Heartburn is a symptom which is often shown at the people having various diseases of a gastrointestinal tract.

How heartburn is shown?

Heartburn is shown at the person as feeling of strong burning in a gullet behind a breast. This feeling often happens so painful that the question of how to cure heartburn forever, is incredibly actual for the patient. Nevertheless, whether it is possible to cure heartburn, it turns out to define only after careful research. As a rule, heartburn develops at people who suffer from a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice. After meal heartburn develops approximately in half an hour owing to hit of acid contents of a stomach back in a gullet. Heartburn can sometimes develop and on an empty stomach. Emergence of heartburn in people with reduced secretion of a gastric juice is also possible. If this feeling is regular, then initially the patient eats to help himself folk remedies, being actively interested, than it is possible to cure this symptom.

The feeling of heartburn at the person is followed by other symptoms. Often it happens that the person is disturbed by nausea, an eructation and heartburn after food. At the same time frequent heartburn is followed by bitterish or sourish smack in a mouth. Why after food heartburn is published at the person more often in the lying provision, explains a structure of the alimentary system. In horizontal position acid contents of a stomach get into a gullet quicker, as promote development of heartburn. If heartburn in an hour after food or earlier develops from time to time, it is possible to try to get rid of this symptom independently.

But if the person is constantly tormented by heartburn, and this state is for it heavy, is followed by chronic cough, feeling of fatigue, weakness, appetite loss, then it is impossible to hesitate with the address to the specialist. Why there is heartburn in each case and how to get rid of this state, will help to define carrying out a number of analyses and researches. At severe heartburn which is followed by bloody stools vomiting with blood, a stethalgia it is necessary to see a doctor urgently.

If the person was tortured by constant heartburn in a throat, then it is necessary to look for the reasons in above the described diseases and the phenomena. Sometimes owing to severe heartburn in a gullet there is a burning in a throat and feeling that there is a lump in a throat complicating swallowing process. After a heartburn attack sometimes throughout some time the throat hurts.

Why there is heartburn?

Причины изжогиTo answer a question why constant heartburn disturbs the person, it is possible only after more careful definition of its problems with health. As a rule, the constant eructation and heartburn is the main symptom of a gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is very widespread illness which is a consequence of damage mucous a gullet gastric acid. If the person is healthy, then in a gullet the alkaline environment prevails, as allows to be protected from acid from a stomach. It is reached by means of an esophageal sphincter, that is the muscle squeezing the place of transition of a gullet to a stomach. If the sphincter is underdeveloped, contents of a stomach are thrown back, and the person is constantly tormented by heartburn. By the way, the sphincter is underdeveloped at babies. For this reason parents often should think of what to do that the child did not belch. Also the gullet is protected by a diaphragm which covers the place of transition of a gullet to a stomach and promotes deduction of acid in a stomach.

Why there is heartburn at healthy people? As well as at patients with disturbances of activity of a gastrointestinal tract, this symptom appears owing to a stomach contents pelting in a gullet. Nevertheless, if heartburn is shown periodically, then it is not a symptom of a gastroesophageal reflux disease yet. But if it occurs often, then in a gullet there can be erosion which without the correct treatment pass afterwards into a peptic ulcer of a gullet.

Thus, answering a question of why there is heartburn, it is necessary to consider a number of factors. Defining the reasons of this symptom, it is necessary to define from what products the feeling of heartburn at what acidity at the person it occurs at what diseases there is this symptom develops. Why heartburn develops almost every day and what is heartburn from the point of view of features of its manifestation, the patient can learn on reception from the doctor.

Heartburn develops at the person owing to insolvency of an esophageal sphincter. He can relax owing to stresses, at reception of a number of medicines. Hernia of an esophageal opening of a diaphragm can provoke this symptom also. In this state the part of a stomach is stuck out through an opening in a diaphragm. As a result, the gastric juice is thrown in a gullet. At disturbance of motive functions of a stomach periodic emergence of heartburn can be one of symptoms of a disease.

The heartburn reasons at night, after acceptance of food or exercise stresses sometimes consist in development in the person of chronic gastritis with hypersecretion of a gastric juice. In this case the direct reason of heartburn after food are the use of too greasy food, and also the fried, hot, smoked dishes. After food not only the eructation and heartburn, but also pains in upper part of a stomach in that case appears.

Often the reasons of constant heartburn are defined by development in the patient of stomach ulcer and a duodenum. In this case emergence of an ulcer on a mucous membrane of a stomach leads to disturbance of reduction of a stomach, increase in it of pressure and, as a result, active throwing in a contents gullet from a stomach. In this regard the expressed symptoms of heartburn of a stomach and gullet are shown.

Неправильное питание - главная причина изжогиAt an akhiliya and an achlorhydria in a gastric juice there is no pepsin and hydrochloric acid. Therefore, origins of heartburn is a pelting in a gullet of lactic and butyric acid which appears owing to fermentation in a stomach of its contents.

If to the person the part of a duodenum and stomach was removed with an operational way, then bile and digestive juice gets into a gullet, as conducts to heartburn.

At the people who do not have chronic illnesses of a gastrointestinal tract, heartburn very often is result of improper feeding, an overeating. Most often the feeling of heartburn arises after the use in food of sweet, fresh fancy bread, black bread, alcohol, coffee, acid fruit, etc. It should be noted also the fact that the healthy nutrition at heartburn and gastritis can improve considerably health of the person and relieve it of often shown heartburn. What diet at heartburn and gastritis is most optimum, the attending physician will individually consult.

It is always necessary to remember and that the burning sensation in a breast can not always be a heartburn consequence. In certain cases this symptom is the evidence of development in an organism of diseases of cardiovascular system — stenocardia, arterial hypertension.

When raising heavy objects heartburn can sharply be shown even at the healthy person. The matter is that in that case intra belly pressure suddenly increases, and gastric contents in a large number get into a gullet.

Heartburn at women very often the first time develops in months of pregnancy. Why there is heartburn at pregnant women, explain, first of all, those big changes which actively occur in an organism of future mother. More often the question of what is possible for pregnant women from heartburn becomes actual for future mothers of incubation of the kid in recent months. Sometimes attacks of burning are so intensive that even the woman's sleep is interrupted. So severe heartburn at pregnant women is result, first of all, of change of a hormonal background in the woman's organism. Increase of products of hormone of progesterone in an organism leads to relaxation of unstriated muscles and, as a result, sphincter muscles.

Why heartburn at pregnant women happens so strong, explains also the fact that actively increasing uterus strongly presses on bodies of the alimentary system. In spite of the fact that attacks of heartburn can influence considerably quality of life of the pregnant woman, independently decide what to do and how to get rid of heartburn, does not follow at all. What to accept for simplification of a state and that helps to reduce at once burning, only the attending physician defines. Medicine has to be safe both for health of the woman, and for the kid. In recent weeks pregnancies attacks of heartburn become less intensive as production of progesterone decreases. But if the woman competently approaches forming of daily food, carefully selecting what to drink and eat in days of pregnancy, then displays of heartburn can be reduced considerably.

How to get rid of heartburn?

Как избавиться от изжогиIf the person throughout a long time is disturbed by very severe heartburn at night and in the afternoon, then he steadily begins to look for those means which will help to prevent this phenomenon. For effective therapy initially it is necessary to visit the doctor who will appoint the researches allowing to define why frequent heartburn began to be shown in a specific case. For definition of the diagnosis to the patient radiological inspection or ultrasonography of bodies of a gastrointestinal tract, endoscopy, and also determination of acidity of a gastric juice is appointed.

Effective treatment of heartburn has to be based surely on observance of food rules and on use of the drugs eliminating this symptom. Besides, a number of the national methods helping to get rid of this unpleasant phenomenon practices.

Independently it is difficult to person to define what best heartburn medicine. Today on free sale there is a big list of drugs against heartburn. Getting them, many people are guided by the prices and responses, making a widespread mistake. Even if effective medicine will be found by tests, then often it will only eliminate a symptom, but not its reason. What medicine to take, depends, first of all, on the reason of emergence of feeling of heartburn. Therefore before accepting heartburn medicines in house conditions, it is necessary to know what disturbances in an organism take place.

Medicines from heartburn are subdivided into several different groups. At heartburn administration of drugs which lower acidity of a stomach practices. This is Lanzoprazol, Omeprazol, etc. Drugs antacids have neutralized influence on hydrochloric acid in a stomach. As a result, in a gullet there are already not so aggressive contents of a stomach. Drugs rutatsid belong to this group, Almagel, etc. Preparaty-alginaty promote education in a stomach of a gel barrier which reduces the number of throwings of contents of a stomach in a gullet cavity. Medicinal means prokinetics promote reduction of a gullet and increase of a tone of a sphincter.

By practical consideration to define what best heartburn pills from all above the transferred funds, of course, it is possible. Sometimes at choice of what tablets to drink, also the price influences. Many people suffering from heartburn prefer inexpensive tablets. But nevertheless what tablets help to treat a basic disease has to be the main criterion of the choice in this case.

It is very important not to choose independently and the best heartburn medicine for pregnant women. In this case the risk is always high to do harm to mother and the child therefore it is better to buy an effective remedy against heartburn after appointment of the doctor.

Жгучая изжога у беременныхIf the woman is tormented by severe heartburn at pregnancy, then it is initially necessary to establish the reasons of this symptom, that is to exclude existence of serious diseases of a gastrointestinal tract. As it was already noted, at pregnancy only the doctor observing the woman has to appoint any heartburn pills. At the same time it is necessary to tell the doctor about heartburn attacks if he appoints any other drugs.

For example, spasmolytic drugs at pregnancy weaken muscles therefore their reception can strengthen heartburn attacks. It is necessary to use also folk remedies not less carefully. Severe heartburn during pregnancy is sometimes overcome by means of the simplest methods. The woman needs to wear free clothes, to eat fractionally, to avoid an overeating before going to bed. What to drink at pregnancy from heartburn, depends also on how such attacks often appear. Future mother can remove periodic heartburn by means of the means neutralizing acid. Soda at pregnancy can be applied if near at hand there is no necessary drug.

If the woman has no serious illnesses of the alimentary system, then heartburn at pregnancy is not a dangerous symptom. By the way, national signs say that at women with heartburn the kid is born hair. However, this thesis, of course, has no scientific confirmation.

Widely also treatment of heartburn folk remedies practices. There are different methods of treatment directed to reduction of intensity of heartburn and treatment of a basic disease. Nevertheless, most of people practices treatment of heartburn in house conditions by means of baking soda. Especially often treatment by soda practices if the person has no necessary tablets.

Folk remedies from heartburn can be effective if to follow all rules of their preparation and reception. It is necessary to consider also when it is necessary to accept the necessary drugs — to or after food. Many national methods of treatment are based on use of juice, broths and infusions of medicinal herbs and plants. For example, if the person is disturbed by heartburn and an eructation, juice from a celery which needs to be accepted before food on one tablespoon can be an effective remedy. Before meal it is possible to drink infusion which part mint, a wormwood, a camomile is. One more effective remedy — broth of seeds of flax. To get rid of attacks of heartburn also potatoes which need periodically to be chewed in the raw can help, or to drink fresh juice from potatoes.

Studying information on how to treat heartburn folk remedies, you should not forget about a positive impact on health of the person of mineral waters. It is recommended to treat gastritis and the heartburn connected with it by means of hydrocarbonate waters, and also hydrocarbonate sulphatic waters. Nevertheless, it is necessary to use mineral waters carefully, gradually increasing a dose. It is impossible to treat an eructation and heartburn waters without a certain scheme as it happens, for example, to potato juice or soda. It is initially necessary to accept several times a day 50 ml of water which is drunk in a warm look. Gradually the dose increases. With care it is necessary to carry out such treatment at pregnancy: than to treat heartburn in this case, the doctor will tell.

Some national methods for treatment of heartburn are rather disputable from the point of view of their efficiency and harmlessness for an organism. For example, there is an opinion that cigarette ashes from heartburn help very well. Nevertheless, effectiveness of this means and its safety remains undecided. Absorbent carbon helps from heartburn also not always though this drug absorbs excesses of acid and at the same time the stomach does not irritate. What products help to get rid of attacks of heartburn, the person can define by practical consideration. For example, the well-known opinion demonstrates that fresh milk helps to dull strong burning. However it is possible to appease a heartburn attack by means of milk not always.

Baking soda from heartburn is widely applied. Soda helps to facilitate a state at an attack. However such means can be applied only from time to time as continuous treatment by soda can lead to side effects — weaknesses, vomiting, nausea. It is important to observe soda proportions. As a rule, people not always know how to get rid of heartburn, at the same time they abuse soda. To avoid negative effects, it is important to know how to drink soda and how many soda it is possible to use for once. When using soda it is necessary to use the following recipe: to add one teaspoon of baking soda to a third of a glass of water. Water with soda has to be applied to neutralization of acid medium in a stomach.

If the person needs to make urgently the decision how to get rid of house heartburn, and near at hand there are no necessary drugs, it is possible to prepare kissel which will facilitate symptoms. Nevertheless, it does not solve a problem how to get rid of heartburn forever. To change a situation to the best, it is necessary to correct initially all food allowance and to exclude those products which provoke displays of heartburn from the menu. Food correction — very important point for those who aim to eliminate heartburn attacks. As to get rid of heartburn quickly and effectively, it will be possible to understand already after a while when the person manages to trace what food stuffs cause in him manifestation of this symptom.

First of all from a diet it is necessary to clean those products which stimulate process of gastric secretion. It is worth refraining from fried dishes, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, coffee, juice from fruit. At the same time porridges, cottage cheese, boiled vegetables favorably influence a condition of the alimentary system. It is the best of all to eat fractionally — not less than 5 times a day small portions. You should not lay down at once after meal. To the people inclined to display of heartburn, it is necessary to sleep on a high pillow to prevent hit of a gastric juice in a gullet.

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