Infections, sexually transmitted

Diseases which are transmitted sexually are widespread today especially widely. At the same time the existing medical statistics testifies only to official data. Rather often the person does not hurry to address in medical institutions as he can simply not know about existence of some diseases which are transmitted sexually. Very often the trichomoniasis, clamidiosis, mycoplasmosis, a bacterial vaginosis develop at women without pronounced symptoms.

A number of venereal diseases constitute danger in connection with existence of probability of a pre-natal transmission of infection to a fruit. Besides, such infection can be transmitted also with saliva, maternal milk, in the course of hemotransfusion.

Distribution of infections, sexually transmitted

Transfer of STD happens from the person to the person, in most cases it happens at sexual contacts. Now more than three tens various viruses, bacteria and parasites which are transmitted at sexual contacts are allocated. A number of infections also pass from mother to the kid during pregnancy, at childbirth, in the course of hemotransfusion to patients.

Infections, sexually transmitted, get to a human body with viruses, bacteria and parasites. Bacterial infections are the activators causing gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydial infections, a venereal ulcer, an inguinal granuloma.

Viral infections are the following viruses: herpes simplex virus, human immunodeficiency virus, virus of papilloma of the person, hepatitis B virus, cytomegalovirus.

Under the influence of a parasite the balanoposthitis at men and a vulvovaginitis, and also a vaginal trichomoniasis at women develops.

It is possible to catch such infection not only in the course of genital sexual intercourse, but also at oral or proctal sex. Depending on a disease before emergence of the first symptoms of an illness passes from three days to two weeks.

Reasons of infections

The fact that diseases, sexually transmitted, are, first of all, an effect of too low sexual culture of people is indisputable. In particular, ignoring of diagnosis after accidental and risky sexual contacts is about illegible sexual bonds, numerous sexual partners, and also.

Not less important condition for prevention of distribution of STD is need to be inspected surely and to the person who suspects development of such illness, and to his sexual partner.


Инфекции, передающиеся половым путем Speaking about symptoms and symptoms of such diseases, it should be noted that rather often patients do not feel changes in own state at all, or signs are expressed very poorly. But in this case it is about so-called oligosymptomatic and asymptomatic forms of such illnesses.

The main symptoms of STD directly depend on what activator got to a human body, and also from a condition of its organism in general.

However in most cases after the incubation interval, diseases, sexually transmitted comes to an end, are shown by a number of similar signs. The patient has allocations from generative organs which become more and more intensive over time. Gradually also the feeling of an itch and burning in the field of generative organs increases, and on integuments in the field of generative organs spots or small ulcers can appear. In the course of the act of an urination or during sexual contact infected the person sometimes feels pain. Besides, at it lymph nodes can increase considerably.

Complications of infections, sexually transmitted

If treatment of an illness timely is not made, then infections, sexually transmitted, can provoke, not only symptoms which concern a condition of generative organs, but also the general defeat of an organism. One of the serious complications over time arising at development of STD is infertility.

The course of infections on ascending (and it steadily occurs if timely therapy was not provided), leads to development of inflammatory processes of bodies of urinogenital system. When progressing ureaplasmosis and clamidiosis at men prostatitis sometimes develops, and women with such illnesses as a result get sick with an inflammation of a uterus and appendages. Besides, development of venereal diseases leads to strong decrease in immunity of the person and, as a result of so negative changes, there can be diseases of internals of the person.

Infections, sexually transmitted and female health

Very negatively such infections influence the woman's organism. Unpleasant effects can take place in relation to reproductive ability of the young woman. Besides STD can be transferred from mother and to the baby. At women who had some inflammatory diseases which arose owing to sexually transmitted infections much more often the extrauterine pregnancy develops. Some types of a virus of papilloma promptly increase risk of developing of an oncological disease of a neck of uterus at the woman.

At pregnancy at the women sick with syphilis, approximately in 40% of cases pregnancy comes to the end with the birth of the dead child. Approximately the same situation repeats also at pregnant women with a gonococcal infection. Children who were born at mothers with not treated chlamydial infection and gonorrhea very often at once after the birth suffer from a serious eye infection (so-called blennoreya newborns). In the absence of treatment the child ozhzht completely to go blind.

Diagnosis of venereal infections

Инфекции, передающиеся половым путем For the correct establishment of the diagnosis in case of existence of suspicion on STD the patient has to pass full laboratory test surely. But in view of existence of an opportunity to make the diagnosis, using syndromic approach, doctors pay special attention to the available symptomatology. Certain sexually transmitted infections have accurate signs which are simple for distinguishing. Syndromic approach to diagnosis of diseases which are transmitted sexually is based on use of specially developed schemes which specialists use for statement of the diagnosis and the subsequent treatment. Therefore, such diagnosis will be more exact.

But the most important point in the course of diagnosis of such diseases is nevertheless the timely request for the help. If the illness is found as soon as possible, then thanks to the correct therapy of serious consequences it will be possible to avoid completely.

At emergence of any signs or symptoms of the patient should not be guided by hope that they will disappear independently, or to feel fears or awkwardness. The missed time can become decisive, and as a result the illness will pass into a chronic form, and it will become much more difficult to cure it completely.

Masked sexually transmitted infections

The so-called razed sexually transmitted infections are transmitted from the person to the person also in the course of sexual contact. However such infections give in to both diagnosis, and treatment more difficultly.

Among the most widespread STD of this type it should be noted clamidiosis. This illness is shown as an effect of infection of a human body with chlamydias. These organisms are considered to be intermediate between bacteria and viruses. Infection happens at sexual relations, however in rare instances the infection can be transmitted at visit of a sauna or the pool, an airborne way, and also other ways. To define existence of this activator in an organism, the person should pass special research using a DNA diagnosis method.

In most cases this illness passes without the expressed symptoms. However, at men against clamidiosis inflammatory diseases of urinogenital system sometimes develop. Besides, today it is already proved that chlamydias can damage genetic structure of spermatozoa. At the same time chlamydias can get to a female organism together with spermatozoa. Under the influence of chlamydias at the woman inflammatory diseases can also develop. Besides, manifestation of impassability of uterine tubes is quite possible that threatens with infertility and not incubation in the future.

Besides, chlamydias can make negative impact and on other systems of an organism, in particular, on cardiovascular. In the course of treatment of an illness it is very important that the sexual partner of the patient also made the test on a sexually transmitted infection and received adequate treatment. It needs to be made even that who has no visible symptoms of clamidiosis.

One more eurysynusic infection of this kind is the virus of papilloma of the person. There are about seven tens different types of papillomaviruses. At the same time their clinical manifestations are imperceptible throughout very long time. A consequence of infection with a papillomavirus – emergence of papillomas and sharp-pointed condylomas on skin of genitalias and other bodies. Besides, papillomaviruses can provoke precancerous changes of a neck of uterus at women. Transfer of a virus happens during sexual intercourse, in life, and also when passing the newborn in patrimonial ways.

Intermediate organism between fungi, bacteria and viruses is the mycoplasma under the influence of which mycoplasmosis develops. This organism parasitizes on mucous membranes of a human body. Owing to mycoplasmosis at women inflammatory process in a uterus, ovaries, pipes, as well as an inflammation of other bodies — kidneys, a bladder can develop. At aggravation of inflammatory processes allocations from generative organs appear, the itch, pain disturbs. However the long time of people can not feel new unpleasant feelings. So, there are a lot of men who caught this infection, feel only small gripes in process a mocheispuskaniiya. However later certain time at the man chronic prostatitis or an inflammation of kidneys can develop. Treatment of a sexually transmitted infection is made with use of antibiotics.

Инфекции, передающиеся половым путем At hit ureaplasmosis develops in a human body of an ureaplasma which parasitizes on organism cells. More often this illness affects women. The infection can be transmitted in both the sexual, and household, drop and liquid, pre-natal way. Symptoms of an illness are shown only in several weeks after infection: the patient is disturbed by an itch or burning in the course of an urination, allocations can appear, sometimes body temperature increases a little. However generally symptoms are insignificant or they are absent at all. Ureaplasmosis without due treatment can cause the inflammatory processes conducting to infertility, and also to prostatitis at men. Therapies of an illness it is carried out with use of drugs antibiotics.

Genital herpes develops as an effect of infection with a herpes infection. Infection mainly occurs during sexual intercourse. Initially on generative organs there are small bubbles and after they are broken off, on their place red yazvochka are formed. Sometimes herpes symptoms are not shown at all, but at the same time the person nevertheless can infect the partner. Genital herpes at the wrong approach to treatment can provoke chronic inflammations of bodies of urinogenital system, and also cause infertility and problems with a potentiality.

Other widespread infections which are transmitted sexually

Very often modern doctors diagnose gonorrhea for patients. At this infectious disease mucous membranes of different bodies are surprised. Causes gonorrhea gonokokk which most often gets to an organism at various sexual contacts. Much less often the person catches in use, through household items. The child catches from sick mother when passing in patrimonial ways.

At syphilis at the patient are surprised not only mucous membranes, but also skin, internals, a nervous system, bones, joints. The causative agent of this dangerous illness — a pale treponema. Its transfer most often happens sexually, is much more rare – in life. Treatment of syphilis is based on the correct selection of antibiotics, treatment of those infections which develop in parallel, and also on the general strengthening therapy.

If at the patient trichomoniasis develops, then in this case the whole complex of different sites of urinogenital system is surprised. The causative agent of this disease is the one-celled parasite a trichomonad, the illness is transferred in the basic sexually.

Trichomoniasis is very dangerous to future mothers as at such illness the rupture of amniotic covers and an abortion is possible. Emergence of an itch in the field of generative organs, intensive allocations is characteristic of a disease.

The virus of hepatitis B affects the person owing to transfer to time of various sexual contacts, and also owing to combined use of injection cannulas intravenously. The pre-natal way of transfer of a virus is also actual.

The acute hepatitis is shown by strong slackness, nausea, rash on integuments. To the patient the stomach and the head hurts. Sometimes symptoms especially acute: severe itch of skin, jaundice, fever. Approximately in ten percent of cases hepatitis B gets a chronic form of which development of inflammatory processes in a liver is characteristic. In turn, it is fraught with development in the future of a cancer of a liver, cirrhosis that threatens with a lethal outcome. The illness can be cured completely if in time to carry out diagnosis and strictly to follow the ordered scheme of treatment.


Инфекции, передающиеся половым путем As the most efficient method of prevention of STD it is considered to be full abstention from sex life or the sexual relations only with one not infected partner. It is important to exclude completely any sexual contacts with the people infected with STD.

Some infections, sexually transmitted, it is possible to prevent, correctly using condoms at sexual contacts. It is necessary to use a condom at all types of sexual contacts, at the same time it is important to watch that the security measure was qualitative and it was applied correctly.

After the unprotected sexual contact it is necessary to apply surely some measures of prevention which somewhat reduce risk of development of a disease. Generative organs can be washed out carefully solutions of a hlorgiksedin or miramistin. However such method of prevention is reasonable only during the first hours after contact.

Besides, at the address to the dermatovenereologist of the patient can receive an injection of special drug with antibacterial influence which can prevent development of a number of venereal illnesses. Such prevention is possible in the first days after risky contact. However it is important to consider that this measure can be applied only in the emergencies.

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