Discoloration of nails

Ideally nails of the person have to have equal length, be coordinated accurately with a shape of fingers and to look healthy and natural. If they change color, then it is about the phenomenon which is called a dyschromia of nails (chromonichia).

How color changes?

At a health normality nails are painted evenly, they have a pinkish shade without changes and defects. About the basis there can be lighter coloring as the rostkovy zone exactly there is located. Sometimes under the influence of certain factors there is discoloration. For example, on cold nails can turn blue or white a little. However they quickly find a normal shade in the warm room.

If healthy color of nails changed, then in that case it is necessary to see a doctor and to pass necessary researches.

Discoloration of nails on hands is also called a chromonichia. Discoloration of nails standing and hands can be shown differently. Color of nail plates can become under the influence of certain reasons white, yellow, green, bluish, red, brown.

The chromonichia at which nail plates are painted in white color is called a leukonychia. Allocate the true and seeming leukonychia. The true leukonychia develops owing to nail matrix dysfunction. The seeming leukonychia displays a condition of a microcirculator bed.

As a rule, whitish coloring of a plate happens owing to a lack of erythrocytes and hemoglobin. Such state arises if the person has anemia. Also pale nails often are a symptom of diseases of a spleen, liver, kidneys. Sometimes this evidence of development of leukoses, other oncological diseases.

If the nail gets white, almost milk shade, then probable causes of such phenomenon is a damage of adrenal glands, development of the Adissonovy illness or progressing of cirrhosis, a nephrotic syndrome, serious poisonings, depressed cases.

Nails can turn white owing to disbolism and inadequate diet of food. The matter is that the healthy look at them remains only if the person in an organism has no vitamin deficiency and minerals, important for health.

Изменение цвета ногтей на рукахThe chromonichia at which there is a coloring in yellow color most often is explained by an onychomycosis. However yellow color of nails on hands when all nail plate is painted, can be connected with different internal and exogenous causes. Yellow color of nails standing and hands is shown at jaundice of any etiology. Also yellowing can be noted at a yellow disease, and also at treatment by some medicines. If yellow coloring is combined with a thickening, then at the patient the chronic lymphostasis, an erythrosis can develop.

Sometimes normal color of nails changes over time and gets a yellow shade if throughout the long period the woman uses a decorative varnish.

If nail plates get a reddish shade, then the reasons of such phenomenon can be connected with the general overfatigue, strong weakness of fatigue. If coral color of nails is marked, then it is possible to speak about high content in a human body of fatty acids, cholesterol. Sometimes nails of coral color is a result of stagnation of blood in capillaries. Such shade of a plate demonstrates that at its owner overloads in cardiac performance, kidneys, vessels are noted. Reddish color appears at fevers, diseases of a liver and gall bladder. However it is impossible to judge by outward or by a photo about the reason of such phenomenon, of course. It is important to pass all researches and to establish the reason of this symptom.

Dyschromia of nails at which dark red is not only a nail but also small pillows of fingers redden, says that the person systematically smokes hashish, marijuana or accepts hallucinogens and some medicines. Sometimes red nail plates become at an erythremia (pachemia). At such state the quantity of erythrocytes exceeds quantity of a blood plasma.

The dark brown shade is a consequence of the serious illness connected with long fevers and heavy stagnation in vessels. Such shade can arise under the influence of fungus diseases, when using some outside drugs. Brown plates often happen at malicious smokers.

Нормальный цвет ногтейThe dyschromia of nails which is shown green coloring with a yellowish shade arises at long purulent processes in a human body. Sometimes it is abscesses, often such symptom demonstrates development of tonsillitis, sinusitis, etc. To such signs the hyponychial hematoma which is found at bacterial processes in the patient's organism can be shown.

Blue color of nails is connected with strong frost penetration, and also with some pathological processes in an organism. So, bluish coloring appears at heart failure, at malformations of lungs or hearts which have inborn character.

The bluish shade can also testify to venous stagnation in capillaries and a hypoxia of fabrics. If to the person anesthesia before surgical intervention is carried out, then this sign allows to trace a condition of the patient. If the nail posineniye at its basis is noted, then the speech can go about the beginning of development of a diabetes mellitus.

Violet color of nails is caused by bad microcirculation in this zone that leads to food shortage by oxygen. The violet shade of a plate can be the evidence of development of an infectious illness of lungs. Bluish-violet outflow is noted at those people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases.

If nails get a dirty-gray shade, then this sign in certain cases speaks about existence of the inborn or acquired syphilis. Spots of black-gray color appear at poisoning with mercury, in particular, if this metal collects in an organism. Completely gray color of a nail plate – a symptom of malaria. Blackening is a result of development of a hyponychial hematoma which is a consequence of injuries, the grown nail. Also this sign is sometimes noted at people with an artherothrombosis, and also at the beginning of progressing of gangrene.

Why color changes?

Желтый цвет ногтей на ногахThus, the changed color, and also a form can demonstrate as development of diseases of nails and integuments, and about the general diseases of an organism. As the medical statistics tells, approximately in half of cases the changed shade or a form of a nail plate demonstrates development of a fungal infection.

Color changes at atopic dermatitis, red flat herpes, a dermatosis, psoriasis, jaundice, a hyponychial hematoma, etc. This symptom is shown at a number of chronic diseases. Therefore doctors at suspicion on an illness of kidneys, a liver, a gall bladder, heart always examine the patient's hands.

Influence a state and, in particular, color of nails, external factors – continuous use of a varnish, an injury when carrying out manicure, smoking, reception of some medicines (in particular antibiotics).

How to return normal color?

At the first signs of change of a shade of a nail plate it is necessary to address the specialist dermatologist. If necessary consultation at doctors of other specializations is held.

If discoloration of nails is connected with a certain disease, then it is necessary to establish precisely the reason then to carry out complex treatment directly of that illness which led to discoloration.

If yellowing of a surface appeared owing to use of a varnish and other means, it is possible to try to get rid of it and in house conditions. It is desirable not to use cosmetics for hands of doubtful quality, not to use a decorative varnish constantly. Cosmetologists recommend to carry a varnish covering no more than 5 days, and then to do a break at least for one days, keeping nails completely pure. At this time it is possible to do special masks for hands, using for this purpose essential oils, creams, other means for strengthening of nails. It is possible to get rid of a yellowish shade by means of wiping by lemon juice, trays with addition of sea salt. Some effective procedures are carried out in beauty shops.

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