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  • Latin name: Bacteriophagum intestinalis fluidum
  • ATH code: V03A
  • Active ingredient: Sterile filtrates of fagolizat of shigellas, salmonellas, etiologically significant serotypes of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli, Proteus vulgaris and Proteus mirabilis protiums, stafilokokk, enterococci, Pseudomonas aeruginosa pseudo-monads.
  • Producer: Microgene of NPO Federal State Unitary Enterprise MZ RF (Russia)


Mix of fagolizat of shigellas of Fleksner and Zonne, the most widespread serological groups of strains of colibacillus, salmonellas, a protea, stafilokokk, a stick psevdomonas an aeruginoza, enterococci is a part of means. Also as preservative Chinosolum is used.

Release form

Intesti-bakteriofag liquid holds in bottles with a rubber bung on 20 ml, in a pack from a cardboard holds on 4 bottles, and also in bottles on 100 ml.

Pharmacological action

Means normalizes work of functions of the alimentary system. Liquid Intesti-bakteriofag makes specific antibacterial impact in relation to a number of strains of bacteria. In the course of influence of Intesti-bakteriofag lyses specifically these bacteria, being fixed on their membranes. Further it gets in a cell then breeds, using an energy resource of a cell of a bacterium. After the cell perishes, there is exit of mature fagochastitsa who can infect other cells of strains.

Drug is strictly specific in relation to homologous bacteria therefore the normal microflora is not suppressed and on cells of an organism of harmful effects it does not appear. Intesti-bakteriofag stimulates immunity of the person, effectively improves a state at it is purulent - septic diseases which are followed by immunodepressive states. Before beginning treatment, it is necessary to define an activator phagosensitivity.

Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics

Regardless of how means is entered, drugs of bacteriophages get to blood and a lymph then appear in the centers of inflammatory process. Generally out of an organism it is brought through kidneys, at the same time drug sanifies urinary tract. The remains of medicine leave an organism through a gastrointestinal tract.

Indications to use

Intesti-bakteriofag it is appointed to patients at diseases of a digestive tract which were provoked by sensitive microorganisms. Means is appointed by the patient with bacterial dysentery, a salmonellosis, colitis, dyspepsia, dysbacteriosis, a coloenteritis.


People at whom high sensitivity to its components is noted cannot apply means.

Side effects

Intesti-bakteriofag patients, as a rule, transfer well. If medicine is applied to treatment of children in the first years of life, after therapy emergence of rash on skin and vomiting is possible. If divorced drug is used, such phenomena are not observed.

Application instruction of Intesti-bakteriofag (Way and dosage)

The instruction to Intesti-bakteriofag provides that medicine can be applied orally and rektalno. Before applying solution, it is necessary to stir up capacity and to consider contents. If in it particles are found, transparency or color changes, in that case it is impossible to use drug.

The application instruction of Intesti-bakteriofag provides that in the course of use of HP it is necessary to wash up at first hands, to process an antiseptic agent a bottle cover. It is impossible to leave it open. The necessary amount of solution has to be gathered by the sterile syringe. What span treatment has to last, the doctor in each individual case appoints.

If at kids side effects at treatment of Intesti-bakteriofag develop, means can be parted with water. If severe vomiting is noted, the drug is administered to the person rektalno.

To children till 6 months the single dose is equal to 5 ml (reception orally) and 10 ml (reception rektalno). The single dose of 10-15 ml (reception orally) and 20 ml is shown to children of 6-12 months (reception rektalno). The single dose of 15-20 ml (reception orally) and 20-30 ml is shown to children of 1-3 years (reception rektalno). Children of 3-8 years have to receive a dose 20-30 ml (oral administration) and 30-40 ml (rectal reception). Patients of 8 flyings and the adult should accept 30-40 ml orally and 50-60 ml rektalno.

Orally means is appointed 4 times a day, it needs to be accepted in one hour prior to food.

If solution is appointed for the purpose of prevention, one single dose a day is shown. Treatment is appointed at the first symptoms, as a rule, it is carried out within 7-10 days.


There are no data on overdose of Intesti-bakteriofag.


Intesti-bakteriofag it can be used in a complex with antibiotics, and also with other medicines.

Terms of sale

It is released without recipe.

Storage conditions

It is necessary to store Intesti-bakteriofag at a temperature of 2-10 °C, the place has to be dry and dark. If in solution opacifications or flakes appear, it cannot be used.

Period of validity

It is possible to store drug 2 years.

Special instructions

Medicine can be applied for 24 hours after the bottle was opened.

Treatment by drug does not influence the level of concentration of attention and an opportunity to manage transport.

Analogs of Intesti-bakteriofag

Analogs of drug are means which have similar action on an organism. To pick up them, it is necessary to consult with the doctor surely.


  • Intesti-bakteriofag liquid 20 ml No. 4 flakonymikrogen NPO Federal State Unitary Enterprise
  • Intesti-bakteriofag liquid 100mlmikrogen NPO Federal State Unitary Enterprise

Drugstore of IFC

  • Intesti-bakteriofag solution fl 100 ml, Mikrogen of NPO Federal State Unitary Enterprise (Imbio N. Novgorod) Russia
  • Intesti-bakteriofag solution fl 100 ml, Mikrogen of NGO (Immunopreparauf) Russia
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