same time the erection which spontaneously arises in the morning or at night at the man remains. Also the condition of tension of a penis in the course of sexual intercourse is also kept. If the external problem which provoked developing of impotence is eliminated, then, respectively, at the man the normal erection will be recovered.

At the same time at organic erectile dysfunction similar a state arises at the man gradually. Impotence progresses over time, and becomes a constant. The reason of erectile dysfunction of this type – the accompanying illness or treatment by certain medicamentous drugs. At this state the man completely has no night or morning erection. However at the patient prisustvut normal sexual desire and there are no problems with an ejaculation. In the course of sexual intercourse penis tension can disappear.

Also the mixed form of erectile dysfunction is allocated.

Today it is considered to be that approximately in 80% of cases impotence arises as complication though in many cases of the man got used to consider as the reasons of own intimate failures stresses and fatigue. Therefore, at similar manifestations the help of the qualified specialists doctors and psychologists is necessary.

Diagnosis of impotence

"erectile dysfunction" the specialist makes the diagnosis under a condition if the man cannot support an erection in more than 25% of the sexual intercourses made by it.

To define the reasons for which there was a similar state specialists, first of all, exclude a number of diseases: hypogonadism, diabetes mellitus, prolaktinoma and other illnesses.
By means of ultrasonic research it is possible to estimate the level of intake of blood at cavernous bodies of a penis, to define how full venous outflow, to reveal symptoms of atherosclerosis of vessels, to define a condition of erectile fabric. To the patient prostaglandin which causes an erection then conduct researches by means of ultrasound is initially entered.

One more diagnostic method of a functional condition of nerves of a penis — testing of a bulbokavernozny reflex. For this purpose the specialist presses a head of the member. At a normality this action has to cause reduction of an anus.

Also points lack of a spontaneous erection to existence of problems with an erection during a dream. In a normality at the man such erection periodically arises. By means of the special sensitive sensor which registers existence of a technique of a night erection specialists fix its existence or absence.

Sensitivity of a penis can also be estimated by means of a penis bioteziometriya. This method is based on use of vibration for an assessment of sensitivity of a penis.

Treatment of impotence

ИмпотенцияThat treatment of impotence was a successful, most important factor the timely request for the professional help is. However very often men, including this disturbance by very delicate problem, hide existence of sexual dysfunction.

There are data that approximately in 95% impotence is effectively treated by means of medicamentous therapy. But only the small part of the people having similar problems address specialists. Often the reasons for which men postpone treatment of impotence is the confusion, expectation spontaneous improvement of a state, feeling of minority of this problem, expectation of an unfavourable verdict of doctors.

In this case the man's partner can suspect existence of problems with a potentiality. So, it is possible to suspect a similar state at the man if he by means of different methods avoids sexual contact, does not initiate sexual intercourse, does not pay attention to the direct offer of contact.

Before purpose of a certain method of treatment of erectile dysfunction without fail it is necessary to conduct a number of researches which will help to define exact character of a problem. At the same time in the course of diagnosis important not only definition of whether the patient had in the past surgical or other medical interventions, but also carrying out the psychological analysis.

It is important to consider that at treatment of impotence of the patient should not use impotence medicines independently, without consultation with the doctor at all.

Today various methods of treatment of this disease which make two extensive groups are applied: conservative and operational.

The main operational methods of treatment of impotence is the falloprotezirovaniye, and also operative measures on penis vessels. Recently operational methods of treatment use seldom in view of existence of effective ways of treatment of conservative type. Therefore surgeries are applied in case of low-efficiency of all other methods, or in the presence of accurate indicators to carrying out operation. According to indications operations on penis vessels are performed. The indicator of their efficiency – is no more than 50%. Besides in this case after operation complications, and also palindromias are possible.

Distinguish use of peroral drugs, introduction of HP from methods of conservative (medicamentous) treatment with an intraurethral method, intrakavernozny administration of medicine. Also in the course of treatment appoint complex treatment of those diseases which became the impotence reasons.

Today there are many medicines which apply in the course of therapy of erectile dysfunction. At the same time similar means are or single stimulators of an erection, or means which make impact on elimination of psychogenic disturbances of a potentiality.

So, the most known drugs for treatment of impotence are Viagra and Sialis having very strong effect of stimulation. But it is possible to accept these means only after carrying out complex inspection a number of systems of an organism, especially cardiovascular system.

ИмпотенцияLess popular methods of therapy is intraurethral therapy for today. This introduction to an urethra of drug of group of "E-1 Prostaglandin" before sexual intercourse. It is quite expensive method, besides causing some side effects.

When using intrakavernozny injections the vasoactive drug is administered in cavernous bodies of a penis that stimulates manifestation of a resistant erection. It is rather effective method for achievement of a one-time erection. Drug has exclusively local influence.

In the course of use vacuum konstriktornoy therapies there is a creation of negative pressure in cavernous bodies of a penis. It stimulates blood inflow. However in this way it is also possible to allocate a number of shortcomings: so, on the basis of a penis it is necessary to carry a ring that causes some inconvenience.

The specialist will help to define what method of treatment should be preferred in each case.

Prevention of impotence

Dl of to prevent developing of impotence, the man it is very important to adhere to the principles of a healthy lifestyle, to watch balance of an everyday food allowance, to constantly play sports and to watch a state of health. Very important point in the course of prevention of impotence is refusal of smoking, narcotic drugs, abuses of alcoholic drinks.

It is not necessary to use medicines which as a side effect can provoke developing of erectile dysfunction. If similar drugs nevertheless need to be accepted, then such course of treatment should be conducted only under control of the doctor.

Some specialists claim that sexual function is positively influenced by maintaining regular sex life without too long time of abstention or excesses.

At getting injured of a small pelvis or crotch it is necessary to consult immediately with the urologist. Similar regular consultations are important also for patients with a hypertension or a diabetes mellitus.

It is important to avoid regular stressful situations, to try to have constantly a healthy sleep. Alarming and depressions it is also necessary to adjust immediately.

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