How to get rid of perspiration?

The sophisticated word "hyperhidrosis" medical dictionaries call the increased sweating. And if for one it does not speak about anything, then for others it is a problem No. 1. So that the person suffering from excessive perspiration is capable even to be depressed. You should not think that this problem is inherent only in a hot season, however, in the flying, as a rule, suffer from it more.

Speaking about perspiration, it is necessary to specify: it can be the general – when all body suffers, but can touch only some separate parts – hands, legs, a back and others. Certainly, first of all it is necessary to find out the reason of the increased sweating if it concerns all surface of skin, it can be a symptom of any disease.

The therapist will appoint necessary analyses by results of which already narrow specialists will help to eradicate the reason as owing to the revealed disease perspiration – only a consequence. If with your organism everything is all right, then it is possible to resort to folk remedies. However, and at the treatment appointed by the specialist doctor homebrew means will not prevent. It is only necessary to consult to the attending physician regarding, for example, developing of an allergy to the used vegetable means.

Let's understand to ourselves that fight against this problem – not single-step, she demands a regularity of execution of procedures. Besides traditional medicine provides both outside, and internal use. That is, it can be trays, wipings, compresses, lotions or teas, infusions, drops for drink.

It is interesting that no overseas plants are required, all leaves, herbs, flowers or bark of trees – local, by what we pass daily. For example, if disturbs the person, it is the best of all to use for his rubbing strong made cooled tea, and also not boiled cool milk – in the mornings and to evenings. At the same time it is necessary to allow to skin to dry independently, without resorting to the help of a towel.

Not less effective will be and the cooling compress which besides will play a toning role will be some kind of cosmetic thanks to the fact that blood vessels will be narrowed, complexion will improve, skin will become more elastic. It has also psychological salutary effect – will calm a nervous system.

Sweating of legs – one of the most widespread problems. National doctor books recommend both dry, and wet treatment by means of oak bark. Powder with the crushed weight socks (stockings) and so carry until then (within several days) until the problem is settled. And it is possible to boil 500 grams of the same medley from oak bark half an hour in 4 liters of water, to filter and take a bath for legs. Several days in a row are desirable to do it.

Trays are also recommended to be accepted and with such vegetable raw materials as a white willow, a sage. However, in that case the crushed weight before use is filled in with cold water and insisted 8 hours. Trays from a horsetail field or birch leaves will be not less effective also: to take vegetable raw materials in equal proportions and to boil literally a couple of minutes – infusion for a foot tray is ready.

For wiping of strongly sweating skin in different places of a body it is better to use the infusion prepared from mint leaves: To fill in 1 tablespoon of raw materials with 1 glass of boiled water, in half an hour to filter. It is good to do a compress, a lotion, a tray of broth of a burnet medicinal (to fill in couple of tablespoons of vegetable raw materials with a glass of boiled water and to insist about an hour).

Practically on an equal basis with legs the increased perspiration also axillary hollows possess. For fight against a hyperhidrosis in these parts it is possible to use wipings: birch kidneys draw on vodka in a proportion one to five (or ten), it is better to carry out wipings twice a day – in the morning and in the evening, for example.

It is also possible to use usual vinegar for vtiraniye: to part the third part of vinegar with the two third parts of water. For the internal use are recommended broth of a sage, dogrose. Of course, without sugar.

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