How to get rid of a callosity?

Callosities standing – very frequent phenomenon in our life bringing the presence very painful feelings and discomfort. Small consolidation of skin on heels or toes and what rather big effects can be? But before to consider ways of disposal of a callosity, it is necessary to understand what we deal with i.e. what type of a callosity disturbs us.

Types of callosities

Callosities happen dry, i.e. old, and soft or "wet" as they are called still. Soft represent consolidations of skin with liquid accumulations. There are they because of friction or pressure during certain time, for example, at a sock of a new pair of shoes. In this case it is recommended to examine footwear and it is obligatory to remove a callosity origin therefore as soft callosities change "status" over time, i.e. become dry which treatment will demand additional efforts and certain time.

Dry callosities – more dense thickenings of skin possessing the "core" or "root" going deeply to integuments. Are formed on fingers, heels, foot as a result of the long pressure or friction by footwear. Such callosity is capable to cause severe pain at each step.

Treatment of callosities

Treatment of soft or "wet" callosities needs to be made as treatment of small wounds or cuts, i.e. using antibacterial solutions and a bactericidal plaster. Some advise to puncture such callosities with a needle, but it is better not to do it since the risk of entering in an infection wound is big.

For treatment of dry callosities corn plasters on salicylic acid can be used, it is possible to get them in any drugstore. It is necessary to cut out a plaster of the necessary size, previously to wash up legs and to wipe dry then to paste a plaster. Procedure is repeated by not less than 3-4 times. Often, dry callosities delete in the operational way with use of a laser beam. Now this procedure can be undergone in any beauty shop.

Methods of traditional medicine for treatment of dry callosities

What to us for treatment of an illness is offered by traditional medicine?

Как избавиться от мозоли?The callosity can be steamed out. For this purpose passing of a course of soap and soda trays from 8-10 procedures will be required. For each procedure it is necessary to dissolve baking soda in water at the rate of 1 tsp of powder on 1 liter of water. We immerse in the received foot solution for 15-20 minutes then it is necessary to rub the coarsened skin a brush with soap or pumice. Having rinsed, dry  we walk a towel and we apply nutritious cream.

Before going to bed after steaming it is also possible to tie a lemon crust with pulp to a callosity. After 3-4 such procedures it is necessary to repeat procedure of steaming again and to accurately remove a callosity.

Instead of a lemon it is possible to use fresh gallipot of a coniferous tree, having attached it a plaster. Replacement of gallipot is made 1 time a day within 2 days after which the callosity is deleted, previously having steamed out it.

For data of old callosities also use an aloe. For this purpose the part of carefully washed up leaf of an aloe is cut lengthways and a fresh cut imposed on a necessary site of foot, covered with polyethylene and bandaged for the night. Delete a bandage in the morning and by means of a rough brush or pumice scratch out the coarsened skin. Grease the processed site with nutritious cream.

Как избавиться от мозоли?There is one more "a national method" of removal of dry callosities - it is use of an onions peel. For this purpose it is necessary to collect a "healthy", i.e. unspoiled, onions peel in capacity and to fill in with vinegar so that completely to cover it. Further densely we close capacity a cover and we leave at the room temperature for 2 weeks. After term we take out a peel and we throw back on a colander that acetic liquid flew down,  slightly we dry a peel. Before procedure of a leg it is necessary to wash up, dry a towel, to apply cream around a callosity, and I will make to put a peel a layer in 2-3 mm then to apply a bandage for the night. We steam out legs again in the morning and we scratch out the coarsened skin. Procedure is repeated to a total disappearance of callosities.

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