The Finnish scientists are close to treatment of leukemia and a carcinoma cutaneum

Europe is very productive in the field of treatment of cancer diseases. Quite recently the new diagnostic method of cancer by means of a sound was invented. Now the group of the Finnish scientists of the Helsinki University of Aalto during experiments learned to start the mechanism on activation of the peptides capable to destroy cancer cells. It became a result of long-term work of researchers on opportunities of cytoxynew peptides.

Cytoxynew peptides, small chains of amino acids which main feature is their opportunity to be implemented into the lipidic membranes surrounding sick cells and to kill them. Now scientists had an opportunity to regulate this process, doing so that at death of cancer cells, healthy cells were not injured at all.

The technology of activation of peptides opened by the Finnish scientists can help with treatment of such hardest diseases as leukemia and a carcinoma cutaneum and some an infection, caused by bacteria and not giving in to treatment by modern drugs. Thanks to scientists from Aalto's University the list of incurable and diseases hard to cure can be reduced considerably.

Already now the received results allow to hope that therapy of cancer diseases will become more effective, at the same time with the minimum quantity of side effects in the near future. In the next years tests of a technique will be carried out, drugs have to be available for sale in 10 flyings.

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