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  • Latin name: Intron A
  • ATH code: L03AB01
  • Active ingredient: Interferon alpha 2b (Interferonum alpha-2b)
  • Producer: Schering-Plough Labo N.V. (Belgium)


Interferon alpha 2b recombinant, hydrosodium phosphate anhydrous, monosodium hydrate of dihydrophosphate, edetat dinatrium, sodium chloride, metacresol, polysorbate, water sterile.

Release form

In glass bottles in a dosage of 10 million ME, 18 million ME and/25 million ME in cardboard packaging a bottle No. 1.

In the syringe handles complete with 6 needles on 1, 2 ml of 6 doses on 3 million ME; 5 million ME; 10 million ME in a cardboard pack 1 set.

Pharmacological action

Antineoplastic, antiviral, immunomodulatory.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


The mechanism of effect of interferon on cells is based on its linkng with the specific receptors located on their surface.

Interferon, after interaction with a cellular membrane, starts sequence of intracellular reactions, in particular, induction of some enzymes which oppress proliferation of cells, suppress process of replication of viruses in the infected cells and provide immunomodulatory properties of drug (increase of cytotoxicity of lymphocytes, strengthening of activity of macrophages concerning the infected cells. These actions also define therapeutic effect of drug.

Interferon alpha 2b has antiproliferativy effect concerning culture of human cells, and also concerning heterografts of tumors. Drug possesses the expressed immunomodulatory activity. The exact mechanism of effect of antiviral recombinant interferon is not found out, but is established that drug breaks a metabolism of the infected cell that leads to suppression of process of replication of a virus and disturbance of process of an exit of virion with the damaged genome from a cell.


At all forms of administration of drug its bioavailability makes 100%. At p / to introduction of Cmax to blood it was reached for 3-12 hours; at intramuscular — in 6-8 hours. T1/2 at both forms of introduction made 3 hours. In blood in 16-24 hours concentration of interferon is not defined.

Indications to use

Myelosis, chronic hepatitis B and C, hairy cell leukosis, throat papillomatosis, thrombocytosis at patients with a myeloleukemia, a follicular lymphoma, a multiple myeloma, a malignant melanoma, Kaposha's sarcoma at the patients having AIDS, carcinoid tumors.


High sensitivity to drug, diseases of the CC system in decompensation stages, heavy arrhythmias, a myocardial infarction, liver diseases. Chronic hepatitis of any genesis, mental diseases, epilepsy, dysfunctions of TsNS, autoimmune diseases in the anamnesis, a disease of a thyroid gland, the period of a lactation and pregnancy, reception of immunodepressants after carrying out transplantation.

Side effects

Rather often meeting by-effects: fatigue, fever, headache, grippopodobny syndrome, arthralgia, mialgiya, sleeplessness, irritability, rash, alopecia.

Intron And, application instruction (Way and dosage)

The way of administration of interferon, and dosage is defined by the attending physician depending on a disease and portability of drug of the patient. A standard dose of drug — 5 million ME (3-9 million ME) p / to every other day. To patients with widespread process the dose increases to 5 million ME daily. After selection of the scheme of treatment the patient can administer the drug p / to independently. The course of treatment the Intron And makes 3-4 months then it is necessary to carry out definition of RNA of HCV.

In the absence of positive dynamics (on the basis of data of virologic research) administration of drug is stopped.

For patients with normalization of ALT on the 16th week of treatment and 18-24 months which are well transferring drug, a course of treatment. Drug can be used as monotherapy, but to appoint more effective the Intron And in a combination with ribaviriny (at its portability).


Use of the Intron And in doses above therapeutic does not cause the expressed negative clinical symptomatology.


The intron And should be entered along with big care with the somnolent and sedative HP, opioid analgetics, drugs possessing myelosuppressive action (zidovudine). When using the Intron And with chemotherapeutic HP (cyclophosphamide, doxorubicine, Cytarabinum, tenipozid) the risk of development of toxic effects sharply increases.

Interferon exerts impact on the metabolic processes proceeding by oxidation that needs to be considered at co-administration with drugs which biotransformation passes by oxidation (Aminophyllinum and theophylline). At joint purpose of drug with hydroxurea the frequency of skin rash can increase.

The intron And pharmaceutical cannot be mixed with other solvents except chloride sodium solution (0,9%).

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

Not to freeze, store at a temperature from 2 ° up to 8 °C.

Period of validity

15 months.


Altevir, Gerpferon, Alfarona, Grippferon, recombinant Interferon alpha 2b, Realdiron, Layfferon, Realdiron for injections dry, Eberon an alpha of River.

About the Intron And

About Interferon A among patients in most cases positive: "… The diagnosis — hepatitis B. Carried out treatment by A. Effekt's Intron good, I hope that there will be no complications. At administration of drug body temperature increased. Therefore the doctor wrote out Panadolum which accepted directly after a prick. For the rest, all are normal".


  • Intron And solution for injections of 25 million ME 2,5ml No. 1 flakonschering-Plough
  • Intron And solution for injections of 18 million ME 3 of ml No. 1 flakonschering-Plough
  • Intron And solution for injections of 18 million ME 1,2ml No. 1 the syringe-ruchkaschering-Plough
  • Intron And solution for injections of 30 million ME 1,2ml No. 1 the syringe-ruchkaschering-Plough
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