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  • Latin name: Indap
  • ATH code: C03BA11
  • Active ingredient: Indapamid
  • Producer: PRO.MED.CS Praha a.s. (Czech Republic)


As a part of one capsule active agent indapamid in number of 2,5 mg contains.

Act as additional components: magnesium stearate, gelatin, microcrystallic cellulose, starch, titanium dioxides and silicon, monohydrate of lactose, dye.

Release form

Is issued in the encapsulated form.

Pharmacological action

Vazodilatator, diuretic.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

The main component – indapamid. Medicine makes hypotensive impact. Pharmacological properties of drug Indap are similar to thiazide diuretics, the principle of influence is based on disturbance of a reabsorption of ions of sodium in cortical department in a Henle's loop. Medicine increases removal from an organism of ions of sodium, chlorine, magnesium, potassium with urine. Drug selectively blocks "slow" calcium channels, reduces OPSS, increases elasticity of vascular walls.

Indap does not make impact on the level of lipids in a blood plasma, on carbohydrate metabolism that is important at treatment of patients with a diabetes mellitus. Under the influence of an indap sensitivity of a vascular wall to effect of angiotensin-2, noradrenaline decreases.

Medicine stimulates production of prostacyclin PgI2, PgE2, reduces synthesis of stable oxygen and free radicals. High dosages of a medicine cause a profound diuresis, but at the same time do not make impact on extent of falling of a blood pressure.

At repeated, stable use efficiency of drug is registered on the second week.

Indications to Indap's use

From what tablet?

Drug is appointed at an arterial hypertension.


Medicine is contraindicated at a hypopotassemia, an anury, pathologists of renal system, severe damages of a liver, at Indapamid's intolerance.

Drug is not appointed at a dekompensirovanny form of a diabetes mellitus with ketoacidosis, at an acute disorder of blood circulation of a brain, at a galactosemia, a lactose intolerance, the broken absorption of a galactose or glucose.

At ascites, a moderate renal/liver failure, disturbances of water and electrolytic balance, a giponetriyemiya, lengthening of an interval of QT, at HSN, IBS, a hyperuricemia, breastfeeding, a hyperparathyreosis, an uratny nefrourolitiaz, gout medicine Indap is appointed with care.

Side effects

Expressiveness of side effects in many respects depends on medicine dosing.

Alimentary system: dyspepsia, disturbances of a chair, pain in epigastric area, nausea, dryness in a mouth, vomitings, a gastralgia, appetite disturbances.

Nervous system: dizzinesses, nervousness, adynamy, headaches, vertigo, drowsiness, dizzinesses, depression, sleeplessness, agitation, irritability, uneasiness, intensity, nervousness, slackness, lethargy, adynamy, increased fatigue, indisposition, spasm of muscle fibers.

Sense bodys: disturbances of visual perception, conjunctivitis.

Respiratory system: pharyngitis, cough, rhinitis.

Cardiovascular system: heartbeat, arrhythmias, hypopotassemia, orthostatic hypotension.

Urinary system: polyuria, nocturia, frequent infections of an urinary system.

Also the grippopodobny syndrome, dorsodynias, infectious defeats, pains in a thorax, the increased sweating, a rhinorrhea, disturbances of a libido/potentiality, paresthesia in extremities, decrease in body weight, an allergy, a hyponatremia, a hyperglycemia, a hyperuricemia, a hypochloraemia, a glucosuria, a giperkreatininemiya, a hypochloraemia, increase of level of nitrogen in urea, a hypercalcemia is registered.

Indap, application instruction (Way and dosage)

Medicine is taken in the morning, inside.

The initial dosage at an arterial hypertension makes 1,25-2,5 mg a day (not prolonged drug forms), or 1,5 mg of the prolonged medicine form a day.

In case of not achievement of full efficiency in 4-8 weeks add medicine with other mechanism of influence to the scheme of treatment.

According to the application instruction increase in a dosage is considered inexpedient in a type of increase in expressiveness of side effects and lack of achievement of the target objective of the ABP.


It is shown by disturbances in work of the alimentary system, respiratory depression, excessive falling of a blood pressure, weakness, vomiting, water and electrolytic disturbances, nausea. At persons with cirrhosis the hepatic coma is registered.

Timely carrying out symptomatic therapy, gastric lavage, correction of water and electrolytic balance is required. The specific antidote is not developed.


Indap increases the level of ions of lithium in blood, reducing it removal through renal system. Lithium is capable to make the expressed nephrotoxic impact. Because of dehydration of an organism strengthening of the damaging impact on kidneys at use of contrast iodinated medicines is noted. Before carrying out procedures it is recommended to recover water loss. Indap reduces effect of indirect anticoagulants.

At reception of not depolarizing muscle relaxants strengthening of blockade at a neuromuscular transmission is noted. Purgatives, Amphotericinum In, tetrakozaktid, glucocorticosteroids, cardiac glycosides, thiazide, loopback diuretics, saluretics increase probability of development of a hypopotassemia. The risk of digitalis intoxication increases at co-administration of cardiac glycosides. Reception by drug of calcium causes a hypercalcemia, Metforminum – lactic acidosis.

Pentamidine, sultoprid, erythromycin, astemizol, Vincaminum, terfenadin, Disopyramidum, quinidine, antiarrhytmic means, bretylium tosylate, Amiodaronum, sotalol due to sinergidny influence can lead to development of arrhythmia in type "feasts". Adrenostimulyatora, terakozaktid, glucocorticosteroids reduce expressiveness of hypotensive influence, Baclofenum — on the contrary. The risk of development of an acute renal failure, arterial hypotension considerably increases at use of APF inhibitors.

Orthostatic hypotension can it is noted at purpose of neuroleptics, tricyclic / imipraminovykh antidepressants. Giperkreatininemiya is registered at cyclosporine reception.

Terms of sale

The recipe is required.

Storage conditions

In the dry, dark, protected from children place at a temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

No more than three years.

Special instructions

At reception of purgatives, cardiac glycosides regular control of level of potassium, creatinine is strongly recommended patients with a hyper aldosteronism. Systematic administration of drug Indap demands control of level of ions of magnesium, sodium, potassium in a blood plasma, residual nitrogen, uric acid, sugar because of risk of development of electrolytic disturbances. More careful control is shown to the patients having cirrhosis, ascites because of high risk of development of a metabolic alkalosis, strengthening of expressiveness of encephalopathy, HSN, IBS. Patients with a high interval of QT on an ECG treat group of the increased risk. Carrying out the analysis of change of level of potassium in an organism within the first week of therapy is obligatory. At earlier nedignostirovanny hyperparathyreosis increase of level of calcium against medicine use is possible. The patient with a diabetes mellitus control of level of glucose at administration of drug Indap is extremely important, especially at the expressed hypopotassemia. Decrease in glomerular filtering, development of an acute renal failure is possible as a result of considerable dehydration. In an initiation of treatment it is necessary to control carefully work of kidneys, if necessary to offset liquid loss. Against use of medicine can be zaregitrirovan a positive doping test. Indap can become the reason of an aggravation of a system lupus erythematosus. Safety and Indap's efficiency at children is not established.


Coincidence on the ATH code of the 4th level:

There is a large number of analogs: Arifon, Vazopamid, Indapamid, Indapen, Indapres, Indiur, Lorvas, Ravel, Hemopamid.


  • Indapamid 2,5mg No. 30 capsule/ozone/ozone of Ltd company
  • Indapamid 1,5mg tablet No. 30 / zio-zdorovye/
  • Indapamid 2,5mg tablet No. 30 hemofarmkhemofarm A.D.
  • Indapamid of MV of Stada 1,5mg No. 30 A.D's tablet/Hemofarm/Hemofarm.
  • Indap 2,5mg No. 30 KAPS.PRO.MED.CS Praha

Drugstore of IFC

  • Indapamid of a retard-Tev tbl p/pl/o 1.5mg No. 30, Mercklegermaniya
  • Indap kaps. 2.5mg No. 30, Pro.Med.CS Prahachekhiya
  • Indapamid of MV of Stada retard tbl p/pl/o 1,5mg No. 30, Ooorossiya's Hemofarm
  • Indapamid tbl p/pl/o 2.5mg No. 30, Hemofarm A.D. Ooorossiya's (Serbia)/Hemofarm
  • Enziks Duo (Enalapril 10 of mg No. 10+ Indapamid 2.5mg No. 5) No. 45, Hemofarm koncern A.D.Rossiya
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  • Indap of a capsule 2.5mg No. 30promed of Farm (Czech Republic)
  • Indapamid SR30
  • Indapamid of a tablet 2.5mg No. 30khemofarm (Yugoslavia)
  • Indapen of a tablet coated 2.5mg No. 30polfarma (Poland)


  • Indap kaps. 2.5mg No. 30ratiofarm
  • Indap kaps. 2.5mg No. 30ratiofarm
  • Indap kaps. 2.5mg No. 30ratiofarm
  • Indap kaps. 2.5mg No. 30ratiofarm
  • Indap kaps. 2.5mg No. 30ratiofarm


  • Indap of 0,625 mg No. 30 TABL.PRO.MED.CS of Praha a.s. (Czech Republic)
  • Indap of 1,25 mg No. 30 TABL.PRO.MED.CS of Praha a.s. (Czech Republic)
  • Indap of 2,5 mg No. 30 KAPS.PRO.MED.CS of Praha a.s. (Czech Republic)
  • Arindap of 2,5 mg No. 30 tabl.p.o. Medan of Farm A.O. (Poland)
  • Indapamid-ratiofarm of 1,5 mg No. 30 tabl.p.p.o.
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Section: Cardiovascular
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Education: Graduated from the Bashkir state medical university majoring in "Medical business". In 2011 gained the diploma and the certificate in Therapy. In 2012 received 2 certificate and the diploma in "Functional diagnosis" and "Cardiology". In 2013 completed courses on "Topical issues of otorhinolaryngology in therapy". In 2014 completed advanced training courses in "A clinical echocardiography" and courses in "Medical rehabilitation".

Experience: From 2011 to 2014 the Policlinic No. 33 Ufa worked as the therapist and the cardiologist in MBUZ. Since 2014 the Policlinic No. 33 Ufa works as the cardiologist and the doctor of functional diagnosis in MBUZ.

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