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  • Latin name: Itrazole
  • ATH code: J02AC02
  • Active ingredient: Itrakonazol
  • Producer: VERTEXUM (Russia)


The operating component itrakonazol in number of 100 mg, and also auxiliary components is a part of capsules.

Release form

In the form of capsules.

Pharmacological action

Antifungal means.

Pharmacodynamics and pharmacokinetics

Itrazol — synthetic anti-mycotic drug for system use, possesses a wide antifungal action spectrum, is derivative triazole, active active ingredient is itrakonazol.

Itrakonazol inhibits ergosterol synthesis by a mushroom cell cytoplasmic membrane. It is effective concerning representatives of a sort of dermatophytes (Microsporum, Trichophyton, Epidermophyton floccosum), has a fungistasis against sort Candida fungi (including Candida glabrata, etc.), it is shown against mold mushrooms (Histoplasma, Cryptococcus neoformans, Aspergillus, Blastomyces dermatidis, Paracoccidioides braziliensis, Fonsecaea, Sporothrix schenckii, Cladosporium).

Bioavailability is high, Itrazol right after the main meal raises in case of drug use. The high concentration of Itrazol (exceeding concentration in a blood plasma) is observed in a liver, a musculoskeletal system, a spleen and a stomach.

Medicine possesses the maximum tropnost in relation to skin tissues, including nail plates and hair. It is effective at prolonged use, at defeat of a nail bed it makes sense to estimate effect after 6-9 months of therapy.

It is metabolized in a liver, metabolites of an itrakonazol also possess anti-mycotic activity.

Itrazol elimination half-life from a blood plasma — about one and a half days. The considerable part of drug is removed with urine, remained — with a stake. It is necessary to remember that Itrazol's part collects in skin and nail fabrics, and removal of substance from these fabrics is carried out much more slowly that allows to reach in them high concentration of an itrakonazol.

Indications to use

Itrazol is shown in dermatology in treatment of dermatomycoses, a fungal keratitis, onychomycosis that it is caused by mushrooms of a sort of dermatophytes or the sorts Candida.

The indication for Itrazol's appointment is system mycosis, candidiasis and a system aspergillosis. Also drug is effective in therapy of a cryptococcosis (including cryptococcal meningitis), histoplasmosis, a sporotrichosis, a paracoccidioidomycosis, a zymonematosis and other system or tropical mycoses.

Candidiases at which damage of mucous membranes (including vulvovaginal candidiasis) and integuments is observed will respond to treatment by Itrazol.

The chromophytosis and deep visceral candidiasis belong to other indications for Itrazol's appointment.


Itrazol children should not appoint if on that there are no vital indications. It is right also in relation to patients with heart failure of the third stage, at dysfunction of a parenchyma of a liver that is followed by the expressed insufficiency.

For treatment of pregnant women Itrazol it is possible to use only when the predicted advantage of therapy outweighs hypothetical risk of development of pathology and uglinesses of a fruit. The aforesaid is right also concerning Itrazol's use when breastfeeding.

Side effects

Digestive tract: morbidity in the field of an epigastrium, nausea, disturbances in work of intestines can take place that will be shown by a lock or diarrhea.

Nervous system: headaches, cerebellar or vestibular symptomatology, dizziness, sonitus. Disturbances from the visual analyzer are in rare instances possible, dacryagogue.

Allergic manifestations from skin: rash, hyperemia of integuments, urticaria, itch and burning. In extremely hard cases the polymorphic exudative erythema and even a necrosis of separate sites of integuments develops.

Baldness, dysmenorrhea, disturbance of a menstrual cycle, development of heart failure with developments of stagnation on a small circle of blood circulation belong to rare complications of therapy by Itrazol.

Damage of a liver is possible, up to toxic hepatitis with accession of symptoms of a liver failure (a hyperbilirubinemia, growth of activity of transaminases).

Application instruction of Itrazol (Way and dosage)

For the best absorption drug Itrazol (in the form of capsules, containing 100 milligrams of drug) needs to be accepted after food. Capsules are recommended to be swallowed entirely.

Depending on the nature of a disease use of the following schemes is possible: for treatment of an onychomycosis pulse therapy is used so-called: it consists in Itrazol's reception daily on two capsules twice a day for one week.

In treatment of fungal infections of nails of brushes and feet there are some distinctions. So, for treatment of nails of hands recommend two courses pulse therapy, and for treatment of mycoses of nails of legs it is necessary to increase quantity of courses to three. The interval between courses when Itrazol is not accepted, is equal to three weeks.

Clinical results and efficiency should be estimated only upon completion of a full course of therapy that makes about four weeks at treatment of a fungal infection of integuments, and about ten weeks at treatment of onychomycoses.

According to the application instruction of Itrazol, except pulse therapy it is possible to use also the scheme of continuous therapy: in this case accept in day once capsules in a dose of 200 milligrams for three months.


Overdose is almost impossible, but at emergence of the expressed side reactions it is necessary to make a gastric lavage then to appoint enterosorbents. There is no specific antidote.


Itrazol exerts impact on a metabolism of medicines which in an organism are metabolized in a liver with P450 cytochrome participation. It belongs to a terfenadin, an astemizol, a tsizaprid, midazolam, Methylprednisolonum, a triazolam, indirect anticoagulants, quinidine, a takrolimus, Vincristinum and cyclosporine.

As for a metabolism of the itrakonazol, those drugs which suppress activity of P450 cytochrome (ritonavir, klaritromitsin, indinavir) increase Itrazol's bioavailability. The converse effect is rendered by rifampicin, an isoniazid and Phenytoinum — they increase activity of a microsomal oxidation, accelerating thereby destruction of an itrakonazol in a liver.

Drugs which are used widely in treatment of gastritis and a peptic ulcer (antacids, holinoblokator, blockers of a hydrogen pomp, blockers of histamine receptors) slow down absorption of an itrakonazol, and therefore you should not accept Itrazol if the above-named drugs are accepted less than two hours ago.

In combination with tsizapridy Itrazol increases toxicity of the last, there is a risk of ventricular arrhythmias.

Terms of sale

The recipe is required.

Storage conditions

In the place, dark, unavailable to children, at a temperature no more than 25 degrees Celsius.

Period of validity

No more than three years.

Special instructions

Increase in a dosage is required from patients with shift in immune system (AIDS, an organ transplantation in recent times, change of morphological composition of blood).

In the presence at the patient of cirrhosis or insufficiency of function of kidneys Itrazol appoint under a constant control of concentration of an itrakonazol in plasma, and only in that case when the predicted effect of therapy is higher, than risk of possible damage of a liver.

If treatment tactics at which drug is appointed longer than one month is chosen, it is necessary to control systematically activity of enzymes of a liver and to check other laboratory indicators of a condition of body (level of a direct and indirect bilirubin, the maintenance of blood-coagulation factors, amounts of protein in a blood plasma).

At emergence or progressing of signs of disturbance of work of a liver Itrazol it is necessary to cancel.

At emergence of a neuropathy (disturbance of a peripheral nervous system) also we stop treatment.

Itrazol's analogs

Analogs it is possible to call drugs: Izol, Ikonazol, Itrakon, Itrakonazol, Itral, Itrasin, Itrungar, Metriks, Mikokur, Mikostop, Orungal, Orunzol, Sporagal, Sporaksol, Trioksal, Funit, Eszol.


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