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  • Latin name: Ingavirin
  • ATH code: J05AX
  • Active ingredient: Imidazoliletanamid of pentandiovy acid
  • Producer: JSC Valenta Farmatsevtika, Russia

Ingavirin's structure

Composition of drug:

  • imidazoliletanamid pentandiovy acid;
  • silicon dioxide colloid, lactose, magnesium stearate, potato starch;
  • cover – titanium dioxide, dyes, gelatin, an azoruby.

Release form

Antiviral means Ingavirin is issued in the form of capsules of blue or red color which contain white powder and granules.

Tablets of 30 mg (blue) and 90 mg (red) are issued on 7 pieces in the blister, 1 blister in cardboard packaging.

Pharmacological action

Has antiinflammatory, immunomodulatory and antiviral effect.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

First of all medicine has antiviral effect. It works against an influenza virus of type A, B, a parainfluenza, adenoviral and respiratory sentitsialnoy infections.

The antiinflammatory effect is shown by suppression of products of inflammatory cytokines and reduction of activity of a miyeloperoksidaza.

At quinsy, flu and other SARS the therapeutic effect is shown in the form of reduction of the feverish period, decrease in level of intoxication, the catarral phenomena. Also at its use total number of complications decreases, and duration of a disease becomes much less.

Drug very quickly from a gastrointestinal tract comes to blood, and is also distributed on bodies. In 30 minutes after administration of drug its maximum concentration in bodies and blood is observed. In an organism it is not metabolized, removed in the same look. The most part (about 80%) of drug is brought out of an organism within a day. 77% of drug are removed through intestines, the rest – through kidneys.

Indications to use

Antiviral drug Ingavirin is appointed in the following cases:

  • prevention and treatment of flu of A and V type;
  • other SARS (respiratory and syncytial infection, parainfluenza, adenoviral infection).


On contraindication tablets following:

  • allergy to any making drug component;
  • pregnancy.

Whether it is possible to give to children? This remedy is contraindicated to children and teenagers till 18 flyings.

Side effects

Side effects of medicine can arise seldom or never in the form of allergic reaction.

Application instruction of Ingavirin

Drug needs to be accepted irrespective of meal, inside.

The instruction on Ingavirin 90 mg on treatment of flu and SARS: within 5-7 days of 1 times a day it is necessary to accept 90 mg. It is desirable to begin to take a pill at once at emergence of symptoms of an illness, not later than 1,5 days after an onset of the illness.

Route of administration for prevention of flu and a SARS: within a week to accept 90 mg once a day.

Before taking 90 mg medicine, surely consult with the doctor about it.

How it is often possible to accept Ingavirin? This drug should be accepted at emergence of the first symptoms of an illness, the course of treatment has to make not less than 5 days.


In the summary to medicine overdose cases are not described.


It is not necessary to accept Ingavirin along with other antiviral means.

Whether it is possible to accept with antibiotics? Scientists did not investigate interaction of medicine with antibiotics therefore it is not recommended to accept them jointly.

Terms of sale

Medicine is sold without recipe.

Storage conditions

To store in the dark, dry place at a temperature not above 25 °C.

Period of validity

2 years.

Special instructions

As drug does not possess sedation, its use is not reflected in ability to manage automobile means and to perform the work demanding concentration of attention and fast reaction.

Ingavirin's analogs 90 mg

What it is possible to replace this means with? Such drugs as Amizon, Arbidol, Amiksin, Lavomax, Kagotsel are considered as Ingvirin's analogs.

That it is better: Ingavirin or Arbidol?

Scientists conducted research which purpose consisted in comparison of safety and Ingavirin's efficiency in comparison with Arbidol. At the patients accepting Ingavirin body temperature decreased quicker, reduction of symptoms of intoxication was noticed, any case with complications was also not noticed. At the patients accepting Ingavirin at patients who accepted Arbidol side effects were not noticed.

That it is better: Ingavirin or Amiksin?

These means have a number of significant differences. For example, Amiksin it is authorized to accept since 7 whereas Ingavirin – only with 18. Ingavirin is not compatible to any antiviral means while Amiksin it is possible to accept with antibiotics and other drugs. Ingavirin register from flu and other types of a SARS whereas Amiksin has wider focus of action. At the same time both drugs have very much a hypotoxicity. Thus, Ingavirin as flu medicine for adults is more effective, and in a case of herpes, hepatitis, etc., recommend Amiksin.

That it is better: Ingavirin or Kagotsel?

Kagotsel — including children's drug, children can accept it of 3 flyings, in addition to flu this means is applied also against herpes. It can also be applied along with other drugs and antibiotics. This drug is not toxic, has no property to collect in an organism.

That it is better: Lavomax or Ingaverin?

Lavomax, as well as Ingaverin is applied since 18, but at the same time has more broad spectrum of activity. This means is also compatible to antibiotics. Lavomax has wider number of contraindications as its structure contains lactose.

The price of analogs averages from 20 to 50, however it is necessary to look for substitute of medicine not only at the price, but also therapeutic effect. All above-mentioned analogs are cheaper than Ingaverin, however, before replacing Ingavirin with cheaper analog, see About analogs and surely see behind consultation a doctor.


  • Ingavirin of 90 mg No. 7 of a kapsulyvalent Pharmaceutics of joint stock company
  • Ingavirin of 60 mg No. 7 of a capsule for a deteyvalent Pharmaceutics of joint stock company

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