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  • Latin name: Irunin
  • ATH code: J02AC02
  • Active ingredient: Itrakonazol (Itraconazole)
  • Producer: Veropharm (Russia)


  • Irunin is a part of 1 capsule of drug 100 mg of an itrakonazol. Additional components: methylparahydroxybenzoate, a sugar krupka, a gipromelloza, titanium dioxide, methacrylic acid in the form of copolymer, sucrose, propilparagidroksibenzoat, gelatin, dye yellow quinolinic.
  • Irunin is a part of 1 vaginal tablet 200 mg of an itrakonazol. Additional components: sodium lauryl sulfate, starch, lactose, talc, povidone, magnesium stearate.

Release form

Yellow capsules, inside spherical white pellets.

  • 5 pieces in a strip packaging — 2, 3 or 1 packaging in a cardboard pack.
  • 6 pieces in a strip packaging — 2, 3 or 1 packaging in a cardboard pack.
  • 7 pieces in a strip packaging — 2, 3 or 1 packaging in a cardboard pack.
  • 10 pieces in a strip packaging — 2, 3 or 1 packaging in a cardboard pack.
  • 14 pieces in a strip packaging — 2, 3 or 1 packaging in a cardboard pack.
  • 15 pieces in a strip packaging — 2, 3 or 1 packaging in a cardboard pack.
  • 5, 6, 7, 10, 14 or 15 pieces in a glass jar — 1 bank in a cardboard pack.

White vaginal tablets of a ring-shaped form.

  • 10 pieces in a strip packaging — 1 packaging in a cardboard pack.

Pharmacological action

Antifungal action.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics


Itrakonazol is derivative triazole, showing strong antifungal action. Blocks P450 cytochromdependent enzymes of cells of mushrooms that causes ergosterol biosynthesis suppression their walls. Has an extensive range of antifungal activity. Affects Sporothrix schenckii, Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, Blastomyces dermatitidis, Cryptococcus neoformans, Histoplasma capsulatum, Malassezia furfur, Coccidioides immitis, and also mushrooms of the sort Candida, Aspergillus, Microsporum, Epidermophyton, Trichophyton.


Medical concentration in tissues of skin remain for 15-30 days after end of a monthly course of therapy. Drug is defined nails in 7 days after the beginning of therapy and remains in them on half a year extent after end of a 3-month course of treatment.

At intra vaginal introduction local effective concentration of active ingredient is reached. System absorption is minimum.

Indications to use

Indications to use of capsules

  • mycoses of skin, eye, mucous mouth;
  • onychomycosis which activator is dermatophytes or yeast;
  • vulvovaginal candidiasis;
  • system mycoses (including a system sporotrichosis, candidiasis, an aspergillosis, histoplasmosis, a cryptococcosis, a zymonematosis, a paracoccidioidosis, and other seldom registered system mycoses).

Indications to use of vaginal tablets

  • vulvovaginal candidiasis.


Contraindications on capsules

Contraindications on vaginal tablets Irunin

  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Allergy on itrakonazol and other components of means.

Side effects

Possible side effects at reception of capsules

  • Reactions from bodies of blood circulation: congestive heart failure, peripheral hypostases, fluid lungs.
  • Reactions from nervous activity: headache, dizziness, peripheral neuropathy.
  • Reactions from digestion: lock, vomiting, nausea, cholestatic jaundice, hepatitis, abdominal pains, increase of content of enzymes of a liver.
  • Other reactions: hypopotassemia, hair loss, dysmenorrhea.
  • Allergic reactions: Quincke's disease, rash, small tortoiseshell, itch, Stephens-Johnson's syndrome.

Possible side effects when using vaginal tablets

When using vaginal tablets emergence of the following local symptoms is not excluded: an itch, rash on skin of generative organs, burning in a vagina. These phenomena do not demand the drug use termination.

Application instruction of Irunin (Way and dosage)

Capsules Irunin, application instruction

Medicine is taken orally. About 100 mg of times a day or on 200 mg to 2 times a day are usually appointed to accept. Duration of treatment depends on a type of the activator.

Vaginal tablets (candles) Irunin, application instruction

This dosage form is entered intravaginalno, just before a night dream, in horizontal position of a body at the legs bent in knees.

Duration of treatment makes usually 1-2 weeks. According to the recommendation of the doctor carrying out a recycle of treatment is allowed.


Overdose signs capsules are comparable to the dozozavisimy undesirable phenomena which are observed at reception of usual doses of Irunin. Overdose treatment: there is no specific antidote; within 1 hour after overdose it is necessary to execute a gastric lavage soda solution and to appoint enterosorbents. Itrakonazol is not brought at a hemodialysis.

Use of vaginal tablets in the raised doses usually does not cause in the patient of the reactions hazardous to health. As required accidental reception of tablets inside it is necessary to execute a gastric lavage and to appoint enterosorbents.


At combined use of capsules with the means reducing acidity of the environment of a stomach weakening of absorption of an itrakonazol is possible.

The means stimulating activity of enzymes of a liver are capable to reduce the maintenance of an itrakonazol in capsules in blood.

At joint reception of capsules with the drugs which are metabolized CYP3A isoenzyme (Terfenadin, Astemizol, Vincristinum, Tsizaprid, Midazolam, peroral forms of Triazolam, Cyclosporine, indirect anticoagulants, Digoxin, Quinidine, blockers of channels of calcium), strengthening action of intensity and duration of their effects is not excluded.

Terms of sale

According to the recipe.

Storage conditions

To store in the dry dark place at a temperature up to 26 degrees. To protect from children.

Period of validity

2 years.

Special instructions

Special instructions at reception of capsules

It is forbidden to apply the described medicine at persons with symptoms of ventricular dysfunction, congestive heart failure, liver diseases. In case of emergency at diseases of kidneys or cirrhosis treatment itrakonazoly is made, controlling its level in blood.

At the increased content of transaminases of a liver in blood drug is used only when advantage of use of drug above the expected risk of an aggravation of symptoms of a liver.

At use of capsules more than 1 month it is necessary to exercise regular control of work of function of a liver.

At emergence against therapy of symptoms of liver or heart failure, and also a peripheral neuropathy drug should be cancelled immediately.

Special instructions at reception of vaginal tablets

During treatment consults to abstain from sexual contacts.

For prevention of reinfection it is necessary to carry out at the same time therapy at both sexual partners, it is also obligatory to carry out rules of hygiene.

When developing an allergy treatment should be stopped immediately. Drug can be removed with washing of a vagina warm water.

If infection symptoms after treatment remain, then it is necessary to conduct additional microbiological research for specification of the diagnosis.

Irunin's analogs

Itrazol (capsules), Itrakonazol, Itramikol, Kanditral (capsules), Orungal (capsules, solution), Orungamin, Rumikoz (capsules), Teknazol, Zalain (candles), Vagiseptum (candles), Flukonazol, Livarol (candles), Mikosist (capsules, solution), Nizoral (tablets), Clotrimazolum (ointment, cream).

Irunin is rather inexpensive drug, the price of analogs is usually more expensive.


  • Irunin of 100 mg No. 14 kapsulyverofarm joint stock company
  • Irunin of 100 mg No. 10 kapsulyverofarm joint stock company
  • Irunin of 100 mg No. 6 kapsulyverofarm joint stock company
  • Irunin of 200 mg No. 10 of a tablet vaginalnyeverofarm joint stock company

Drugstore of IFC

  • Irunin kaps 100 mg No. 14, Veropharm / Voronezh branch (Voronezh) Russia
  • Irunin kaps 100 mg No. 10, Veropharm / Voronezh branch (Voronezh) Russia
  • Irunin kaps 100 mg No. 6, Veropharm / Voronezh branch (Voronezh) Russia
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