Intimate surgery

Genital, or intimate surgery – the separate direction of plastiko-reconstructive surgery which consists in carrying out surgeries on generative organs for the purpose of improvement of their functioning and an esthetic look.

The intimate surgery is divided into man's and female genital plastics. At the same time the female intimate plastics belongs to low-traumatic operations and is directed more to improvement of outward of generative organs. The man's intimate surgery is in turn intended to fix functional problems in the sexual sphere.

Man's intimate surgery

With the advent of the new direction in urology — andrology, the intimate surgery for men began to develop intensively. Allocation of andrology as to science about the man gave the chance to lift performance of surgical interventions at higher level. Operations on a scrotum, testicles, a penis and an urethra belong to man's intimate surgery. The often carried most out operations it is surgical interventions on a penis.

As the penis is quite unique body answering immediately for three functions – copulative, reproductive and urethral, high surgical technologies are necessary for such operations. Biomechanical differences of cavernous bodies of a penis, unusual relationship of skin and fascial layers, anatomic unity of an urethra and erectile fabric demand new techniques of operating.

Lengthening of a penis

Lengthening of a penis belongs to the often carried most out surgeries on generative organs. In certain cases it is possible to achieve results and without use of radical techniques.

At hormonal therapy during puberty and several years after it, there is a possibility of significant increase in a penis. But after this period the only efficient method a ligamentologiya – a section of the podvashchivayushchy sheaf defining a corner between an abdominal wall and the basis of a penis during an erection. Elimination of a normal chordee and release of cavernous bodies to the level of entry into them of deep arteries is the cornerstone of this method. Such method gives the chance to extend body approximately on 3-5 cm, but at an erection it will remain almost former length.

The circular section of a white is also directed to lengthening of a penis. But operation is carried out at patients with disturbance of a potentiality, prosthetics of a penis is at the same time carried out. Such combined method allows to establish the lost sexual function and to extend a penis on 2-5 cm.

Penis thickening

The technique of a thickening of a penis consists in transplantation under skin of body of free fat, strips of skin, parts of muscles. Such operations have a number of the negative moments. First, high injury, development of complications and defects of skin after operation. Secondly, not predicted result of such intervention. The entered transplant  resolves or deformed after a while that influences functioning and outward of body.

There is also a new alternative technique of a thickening of a penis. It is based on an implantation method under skin of a special matrix and in further cultivation on its basis of own tissues of the patient. The matrix consists of collagen and in process of its rassasyvaniye is substituted with the fabrics which are grown up on the basis of the fibroblasts taken from the patient.

Bridle plastics

As the bridle of a prepuce is intended for normal return of a prepuce to a starting position at an exposure of a balanus, its insufficiency can cause painful feelings. During sexual intercourse there can be anguishes in the field of a bridle, microcracks and further inflammations of a prepuce and in such cases the bridle plastics is carried out.

The technique consists in a cross section of a bridle of a prepuce and in a further vshivaniye of skin in the longitudinal direction. In case of the physiological complications connected with a prepuce at the same time its removal and a section of a bridle becomes.

Prosthetics of a penis

Surgical treatment of long erectile dysfunction consists in prosthetics of a penis. Such surgical intervention is carried out in the absence of an erection in case of damage of vessels, Peyroni's illness, a diabetes mellitus, radiation defeat or radiation therapy, effects of injuries or penis operations.

Prosthetics of a penis — the only method of treatment of erectile dysfunction the result yielding 97-100%. The principle of a method consists in recovery of rigidity of a penis implantation in cavernous bodies of couple of silicone cores. Sometimes as implants inflatable cylinders are used. Complication of intimate surgery in this case consists in accession of an infection and not engraftment of a faloprotez. In case of use of semifixed silicone prostheses there can be difficulties as the penis resides in an eregirovanny state.

Prosthetics of a small egg

At absence at the patient of one or both testicles implantation of a small egg from polymeric materials is carried out. Most often the prosthesis represents the cover from bioinert material filled with dense silicone gel. The prosthesis is implanted in a scrotum according to its sizes. Most often such operation is performed at the men suffering from a defective type of a scrotum. Lack of a small egg can be connected with deviations of pre-natal development or removal of a small egg owing to an injury or an illness.

Such man's intimate surgery has no contraindications, but can have a number of complications. Most often it is a hydroscheocele, the prosthetic infection causing wound suppuration, bleeding or pains in the place of operation. Pains can arise owing to the wrong selection of a prosthesis and the wrong prosthetics of a small egg.

Female intimate surgery

Женская интимная хирургияOutward of genitalias is not less important for the woman, than for men. Shortcomings of these bodies are capable to spoil intimate and family life. In certain cases the female intimate plastics can be also the solution of problems in sexual function of the person.

Plastics of vulvar lips

Purpose of big vulvar lips protection of small lips and a vagina from penetration of microbes and an infection, preservation of temperature condition of internal generative organs. Labiolastika is carried out at explicit asymmetry of big vulvar lips which brings discomfort during sexual intercourse. Increase is carried out when big vulvar lips are underdeveloped and cannot carry out the direct functions. Reduction can be carried out after the delivery or an age atrophy when big vulvar lips are too stretched. The plastics of vulvar lips is carried out by method of a liposuction or a resection.

One of the most frequent operations female intimate plastics – reduction of small vulvar lips. At some chronic diseases, increase of androgens in an organism, abuse of masturbation or owing to inborn factors small vulvar lips can be extended or thickened. In such cases, reduction of small vulvar lips is required, at such operation excesses of fabrics are removed under a local anesthesia.


Surgical recovery of virginity, has no medical indications and is carried out only at the request of the woman. Today the intimate surgery has two methods of recovery of a hymen: sewing together and three-layered gimenoplastika.

Sewing together is carried out by the self-resolving threads, at the same time the doctor sews hymen sites. The result remains about 1-2 weeks that is a lack of such method. The three-layered gimenoplastika gives more long-term effect. At such operation, the hymen is created again at the expense of a mucous membrane. The result of such operation remains during 2-3 flyings, plus of such intimate surgery is the possibility of recovery of virginity even at the giving birth women.


To women at whom in an effect of childbirth of a wall of a vagina were stretched or damaged. Operation is intended to recover the normal sizes of a vagina. The method is based on removal of a wedge-shaped site mucous in back part of a vagina. Also rapprochement of the muscles of a vagina located in this area is at the same time carried out. In addition to this operation a vaginoplasty includes plastics of a mucous membrane, removal of inborn defects and scars after imposing of puerperal seams. Such operation is applied also at omission and loss of internal generative organs (a prolapse of genitalias).

Surgical defloration

Хирургическая дефлорацияThe hymen forms itself a fold of a mucous membrane which closes an entrance to a vagina, it is located in 2-3 centimeters from small vulvar lips. Final forming of a pleva happens during puberty, and by 18-20 years of a plev is elastic and easily gives in to a natural defloration during the first sexual intercourse. But by 30 years elasticity of a pleva is lost and it is thickened. The surgical defloration as at normal sexual intercourse of a plev it is not broken off is in that case applied and there can be traumatizing other bodies and bleeding.

Arrangement, form and thickness of a hymen at each woman different. As well as arrangement of blood vessels. In certain cases the surgical defloration is carried out also to women of young age. Excessive supply of a pleva with blood vessels or a strong thickening of a pleva can be the indication to such surgical intervention.

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