Urine discoloration

Color of urine of the person not always remains usual: it depends on several factors influencing a human body.

What color of urine is?

Normal options of shades of urine of the person can be different. The healthy person can have both a pale, and yellow bright color of urine. The shade depends on quantity in urochrome urine, that is a pigment on which depends, how concentrated will be urine. This pigment is developed at disintegration of that hemoglobin which bears oxygen in erythrocytes.

Color depends also on age: the child urine lighter, at the adult has more saturated color of urine. At babies urine of light yellow color is emitted, and at the newborn child urine is almost colourless liquid.

What color of urine at the person, depends also on activity of a metabolism, and also on that how many liquids are removed by an organism. If the person drinks a lot of liquid, color of urine will be transparent. Therefore, than more concentrated urine, especially the color saturated at it. If the organism is dehydrated very strongly, urine can have color of amber.

Why color of urine changes?

Thus, healthy color of urine can vary. Discolorations of urine of the healthy person, as a rule, temporarily, it is also shown owing to the use of drugs, some food stuffs or dyes. If there are suspicions on development of morbid condition, about what normal color of urine at the adult, it is necessary to ask the doctor. Serious discolorations of urine can demonstrate development of infectious diseases and other heavy illnesses. However the person is capable to define what color healthy urine, comparing all changes to a usual shade of urine.

At urinogenital infections except urine discoloration the person can have also other symptoms though quite often such diseases pass without other signs. However at an infection of uric ways also constant desires to an urination, an abdominal pain, burning in the course of an urination, a fever, fever, weakness can be noted. Urine can have not only the changed color, but also a pungent smell.

It is necessary to pay attention to those discolorations of urine which are noticeable with the naked eye.

Красноватый цвет мочиReddish color of urine at men and at women not always testifies to serious problems with health. Red color of urine is generally connected with presence of erythrocytes at it. As a rule, such bleeding quickly disappears therefore urine of red color is only a temporary phenomenon. However if reddish color appears constantly, then this symptom testifies to a serious illness. In medicine reddish urine which appears owing to hit in it of blood is called a hamaturia. This symptom can accompany prostate diseases at men, emergence of stones in kidneys or in a bladder, oncological diseases of bodies of urinogenital system.

It is necessary to consider that reddish color of urine is often connected also with that food which was eaten by the person. Beet, blackberry, rhubarb dishes can paint urine in a pink shade. Urine reddens also under the influence of a number of toxins, in a particular, owing to poisoning with mercury, lead.

Sometimes urine is painted in orange color. Often women seriously worry why orange color of urine at pregnancy is shown from time to time. Actually this symptom is often caused by the most usual reasons. This shade can be shown after the use of some products, food additives. It, first of all, carrots dishes which contain a large amount of carotene. Urine of orange color is observed at those who accept more amount of vitamin C. Why bright orange color urine appears at the person during treatment of some diseases, explains reception of some medicines by it. These are separate antibiotics, warfarin, fenazopiridin, etc. It should be noted that orange color of urine can also testify to organism dehydration as in this case urine becomes more concentrated.

If at the woman at pregnancy color of urine changed, then can explain it both the physiological reasons, and development of some pathologies. Urine discoloration at pregnancy occurs if on early durations of gestation future mother suffers from severe toxicosis owing to what organism dehydration is noted. Also the urine discoloration reasons at pregnant women are often connected with feeding habits of the drinking regime of future mother. But if the woman has the slightest suspicions that discolorations of urine are connected with diseases, she needs to consult with the doctor who will appoint the necessary laboratory researches at once.

Странные изменения в цвете мочиIf at the person blue and green color of urine is marked, then such manifestations can be also connected with reception of medicines and some products. For example, greenish color of urine appears after the use of an asparagus. Blue and flavovirent color of urine appears after treatment by drugs urised, amitriptyline, Tagametum, a metindol, also after reception of some multivitamin complexes.

In rare instances urine of blue color is observed at children who suffer from a family hypercalcemia. It is an illness of hereditary character at which in blood calcium level is increased.

Dark color of urine with a smell at men and women arises as against the use of some products (bean, a rhubarb), and owing to reception of a number of medicines. Urine of dark brown color or dark orange color appears after reception of antimalarial drugs, after treatment by some means used for elimination of urinogenital infections and also after administration of drugs which contain to hay, Kaskar and Metoclopramidum.

That urine darkening means, it is necessary to understand surely and if the person suffers from liver illnesses. Darkening of urine is shown at cirrhosis, hepatitis. Urine can get also dark brown shade at an acute glomerulonephritis when kidneys do not delete slags and excesses of liquid in sufficient volume.

Future mothers cannot ignore this symptom. If urine finds brown or dark red color at pregnancy, it is necessary to see a doctor as the speech can go about bleeding surely.

Анализ мочи в лабораторииBesides, brown color of urine at pregnancy sometimes demonstrates disturbances of work of a liver or kidneys. Also urine of red-brown color can be a symptom of infectious diseases. To establish the diagnosis and to precisely define why urine of brown color at the women expecting the child allows carrying out analyses. It is necessary to understand that uncharacteristic color of urine at pregnancy can be both a symptom of an illness, and absolutely normal physiological phenomenon. Therefore it is better for future mother to tell about the supervision and suspicions to the doctor always.

Also why muddy color of urine is found under certain circumstances can sometimes disturb the person. Urine of muddy white color can be a symptom of infectious diseases of uric ways. If there is a fatty regeneration of a kidney, in urine pus, fats appears. As a result, urine becomes a whitish shade.

If transparency of urine muddy, and at the same time in it is slime impurity, then the speech can go about development of diseases of kidneys, a bladder, urinary tract. Sometimes transparency of urine incomplete takes place when progressing cystitis at the woman or prostatitis at the man. Also weak and muddy urine at the woman can come out after sexual intercourse if all rules of personal hygiene were not followed.

It should be noted that in certain cases opacification of urine is possible at a health normality, for example, after visit of a sauna, in very hot weather, at the excessive use of proteinaceous products. If to eliminate influence these factors, then gradually the state is normalized and transparency full is noted. If the person sees a doctor with this symptom, and afterwards it is found out that the analysis of urine on transparency normal, so was talked of opacification under the influence of physiological factors.

Sometimes brown color of urine appears at men of advanced age. If such phenomenon is noted regularly, it is necessary to consult with the urologist as often urine of brown color at men demonstrates development of adenoma of a prostate.

How to normalize color of urine?

Нормальный цвет мочиAt suspicion on the fact that discoloration of urine is pathological it is necessary to address the specialist who is engaged in treatment of pathologies of uric ways. On reception at the doctor it is important to tell in detail it about those drugs which were applied recently, about feeding habits, and also to answer in detail other questions of the specialist.

The doctor conducts physical examination, appoints carrying out laboratory analyses of urine and other researches depending on features of manifestation of a symptom.

If disturbance of color of urine takes place, then the reason of such phenomenon initially is defined, and the scheme of treatment of a basic disease is appointed only after that.

It is also important to pay attention to some features of way of life. It is undesirable to allow organism dehydration. If urine gains dark color, it is important to fill the lost liquid, having corrected the drinking mode. It is necessary to prevent development of the diseases causing manifestation of this symptom. In particular, the sufficient use of liquid, a regular urination after emergence of the first desires, the correct hygiene of generative organs will help to prevent development of an infection of uric ways. To prevent emergence of stones in kidneys, it is important to limit quantity of proteinaceous food, salt in a diet.

Besides, as methods of prevention it is necessary to call refusal of smoking, protection against influence of toxic chemicals, healthy and active life.

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