Use of medical force of an aspen and aloe

Popular wisdom claims that the person goes to bed or becomes the disabled person not because of any illness and because at him "nerves are very upset" and "smothering not as it should be". Therefore folk healers, first of all, carefully protecting the patient from sincere experiences, and nervous disorders, recommend means and medicinal herbs as necessary additions to correctly organized diet. Need of acceptance of medicines gives a temporary relief which is hardly worth rejoicing.

On life and health of the person the great influence is exerted by the nature because everything occurs under its laws. At treatment at it try to take and use only good influence, avoiding bad. At the same time bad influence strengthens an organism, improves its protective functions. Very important competently and skillfully to combine these impacts on a human body for strengthening of its health. In this regard many recipes of traditional medicine demand the thoughtful critical relation from positions of the modern person and consultation of the doctor necessary in some cases.

In old times folk healers widely used the medical force of an aspen.
• On it exorcized fever and teeth treated. For dental care it is necessary to cut out a triangle from tree bark, to rub with it till it bleeds gingivas and to put back on the place.
• If cramps legs, then advise to put to them an aspen log. From a headache – to put a log to the head.
• At a jaw disease, it is necessary to nestle on an aspen. In half an hour pain will not be.
• From olden days it is known − the oak fills with energy, and the aspen treats. At weakness it is necessary to embrace an oak, and at diseases − to nestle a sore point on an aspen.
The modern explanation of medicinal properties of an aspen is that high conductivity of its fibers provides alignment of an uneven biofield of the sick person.

Ambiguous impact on people is also made by an aspen, a poplar, a birch, a fir-tree. Therefore it is necessary to be careful in the choice of trees healers, some can make an adverse effect.
It is known of existence of energy balance between bioobjects. For example, the plantain and an aloe pump out energy of other flowers, and they perish, but in too time they can be useful at treatment of cuts and abscesses.

Использование лечебной силы осины и алоэTraditional medicine widely applies juice and leaves of an aloe to treatment of many diseases. At the same time the drugs from aloe leaves processed using methods of biogenic stimulation possess especially valuable properties at treatment of various diseases. For this purpose the separated leaves of an aloe maintain in the dark at a temperature + 6-8 degrees Celsius within 12-15 days. After that leaves produce the substances defined as biogenic stimulators. Getting to a human body, they stir up activity of cells of sick body. It allows to use them at various diseases.

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