To get rid of extensions after the delivery

Practically every second woman who became a mother, notes emergence on a body, in particular, on a breast and a stomach, noticeable extensions. Very often they are shown on skin of young mother after the birth of the kid. Some women after pregnancy have many extensions, still the part of ladies can find several striya in different places. But only rare women can avoid such defect completely. Therefore in several weeks after return home from a maternity home many women begin to worry about how to clean extensions after the delivery seriously. There is nothing surprising in what methods of elimination of this problem exists much. But in this case it is important to choose that means which will be really effective.

What is extensions?

After the delivery or even during incubation of the kid on integuments of the woman hems of connecting fabric which form on that place where there was a rupture of skin earlier are shown. On site such hem fabrics will atrophy, and there is a disturbance of synthesis of elastin and collagen. Quite so there are extensions on skin which also call striya.

Just arisen extensions have a purple or reddish shade, however after some time of a striya become lighter. On a little sunbathed skin they are noticeable less, but if suntan becomes more intensive, then extensions are allocated on its background. The matter is that in the formed connecting fabric there are no pigments, and she does not sunbathe in general. Therefore long stay under sunshine is not recommended to ladies with extensions.

Most often formation of extensions happens on a surface of hips, and, both external, and internal, and also on a stomach, buttocks and a breast. However, extensions at women appear not only during pregnancy, but also in other time when sharp decrease or increase of weight is noted. During pregnancy in most cases extensions on skin begin to appear approximately on the fifth month of incubation of a fruit as at this particular time the stomach intensively increases in sizes.

Why there are extensions on skin?

Избавиться от растяжек после родовIn view of the fact that emergence of striya is directly connected with fluctuations of weight, most of women is sure that extensions are a result of extension of skin. But actually formation of extensions is an effect of availability of the damaged fibers of collagen and elastin which are responsible for support and structuring skin. At the same time those cells which make such fibers collapse. As a result, their resuming is impossible. Taking into account such changes formation of extensions is influenced also by excess weight.

But nevertheless the most powerful factor influencing manifestation on skin of extensions cortisol by right is considered. This hormone is produced by bark of adrenal glands. Under its influence collagen will atrophy and becomes very brittle. During pregnancy owing to serious hormonal fluctuations cortisone level considerably increases in an organism.

Extensions on skin of the given rise woman are exclusively esthetic problem. But nevertheless very often existence of such hems on different parts of a body considerably influence quality of life of the young woman. Lowering of a self-assessment against other puerperal difficulties can aggravate the general condition of young mother. Each woman has to understand that full removal of extensions after the delivery is impossible. However there is a set of the methods helping to improve as much as possible a condition of skin and to make striya hardly visible.

How to prevent emergence of extensions

In certain cases the risk of emergence of extensions in pregnant women and at young mothers increases owing to existence of some accessory factors. So, striya very often appear at those pregnant women who were not 18 years old yet, at women who during incubation of the kid gained more than the weight, than it is provided by the existing norms, and also at serious hormonal violations.

Of course, nothing is terrible that in some places extensions were after the delivery formed no. But nevertheless it is desirable for each future mother to remember well that truth that it is much simpler to prevent emergence of extensions on skin, than then, after the delivery, to waste many efforts and funds for improving a situation.

Therefore it is worth following some simple advice even during incubation of the child. And, to begin to work it is necessary practically from that day when the woman learns joyful news about origin of the new person. Then to the fourth - fifth to month of pregnancy skin will be already rather prepared, and the risk of emergence of striya considerably will decrease, and integuments will become much more elastic. The pregnant woman very accurately has to trace a body weight that is extremely important for the last months of incubation of the kid.

During intensive increase in a stomach it is possible to carry special linen with the dragging-away effect, and also a bandage. Thus, the increased breast and a stomach will be supported. Very good procedure which not only prevents formation of extensions but also considerably tempers an organism in general, the alternating douche is considered. After it the body needs to be pounded a terry towel. The breast can be wiped periodically with segments of a lemon and cubes of ice.

Избавиться от растяжек после родовIt is also regularly recommended to grease skin of a stomach, a breast, hips and buttocks with olive oil. It is desirable to do this procedure every day. Instead of olive oil it is possible to use special mix of natural oils which prevents emergence of striya. It can be got in a drugstore.

By the way, during pregnancy it is admissible to use also some creams from extensions. But it is important that they contained only natural components and were allowed for use to future mothers.

It is possible to do also every day a small session of massage, pounding skin and pinching from time to time it a little. The pregnant woman should not forget also about healthy nutrition: if future mother does not begin to observe moderation in food, then extra kilos will lead to emergence of hems on skin permanently later.

If pregnancy proceeds normally, the woman can periodically take a bath to which it is necessary to add one tablespoon of coniferous extract. It is very important that water in a bathroom was not warmer, than 38 degrees. Such procedure should not last more than fifteen minutes.

One more option of a bathtub, effective for increase of elasticity of skin – a bathtub with starch. For this purpose in three liters of water it is necessary to dissolve 350 g of starch and to pour out this mix in a bathtub.

To avoid emergence of extensions on a breast, it is possible to do time in several days contrast compresses on a breast. For a compress one teaspoon of salt needs to be dissolved in hot water, and one teaspoon of juice of a lemon — in cold. At first the terry towel is moistened in hot water and, having wrung out, put to a breast for half-minute. After that it is similarly necessary to arrive with cold water. The compress alternates five times, it is necessary to finish with cold.

Not less important during pregnancy of a message active life and to walk as much as possible on air.

Methods for reduction and elimination of extensions

Избавиться от растяжек после родовWomen who are seriously anxious with a question of how to get rid of extensions after the delivery often try to apply the most different techniques. For receiving the most noticeable effect specialists advise to use in a complex several methods. At the same time all procedures need to be carried out regularly and for many months. For external use it is important to pick up the means stimulating a producing collagen and elastin.

To begin treatment of puerperal extensions doctors advise on the expiration, at least, three months after the child's birth. When breastfeeding the kid some efficient procedures are contraindicated, and usual house methods help to get rid of extensions not always.

Before choosing a suitable technique, it is necessary to consult surely with the doctor who will prompt what method will become the most fruitful.

It is enough to win efficiently against striya massage is. However this method will be effective only if extensions still absolutely fresh. In this case use and usual, manual, and vacuum massage practices. Use of manual massage assumes the help of the specialist. About 20 sessions of such massage are held. It helps to improve considerably a lymphatic drainage, to stimulate a blood stream, to clean hypostases and to considerably improve a condition of skin in general. Besides correctly carried out massage helps the woman to get rid of fatty deposits which collected in nine months. More effective in this relation vacuum massage which can help to break even rather large adiposities is considered. As a rule, the woman no more than ten sessions of such massage are appointed. After it considerable activation of a blood-groove is noted. As a result, cells are updated, and striya on skin become much less noticeable.

Also wrappings by seaweed will be applied to fight against extensions. After them there is a skin mineralization, it is considerably humidified, and weight is lost. As a result skin becomes more smooth and elastic, besides the woman grows thin.

Carrying out microdermabrasion is a process of polishing of skin owing to which extensions at first become to exchange noticeable and deep, and then almost completely disappear. Polishing is carried out by drawing on integuments of fine abrasive particles then pressure and vacuum suction of the died-off cells is put. After such procedure there is an active growth of new cells. By the way, carrying out such procedure is allowed to women who nurse the kid.

Sometimes extensions which appeared even at pregnancy it is necessary to delete with a surgical method. However, the abdominoplastika is very painful method, with extensions also skin is removed. Therefore this method is used if it is about inveterate extensions.

Use of laser therapy for disposal of extensions often practices in clinics. It is applied only in half a year after the delivery. By means of the laser beam getting into a skin blanket there is an evaporation of cells. As a result, skin is updated, and extensions become imperceptible.

Procedure which is called a mesotherapy, assumes work of subcutaneous injections in the struck zones. As a result there is a stimulation of a cellular exchange and blood-groove. Thus, the structure of skin is gradually recovered.

Carrying out ozonotherapy positively influences process of recovery of microcirculation and improves integuments. Also in certain cases specialists recommend carrying out a peeling different types of acids for reduction of extensions.

Disposal of extensions in house conditions

Избавиться от растяжек после родовAll procedures described above are carried out only in specialized clinics. However with just appeared striya it is possible to try to fight also in house conditions. A certain gel or cream from extensions after the delivery is for this purpose applied. Such means should be used every day.

By the way, the alternating douche will not be superfluous and in a puerperal period. Positively the tone of skin is influenced also by swimming, bathing. Several times a week it is possible to take a bath with various grass broths. Also the bathtub can be added a little sea salt to tonic skin.

One more method for use in house conditions – an aromatherapy. He assumes use of means against extensions from natural oils. Mix prepares on the basis of equal parts – on 50 ml of oil of avocado and oil jojoba. It is necessary to add ten drops of essential oils of tangerine, a jasmine, not roles to this mix, rosemary and twenty drops of oil of a lavender. Means has to be drawn within a day in the dark place then it needs to be rubbed evenly in skin where there are extensions. Such means also is suitable for use in the course of massage of problem places.

One more "house" option of removal of extensions after the delivery – use of a mummy. One or two tablets of this means need to be parted in that portion of cream from extensions which should be used for once. After carrying out an alternating douche means is rubbed in skin before going to bed. One more option – to prepare means for rubbing in in skin from 4 grams of a mummy, one teaspoon of water and one tube of children's cream. It is important to store such cream in the refrigerator and it is obligatory to rub to places with extensions every day.

And during acceptance of a shower for toning which coffee srub will approach. A little ground coffee it is necessary to mix with liquid soap or shower gel and to carefully mass skin. Such massage has to continue not less than ten minutes. By the way, coffee will help to win against cellulitis also.

Thus, fight against extensions on condition of the correct approach to its carrying out, can conceive positive result. However if do not cause the woman of a striya esthetic problems, and she can fall in love with the body even in not absolutely perfect condition, then it is quite possible that to make so serious efforts and is not required. – to feel the main thing harmoniously and surely.

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