Use of puerperal laying

At once after the birth of the kid each woman throughout a certain period constantly has bloody allocations called by lokhiya. It is natural process which provides gradual clarification of a uterus and its recovery after incubation and the birth of the kid. Often in the first days of allocation happen plentiful, later they practically differ in nothing from allocations at usual monthly. When the uterus is gradually recovered, lokhiya become not red, but light pink and scantier.

Features of use of puerperal laying

Such allocations continue for several weeks after the delivery and are natural normal process. For this period the woman has to stock up with the necessary number of special puerperal laying which is the most convenient hygienic means in this case. Still gathering in a maternity home, future mother needs to get puerperal laying for use them at once after appearance of the newborn. It is reasonable to take with itself two-three packs of puerperal laying as in the first days change of laying happens practically each several hours.

Puerperal laying extorts a large amount of liquid. At the same time the woman feels rather comfortably. They prevent manifestation of irritation. Unlike usual laying at puerperal the upper layer is made of special material which does not allow a surface of laying to stick to a seam, and does not allow reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms. Besides puerperal laying longer and soft that provides to just given rise woman additional comfort. They can be got in a drugstore.

Why it is impossible to use usual laying right after childbirth?

Doctors recommend to women to apply special puerperal laying intended for absorption of blood, the subsequent bloody allocations and amniotic waters in a puerperal period. Usual female laying which is used in days of periods are not suitable for use in a puerperal period.

Использование послеродовых прокладок Till today use instead of laying of diapers or cuts of other soft tissue practices in some maternity homes. Doctors explain similar "remnants" with the fact that usual laying categorically is not suitable for a recovery puerperal period. The matter is that materials of which they are done do not allow to circulate freely to air. Therefore, suitable conditions for active development of microorganisms are created. Besides, such laying is intended for less plentiful allocations.

One more important point consists that when using usual laying in the first days after the delivery it is difficult for doctor to estimate nature of allocations. And it is very important for definition of whether there is a process of recovery without pathologies and whether there are no problems.

In the first days after the delivery the doctor, as a rule, forbids the woman to wear shorts that air could circulate most freely. As alternative option, it is possible to use the special mesh linen intended for a puerperal period. With its help it is possible to press conveniently laying, and at the same time air will freely pass through setchasty fabric.

Specialists forbid to use after the delivery tampons. In the course of their introduction and the subsequent use to a uterus bacteria which easily infect the body which did not begin to live up to the end yet can get. As a result, in an organism infectious process can develop.

In the first days it is after the delivery important to care for regular commission of hygienic procedures. Young mother has to take a shower, at the same time washing generative organs outside, but not inside.

How often it is necessary to change puerperal laying?

Frequency from which the woman has to change puerperal laying, is defined individually. Some women in the first puerperal days change laying practically each hour. In several days after the delivery nature of allocations gradually changes, and one laying can already be used for three-four hours.

Changing laying, it is important to do it accurately not to break integrity of puerperal seams or not to touch a hematoma. And before laying change, and after all actions it is necessary to wash up surely hands to avoid infection. Change of laying is made depending on that, how strongly it became impregnated with allocations. It is the best of all to do it after each campaign in a toilet. It is impossible to allow drying of a surface of laying as it is fraught with traumatizing skin of a crotch. But anyway you should not apply one laying, at least, in the afternoon, longer, than 4 hours. It is necessary to delete laying by means of the movement in front back. It will prevent a possibility of hit in a vagina of microbes from an anus.

After the first week after the delivery the woman gradually passes to use not of puerperal, but usual laying. It is necessary to choose the good laying made of qualitative materials. But to buy too big "batch" of identical products doctors nevertheless do not advise. Every day the quantity of lokhiya decreases, and laying can be replaced with thinner gradually. Often by the end of the first month after the delivery it is already enough to woman to use ordinary panty liners.

Puerperal inserts in a bra

Использование послеродовых прокладок The feeding mothers should think also of acquisition of one-time laying in a bra which can be used with the linen intended for feeding of the kid. As a rule, such inserts in a bra are issued with a flypaper for their fastening to a bra cup. It is possible to buy such laying in all otela where goods for young mothers are on sale.

In the course of formation of a lactation the amount of milk in a breast of the feeding mother will gradually increase. In time between feedings of the child there is a dribble of milk which soils linen, clothes that as a result looks not esthetically. Besides such laying not only will help to keep clothes clean, but also will protect sensitive nipples from rubbing. There is also reusable laying inserts in a bra which need to be erased regularly. Also other kinds of such laying are used. For example, the inserts filled with absorbent very quickly will absorb excesses of milk. And inserts with special phyto-inserts also prevent development of a fungus, protect skin from an infection and well influence its general state. Such laying should be used as required depending on breastfeeding period duration.

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