How quickly to grow thin after the delivery

Practically each young mother after the birth of the kid begins to think already after a while of how to grow thin after the delivery. However to return themselves those forms which pleased before appearance of the kid, actually rather not easy. To lead the correct life, to actively play sports and to adhere to a diet very difficult in view of need to look after the kid practically all the time. As a result, many newly made mothers through some period note that body weight indicators sharply rise up. However it is not necessary to despair as there are many methods of weight loss after the delivery checked by many generations of women.

Pregnancy and excess weight

According to the existing norms, during incubation of the child the pregnant woman has to gain no more than 12 additional kilograms. If this indicator was not exceeded, then extra kilos will disappear at the time of delivery, and also in the first weeks of recovery after them. However those women who too recovered during pregnancy, having gained 20 and more kilograms, as a rule, return to forms, former, usual for them, much more difficult. Therefore, it is already necessary to think of the future recovery during incubation of the child, without trying to eat too much. There is in a root the wrong opinion on what the pregnant woman has to eat both for herself, and for the kid, that is a double portion. Psychologically such statement adjusts future mother on the fact that excesses during incubation of the kid are quite admissible.

At the same time, using much more calories, the woman moves less in view of the situation. As a result, power consumption, received with food, does not occur.

Besides, during pregnancy the female organism endures a grandiose stress in view of serious reorganization. In an organism the special mechanisms directed to protection of future child are started. For this purpose the layer of fat both on a stomach, and on hips, and on sides actively collects. Features of a figure and, in particular, its change at pregnancy depend also on genetic tendency. Therefore, if the woman's parents have an excess weight, then and at her its emergence is more probable. Besides distribution of fat at the pregnant woman happens approximately as her mother had it.

The strong increase in weight occurs at development in the woman of a gestosis and other pathologies provoking a liquid delay.

As a result, the statistics demonstrates that 40% of women who already were 30 years old have an excess weight. And after forty-year age already a half of women have extra kilos.

Thus, if the woman gained more than 13 kg during pregnancy and excess weight remains at it for six months after the birth of the kid, then in this case the speech already goes about long-term obesity and a possibility of the subsequent endocrine disturbances.

The factors influencing weight loss after the delivery

Как быстро похудеть после родовSpecialists allocate some of the major factors which exert impact on process of weight loss of the woman after the child's birth. First of all, the motivation is important: young mother has to define accurately the purpose and facilitate a way to it by means of some important mental sets. Psychologists recommend not to set before themselves the transcendental purposes, for example, weight loss on tens of kilograms. It is the best of all to plan loss of several kilograms in a definite time or to try to reach an opportunity to put on a certain thing which the woman carried before pregnancy. There are simple methods of motivation: for example, to write down the purpose on a sheet of paper and to hang up this leaf on the refrigerator constantly to implement such thought in subconsciousness.

The psychological spirit is extremely important for weight loss after the delivery as at this time young mother can suffer from displays of a puerperal depression. At it the mood sharply changes, pity to itself is shown, and on this background it becomes frequent food a peculiar "consolatory" factor. It is desirable not to allow similar, and at displays of a puerperal depression it is desirable to see a doctor who will help to overcome problems and to approach process of fight against excess weight with the correct spirit.

Two major factors – healthy nutrition and sport. The balanced diet of food – the major factor influencing process of disposal of excess weight. Performance of simple exercises in several days after the delivery will help to come to a form quicker and, besides, will help the woman to overcome a puerperal depression. It is possible to pass to more serious trainings later.

Specialists also recommend to women to carry after the delivery the special bandage helping to drag away the stretched skin on a stomach and to overcome periodic dorsodynias.

Besides, a passive way of parting with the gained excess weight is the long period of feeding by a breast.

Features of weight loss after the delivery

Как быстро похудеть после родовIt is after the delivery possible to grow thin if to consider some features of the period of breastfeeding and recovery after patrimonial activity. It is very important that during feeding of the child a breast mother did not apply radical methods to weight loss. Therefore, neither medicamentous drugs, nor observance of various rigid diets, nor operative measures should not practice at this time. Besides, similar methods in general negatively influence an organism, a condition of skin. Besides over time excess weight returns.

It is not necessary to drink a breast during feeding teas with laxative effect which promote removal from a liquid organism. Therefore each young mother has to realize that weight loss after the delivery has to happen smoothly and gradually. An optimal variant – loss from 250 to 400 g in one week. Thus, weight will leave with the same speed with what it was gathered during pregnancy. It is necessary to consider that stabilization of a hormonal background happens approximately two years later after the child's birth therefore process of weight loss can be difficult.

Process of weight loss assumes observance of two basic principles: it is necessary to eat less food and at the same time actively to move. But too strong exercise stresses are not suitable for the nursing mother as the exhausting charging can negatively influence process of feeding of the kid.

The very first loadings after the delivery which can be used as a peculiar daily training it is walks on foot with a carriage. To feel effect of such walks, it is necessary to move rather intensively, passing every day on some kilometers. Walks on clean fresh air not only promote training of muscles, but also positively influence a producing breast milk. Effective weight loss happens if pulse increases up to 120 beats per minute, and it can be reached if to walk quickly enough. Walks with the kid have to last not less than two hours every day. So the clip with a direct back will provide burning of the same number of calories, as well as at occupations with run or when trainings on the exercise machine.

Peculiar "charging" can be carried out also with the most small child. For example, if to carry the kid in a bag kangaroo, it is possible to improve a bearing, to strengthen muscles of a prelum abdominale and a back. To do such exercises of more various, it is necessary to carry the child in such backpack in front, behind. The weight of the child will gradually increase, and load of muscles will also increase.

When the child has a rest after feeding, mother can do the small exercises directed to strengthenings of a tone of muscles. There are special video trainings for occupations after the delivery. However, it is possible to pick up several suitable exercises and independently. At first in day it is enough to make two fifteen-minute trainings, later, in a month after the birth of the kid, time of occupations can be increased twice. If childbirth took place without complications, then in 5-6 weeks it is possible to start gradually occupation on exercise machines. But so far to use power simulators early: it is better to use the exercise bike, a racetrack, the elliptic exercise machine. At this time it is already possible to carry out also occupations from a yoga complex. Fine option for young mother is regular swimming which positively influences also the general state, and weight loss process.

Any trainings need to be carried out with an empty stomach therefore after meal has to pass at least two hours. By the way, after sports activities it is not necessary to eat also as in the course of active loadings the mechanism of combustion of fat which proceeds about two hours is started.

By the way, after Cesarean section, and also after very heavy and complicated childbirth before trainings the woman needs to pass gynecologic survey to make sure that process of recovery goes normally. However earlier, than in a month, even easy exercises should not be done.

Playing sports, young mother should not wait for the first results already through a short span. Therefore it is after the delivery better to control weight loss process only once in a month, measuring volumes and being weighed

Food for weight loss after the delivery

Как быстро похудеть после родовRather quickly it is possible to grow thin after the delivery only if from the first days after return from a maternity home food of the woman is correct and the most balanced. The feeding mother should not think that features of its food influence what amount of milk is developed. Delusion are also statements that a large amount of tea with cream and greasy, nourishing food promotes quality of milk. Actually young feeding mother needs to drink much, using liquid before each feeding of the child. The total quantity of the drunk liquid in days has to make not less than two liters.

And for a stable lactation, and for weight loss the woman should break a day diet into five-six portions. In one step food it is necessary to use no more than 200 g of food. Before going to bed is does not follow, it is better to eat the last time in 3-4 hours prior to a dream. For the night it is enough to drink low-fat kefir or fermented baked milk. And here it is not desirable to miss a breakfast: morning food guarantees that the organism will process the consumed food more intensively.

The dishes fried on a frying pan and also very fat food are contraindicated both when feeding the child a breast, and in the course of active dropping excess weight. It is the best of all to cook food in a double boiler: so in it useful substances will remain, and the dish at the same time will not absorb excess fat. Stewed and boiled vegetables are considered as the most suitable for "a puerperal diet" as a dish. They have to make about a half from all day diet. Young mother, it is difficult for them to find time for cooking of food, can use the frozen mixes of vegetables, vitamins and useful substances in which remain at a freezing. However, in the first months of chest feeding it is not necessary to eat those mixed vegetables in which is bean as it is fraught with manifestation of gas generation at the kid. But over time they can gradually be entered into a diet.

Fruit – fine option of a dessert for the feeding growing thin mother. However to you it is not necessary to be fond of bananas and grapes nevertheless as caloric content at these fruit very high.

Both process of a lactation, and the correct weight loss after the delivery does not exclude the everyday use of dairy products. Some of them, however, are very caloric. But if it is better not to use sour cream in the course of weight loss, then without cheese which provides an organism with calcium, during a lactation not to manage. It is desirable to choose dairy products with the low content of fat. In this case cheeses of grades approach chechit, Adygei, Camembert.

And here it is possible to use meat for the feeding mother wishing to normalize a figure only once day. At the same time it has to be low-fat. Sausages and sausages are a source of fats therefore it is better to exclude them in general, having preferred fowl, a rabbit beef,

Porridge – a product rather nutritious, but nevertheless it is important to use porridges from grain for full feeding of the kid: it considerably reduces risk of development of an allergy.

The special attention should be paid to that the habit of mother was not become by constant having a snack. If nevertheless getting very hungry, it is better to satisfy hunger with fruit, and also the glass of green tea sometimes will help.

The woman who is growing thin after the delivery has to know accurately all list of the prohibited products which do not promote dropping weight and at the same time can do much harm also to the kid eating breast milk. So, in a diet young mother does not have the place to fried and smoked food, canned food, hot and salty dishes, alcohol, chocolate. Useful, apparently, sunflower seeds and nuts – products also artful: they are high-calorific, very fat and at the same time can provoke allergic manifestations at the child.

Flour fancy bread – food which is the best of all for using gradually and very seldom. But the feeding mother nevertheless can indulge herself with a small roll once in several days. It is better to eat it in the morning.

Specialists advise mother correctly to adapt to a day regimen of the child, without passing at the same time meal time. By the way, many women eat up tasty mashed potatoes and other food for the kid, making a serious mistake. Without noticing that, young mother constantly uses additional calories which as a result can add several kilograms only.

The general caloric content of a diet of young mother should not exceed the limit of 2000 calories a day. Essential restrictions – less than 1300 kcal a day – can exert a negative impact not only on process of a lactation, but also on a metabolism as its speed can be slowed down.

It is important to monitor weight loss process and therefore that in the absence of loss of weight at the woman playing sports and limiting food endocrine disturbances are possible. In that case it is necessary to visit the endocrinologist immediately.

Feeding by a breast and weight loss after the delivery

Как быстро похудеть после родовAccording to supervision of nutritionists, those women who a long time feed the kid with breast milk leave the kilograms gained during pregnancy much easier. During breastfeeding the uterus is reduced much more actively and quickly comes to a condition of norm. The main thing – to eat at the same time without excesses, without going on a diet, but also without abusing fat and especially nutritious food. For weight loss the feeding mothers need to resupply iron as in the course of patrimonial and puerperal bleedings its level considerably goes down. This microelement takes active part in production of enzyme which influences process of combustion of fat. Therefore young mother has to fill an iron reserve, using eggs, a liver, fish, carrots, bread from coarse flour.

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