How to get rid of spots on the face

General information

Acne rash (eels, an acne), or in common people spots are a serious problem which the person can face at any age. Most often this illness affects teenagers, in independence of their sex, and is connected with hormonal transformations of all growing-up organism, but is quite often observed also at people of more mature age.

The main localization of an acne on a face is noted on a forehead cheeks and on a nose and if on a nose this disease generally dot and are shown in the form of black heat-spots (comedones), then on other sites can get a form of purulent pustules from what spots on the face sometimes reach the considerable sizes. Formation of spots is also possible on any other sites of skin of a human body and in particular those which are subject to influence external (dust, dirt) and internal (the strengthened sweating) factors.

Except a negative physiological factor of this "sore" (bleeding, morbidity, purulent discharges), there are its cosmetic aspects (an inflammation of vessels, hair a follicle, sebaceous glands), conditions of a post-acne (the rash effect which are shown pigmentation and hems on skin) and even psychological discomfort (loss of self-confidence, difficulty in communication, development of complexes).

Many people the problem of spots pursues all life, and disposal of them and search of effective medicine for eels occupies considerable part of their free time. The question of how to get rid of acne rash and what most effective remedy from spots disturbs many years not one generation and even with development of modern medicine did not lose the relevance. All the matter is that the definite answer to how to get rid of spots and eels does not exist in principle, the reasons of their emergence the most various, and pharmaceutical remedies for an acne, as well as the national recipes made by the hands which are not able to capture them all and to yield constant steady result of treatment.

Строение прыщика на коже

Structure of a heat-spot on skin

In article below we will consider the reasons and effects of skin rashes at teenagers, men, women and methods of their official and national therapy. Let's try to give answers to the frequently asked questions of people how to get rid of face blackheads how to get rid of body spots what acne rash medicine on a face and other integuments will be efficient in that, or other case, and also we will sort the main medicines and their instructions.

Origins of spots

As was already told much before the reasons of forming of spots. In the conditions of our time it is possible to distinguish from the major risk factors of development of this disease:

  • the hormonal changes happening in an organism (the pubertal period, carrying out hormonal therapy, including contraceptives), disturbances in a menstrual cycle, misoperation of hormone-producing glands, an unbalanced diet and so forth);
  • neglect or excessive use of personal hygiene means and cosmetics;
  • intestinal dysbiosis (demands additional consultation of the gastroenterologist who can appoint the corresponding probiotics);
  • medicinal therapy, pathological processes in a gastrointestinal tract and reproductive system, streptococcal or staphylococcal infections and other diseases;
  • insufficient food allowance with use in food of products of poor quality (semi-finished products, fast food, etc.);
  • improper feeding (floating schedule of meal, overeating, starvation);
  • conditions of a stress and/or depression;
  • allergic reactions;
  • addictions and dependences (alcoholism, tobacco smoking, drug addiction);
  • influence of external irritants (dirt, dust, chemicals, an ultraviolet, including sunshine and a sunbed).

Food allowance at skin rashes

Apparently from the above-mentioned, the diet of foodstuff and correctness of food plays an important role in fight against developing of spots and eels. A gastrointestinal tract trying to remove the harmful substances getting to it with the eaten food out of organism limits uses for this purpose not only kidneys and intestines, but also integuments which answer it with an inflammation and suppuration in the form of rash.

Of course, forever to get rid of favourite dishes and their ingredients quite difficult, but to limit their use during an exacerbation of an illness or to buy products analogs which cost often is even cheaper it is undoubtedly possible and it is even necessary. Also to fans to eat, during the acute period of a chronic disease, for the purpose of decrease in an adverse effect of low-quality products, it is possible to recommend reception of enterosorbents, for example Absorbent carbon, Filtrum-STI and so forth. Similar drugs will help to bring the harmful substances received with food out of a gastrointestinal tract and not to allow their allocation through a skin time.

The table is divided below into two groups of food stuffs which can promote prevention or aggravation of developing of spots.

Harmful products Useful products
Fried meat, fat meat Light meat, fast meat, meat of young animals
Spices (in particular acute) Greens, herbs
Smoked products Natural (house) dry-cured products
The baked products with a crust (prepared on naked flame) The baked products in a foil (prepared on naked flame)
Fancy bread (in particular with confiture or cream) Crackers, small loafs
Garnishes carbohydrate-rich (rice, pasta) Vegetable garnishes
Black tea Green tea
Table salt Sea salt
Sugar Fruit sugar (juice), honey (in a small amount because of allergenicity)
Industrial drinks (Cola, Sprite, Forfeit and so forth) Freshly cooked natural juice (in particular vegetable fruit drinks)
Fat milk, cake cheeses and pastes Skim cheese, natural yogurt
Mayonnaise Sour cream (perhaps, with lemon juice)
Coffee Chicory
Ketchup Tomatoes, home-made tomato paste
Alcohol (in large numbers) Good white wine or cognac (moderately)

It is natural that adhering to one diet, instantly it will not be possible to cope with problem skin, but at the healthy nutrition which became constant way of life, the risk of developing of spots and eels decreases by two-three times.

Care of skin

Also how quickly to get rid of spots popular wisdom – "Purely not there can serve one of answers to a question where clean, and there where do not litter! "what in this case is reduced to a permanent care of integuments (in particular faces) since the early childhood.

Развитие прыща

Development of a spot

It is well known that face skin, both at men, and at women, differs from other integuments of a human body and therefore demands more careful and careful leaving. Besides these skin sites are in continuous contact with environment in this connection, influence on them of dust, dirt, various allergens, chemicals, bacteria and viruses is much stronger. In case of regular and correct care of face skin possibility of spots for this reason is considerably reduced, and at already developed rash the attentive care of these sites of skin can prevent new rash.

Basic rules of care of face skin

  • It is not necessary to squeeze out independently already created spots at all. At best it will lead to their distribution and developing of small hematomas, and in the worst can threaten with aggravation of inflammatory process, because of entering of an infection inside, and also the subsequent formation of not esthetic hems. The procedure of disposal of spots which is carried out by specially trained personnel in a cosmetology office with use of specific techniques and the tool can be an exception.
  • Process of washing needs to be carried out twice a day and to apply for this purpose the special light gels, lotions or skins intended for problem skin. At the same time do not recommend to use sponges for washing as it promotes a softening of the inflamed integuments. Optimum temperature of the used water has to be in limits of 18-20 °C. It is necessary to wash the easy movements of hands without application of additional efforts. After process of washing it is necessary to blot slightly washed-up skin with a soft and pure towel or to allow it to dry independently.
  • In case of acquisition by skin for day of additional fat content, it is necessary to get rid of it by means of the neutral clearing napkins or napkins impregnated with natural vegetable additives (a train, a tea tree, a camomile).
  • It is necessary to consider a question of transition to the cosmetics which are not clogging up skin pores (usually such cosmetics bears an inscription on packaging – "nekomedogenno ").
  • It is necessary to avoid long impact on the unprotected face skin of an ultraviolet, whether it be sunshine or artificial radiation (for example, a sunbed).
  • In the acute period of a disease when on a face multiple local formation of a large number of spots and comedones is observed, it is necessary to refrain from invasive ways of cleaning of skin even in specialized cosmetology offices. For clarification of problem skin recommend to use gels and srubs of soft action (for example, containing oat-flakes).
  • In case of use of outside means from eels, usual hygienic procedures and cleaning of skin need to be carried out before putting the used drug.

Medicines from spots

Now we will stop in more detail on questions of how to get rid of spots on the face by means of medical drugs what most effective remedy from spots on the face can be got in drugstores as it is correct to use these or those drugs and to what side effects can lead their use.

It is natural that paramount interest of all people suffering from acne rashes is reduced to search of the answer to a question how to get rid of spots on the face quickly and forever. Such people constantly study About this problem on the Internet, look for the best means from spots on the face in a drugstore or address various folk healers in hope that house medicine for spots on the face for teenagers and adults will be more effective, than drugs of official medicine. In certain cases similar searches come to an end with the choice of one or a complex of medicinal/folk remedies which completely suit this or that patient and help it with the solution of its skin problems. In other cases search of it "super powerful" the means influencing all skin structure can forever relieve the patient not only of spots, but also of healthy face skin then it is necessary to treat also her. For this reason the choice of medicine or a method of therapy has to remain a prerogative of the dermatologist who is obliged to prepost all corresponding analyses, for the purpose of thorough clarification of the reasons of observed rash and to recommend the corresponding treatment. Also such patients can advise to buy the recommended drugs only in a drugstore where spots medicines for teenagers and adults are supplied with the detailed instruction for their use and the description of all possible by-effects.

The medical drugs of official medicine intended for disposal of spots can be divided into means of the first level including outside drugs (ointments, creams, masks, gels, lotions and so forth) and the second level, the representing system drugs (capsules, tablets, injection solutions, etc.).

Spots gels

Gels against spots on the face make on the basis of water with addition of any medical ingredient which action directionally on fight against eels. This dosage form will be suitable patients with fat skin or the becoming wet rashes, for simultaneous dehumidification of integuments and delivery of moisture to them more. Acne gels are characterized by fast distribution and sufficient penetration into skin, at the same time they do not clog up skin pores, quickly dry and practically do not soil clothes.

Spots ointments

Acne rash ointments create, based on any fat (vegetable, animal, natural) in which medicinal substance can be dissolved in incomplete volume that demands diligent approach to process of their production. Good spots ointment with an antibiotic, an antiseptic agent or other active ingredient has to be homogeneous, viscous, fat and soft to the touch. At the moment the list of ointments from spots on the face conforming to these requirements is rather wide, it can be as inexpensive ointment from eels and spots on the face, and its more expensive analog. All these ointments are generally intended for patients with the dry and shelled skin and differ in slow and deep absorption of their active ingredient.

Creams from spots

Creams from spots and black points for teenagers and adults are "universal" means which will suit practically each patient in independence of type of his skin that is confirmed numerous About creams from spots, left at various forums connected with problems of skin rashes. The matter is that in a drugstore creams from spots on the face are usually prepared on the basis of water and oil, adding to them active antiacne ingredient. Thus, the cream basis from an acne moistens skin and is quickly enough soaked up in it, and active ingredient of cream relieves it of eels.

Today it is possible to buy already ready (factory) gel, ointment or cream from spots and eels in a drugstore, having previously for certain established the reason of the existing rashes not to buy drug similar in the name, but it is perfect with other action, for example cream from a demodicosis of the person (drug from a tick – iron woundworts acne).

Capsules and tablets from eels

Capsules and tablets from spots on the face for teenagers and adults are a peculiar "reserve" dosage form of anti-acne therapy which is used only at especially severe disease. In this case the dermatologist has to define for certain whether treatment of spots on the face from within and what tablets or capsules at the same time he needs to appoint is required to the patient.

For today from an acne carry the antibiotics and retinoids in most cases showing really fast and resistant result of therapy, but possessing powerful side effects to the most used peroral drugs.

In this regard use of these medicines has to be unambiguously reasonable and pass with care and under control of the doctor.

Mechanisms of effect of drugs

The main mechanisms of action of the remedies (outside and system) intended for disposal of spots are directed on:

  • decrease in the inflammatory process happening in a hair follicle and also around it;
  • reduction of number of disease-producing bacteria in hair follicles;
  • reduction of release of skin fat;
  • prevention of a blockage of the output channels characteristic of sebaceous glands.

The most applied groups of medicines recommended for use for treatment of acne rash depending on severity of its manifestation are given in the table.

Easy degree Average degree Heavy degree
Retinoids for external use Retinoids for external use Retinoids of systemic action
The local means including the azelaic acid
Antibacterial outside drugs (ointments, gels, creams) Antibacterial system drugs Antibacterial system drugs
The means other local drying, disinfecting, healing

Drugs retinoids

Therapy with use of retinoids (chemical analogs of vitamin A) is rather new direction in traditional medicine and is applied, both to treatment of acne rash, and for high-quality improvement of the skin. The mechanism of their influence is directed to delay of growth and maturing of skin cells and sebaceous glands that the follicle the dying-off corneous layer leads to reduction of products of skin fat and the prevention of obstruction hair.

About retinoids are rather inconsistent also along with high performance and lasting therapeutic effect at treatment of spots, speak about a set of the collateral manifestations inherent in these drugs.

The most essential negative effects of retinoids, in particular at their oral administration, consider: alopecia, pancreatitis, dermatitis, depression, cheilitis, lipidemia, misbirth, leukopenia, xerosis, osteoporosis, insufficiency of livers/kidneys, teratogenic action, termination of growth or growth of a bone tissue. In this regard only the professional doctor can appoint retinoids, at the same time showing care and watching the patient during passing of therapy by him. Also it is necessary to consider what not the cheapest pharmaceutical spots medicines and black points and their price for many patients can strike retinoids the family budget noticeably.

In the countries of the former Soviet Union for treatment of spots the following drugs of this group allowed for use: Retinoic ointment, Differin, Retasol, Klenzit, Adaklin (outside) and Aknekutan, Roakkutan (internal).

Differin gel/cream, Klenzit gel, Adaklin cream

ДифферинDrugs Differin, Klenzit and Adaklin include in the structure active ingredient — adapalen, being a metabolite of retinoid and characterized by anti-inflammatory and komedonolitichesky efficiency which is directed to normalization of processes of an epidermal differentiation and keratinization. The mechanism of effect of active ingredient of drugs is based on interaction of an adapalen with specific γ-receptors of skin epidermal cells.

Anti-inflammatory effects are connected with impact of an adapalen on inflammatory factors, by oppression of leukocytic migration in the center of an inflammation and metabolic transformations of arachidonic acid. Komedonolitichesky action happens for the account decrease in "stseplennost" of cells of an epithelium in the mouth of a hair follicle that leads to decrease in risk factors of forming of microcomedones.

It is necessary to apply all dosage forms including adapalen outwardly, evenly apply them on problem sites of skin of 1 times at 24 o'clock before going to bed, passing hits of medical drugs on mucous membranes of lips and eyes. The therapeutic effectiveness of Adapalen is observed after 4-8 weeks of its use, steady improvement is noted in 3 months of carrying out treatment.

Retinoic ointment, outside solution of Retasol

Мазь РетиноеваяRetasol and Retinoic ointment is active agent of outside medicines retinoid izotretinoin which has sebostatichesky, anti-seborrheal, anti-inflammatory, keratomoduliruyushchy, regenerative and immunomodulatory effects.

Action of an izotretinoin is based on processes of normalization of terminal cellular differentiation, oppression of hyper proliferation of output channels of epithelial sebaceous glands, braking of formation of a detritis and simplification of its evacuation. Thanks to it the composition of skin fat is normalized, its producing goes down and allocation is facilitated that leads to reduction of the inflammatory reaction observed around glands.

Izotretinoin in the form of solution and ointment it is necessary to apply outwardly, applying a thin film of drug on the struck skin sites twice a day. For achievement of therapeutic effect duration of such therapy has to be not less than 4-6 weeks.

Capsules Aknekutan, capsules Roakkutan

Capsules of drugs Aknekutan and Roakkutan contain the same retinoid izotretinoin, intended for internal use. Action of orally accepted izotretinoin is similar to its external use, but due to system effects is more expressed. The dosage of drugs is calculated individually. At heavy rashes full remission is usually noted in 16-24 weeks.

The azelaic acid

Treatment of spots the medicines including the azelaic acid became possible thanks to its antimicrobic, antiinflammatory and keratolytic properties.

СкиноренEffect of these drugs quite fast and on the one hand directionally on decrease in division and growth of keratinotsit (the main cells of epidermis) that promotes decrease in excessive keratinization (keratinization) of epithelial cells, thereby preventing obstruction of sebaceous glands and hair a follicle, leading to formation of eels.

The second mechanism of action of remedies of this group consists in their antimicrobic influence, because of active penetration of molecules of acid into bacterial cells that slows down their reproduction and growth. Also, one of pluses of the azelaic acid is lack to it of the resistance characteristic of drugs of group of antibiotics.

Most of the people outwardly using the azelaic acid do not note at itself any negative moments of such treatment. Emergence of irritation, numbness, an itch or burning of integuments is in rare instances possible.

The drugs including the azelaic acid and applied to therapy of an acne are provided by remedies: Azelik, Skinoklir, Aziks-Derm (Aziks), Skinoren, Azogel (outside).

Azelik gel, Skinoklir cream/gel, Aziks-Derm (Aziks) cream, Skinoren cream/gel, Azogel gel

АзеликThese outside remedies containing the azelaic acid, except anti-inflammatory (the neutrophils reducing a metabolism and oxygen free radical forms reducing development) and keratolytic (normalizing processes of keratinization happening in the follicles of sebaceous glands and reducing the level of free fatty acids in skin lipids) effects show also the antimicrobic action directed against microorganisms of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Propionibacterium acnes.

Drugs from this group should be used exclusively outwardly, applying their enough twice a day on the struck areas of integuments. Efficiency outwardly of the applied azelaic acid is noted after 2-3 months of carrying out therapy.


Antibiotics from spots on the face, both outside, and systemic action, this the strong and possessing many by-effects means to which help it is necessary to resort only in the last turn and according to strict indications, namely at absolutely diagnosed bacterial nature of skin rashes and lack of efficiency of other medical drugs.

Эритромициновая мазьIn case of use of antibiotics against the microorganisms causing spots which are sensitive to influence of this group of drugs it is possible to predict with confidence fast and considerable simplification of a course of a disease and improvement of outward of skin. Also positive moment of carrying out an antibioticotherapia is a wide choice of medicines, their forms and dosages that guarantees selection of necessary drug.

It is possible to distinguish from the negative moments of such treatment: decrease in immunity, shattering influence on a liver, various allergic reactions, negative impact on microflora of a gastrointestinal tract and many other things. Besides at the bacteria which were affected by antibiotics resistance to their action often develops that in case of recurrence of rashes leads to increase in severity of a disease.

In this group choice drugs for treatment of spots are: Erythromycin, Unguentum Erytgromycyni, Clindamycin, gel Dalatsin or solution Zerkalin (outside), and also tetracyclines, streptocides (internal).

In turn the combined remedy Sinnerite including erythromycin and zinc enjoys wide popularity.

Unguentum Erytgromycyni

Active ingredient of this ointment – erythromycin is an antibiotic from group of macroleads, in small doses showing bacteriostatic efficiency, and in higher dosages bactericidal action.

Effects of erythromycin become possible thanks to its ability to contact bacterial ribosomes where it suppresses synthesis of their protein.

Unguentum Erytgromycyni needs to be applied on problem area a uniform, low-fat layer with a frequency of 2-3 times a day. Duration of such therapy has to make 1,5-2 months.

Dalatsin gel/cream, Zerkalin solution, Klindovit gel, Indoxyl gel

КлиндамицинThe clindamycin which is an antibiotic from group of linkozamid acts as a basis of these outside medicines.

Activity of clindamycin is shown concerning all strains of a bacterium of Propionibacterium acnes (an acne propionibakteriya). Efficiency of clindamycin is expressed in its inhibiting impact on proteinaceous synthesis in a microbic cell, because of influence of drug on ribosomal 50S-subunits. At outside putting clindamycin on integuments concentration of free fatty acids on their surface decreases approximately from 14% to 2%.

Outside remedies with clindamycin 2-3 times at 24 o'clock are rubbed in previously cleared skin subject to infection with spots. The maximum therapeutic course of their use is equal to 6 months.


ЗинеритThe complex drug Sinnerite includes erythromycin and zinc acetate thanks to which high antimicrobic, antiinflammatory and komedonolitichesky performance is noted it. Bacteriostatic action outwardly the applied erythromycin directly directionally on the microorganisms provoking acne rash: Streptococcus epidermidis and Propionibacterium acnes. Effects of zinc in addition have the knitting effect and reduce products of a secret of sebaceous glands.

Mixing of two of these drugs solution which should be applied on the cleared integuments two times a day for 10-12 weeks, in an approximate dose of 0,5 ml prepares. Clinical improvement of a course of a disease can be observed in 2 weeks.

Zinc drugs

Цинковая мазьIn disposal of an acne for a long time and successfully practice treatment by salts of a microelement of zinc of which the antibacterial, fast-healing, antiinflammatory and regenerative efficiency is characteristic. These properties of zinc in the sum with safety of its use use even in the children's outside drugs appointed practically from the moment of the birth. This inexpensive and rather efficient means is especially effective in case of its combined oral and topical administration, and also at parallel reception of vitamin A.

Side effects of drugs of zinc are practically not observed. In some exceptional cases at their internal reception at patients noted nausea.

The medicines containing zinc and which are often applied to therapy of acne rashes include: Zinc ointment / paste, Salicylic and Zinc ointment / paste, Calamine, Regetsin, Desitin, Kuriozin, Tsindol (outside) and Zincite, Tsinkteral (internal).

Zinc oxide ointment, Tsindol suspension, Desitin ointment

Active agent of these medical drugs – zinc oxide renders the knitting, drying, disinfecting and adsorbing action. Zinc oxide is characterized by decrease in process of exudation in educations with moknutiy thanks to which the irritation and an inflammation of integuments comes to naught.

The dosage and frequency of outside use of Zinc oxide is defined in an individual order (most often 2-4 times a day) and depends on a dosage form and indications.

Kuriozin gel, Regetsin gel

КуриозинHyalrunate of zinc which acts as active ingredient of similar drugs is a stimulator of a fabric reparation and differs in the bacteriostatic action. At its interaction with molecules of water the dispersive matrix compensating missing fabric of the cells participating in process healing of wounds, and forming for them the supporting framework forms. Such effects lead to increase of activity of macrophages and granulocytes, strengthening proliferation of fibroblasts and to increase in an angiogenesis.

Zinc hyalrunate in the form of outwardly gel should be applied with a thin layer on previously cleared problem skin twice a day. Absorption of drug happens over several minutes. Duration of treatment is defined individually according to a form and disease severity.

Calamine lotion

This lotion includes a zinc oxide complex with a calamine which distinctive feature is the expressed action her itch, the irritation and puffiness calming skin, reducing. The calamine disinfects and cools skin, and also creates the effective protective barrier on its surface interfering distribution of an infection.

Use of lotion consists in greasing of skin rashes by it. The drug Calamine is quickly enough soaked up in skin and dries. Frequency of use of lotion has to correspond to severity of rashes (usually 2-4 times a day).

Tablets Tsinkteral, tablets Zincite

Drugs of zinc which is necessary for stabilization and processes of a metabolism of cellular membranes. Can participate in therapy of acne rash as an additional source in a human body of this microelement in a complex with other anti-acne drugs.

The mode of oral administration of tablets of this kind is calculated individually. It is necessary to take a pill only in case of need receipts in a human body of this microelement.

Antiseptic agents and germicides

Салициловая мазьAntiseptic and antimicrobic agents at fight against acne rash use for the purpose of disinfecting of integuments of the person, decrease in an inflammation, dehumidification of the existing spots, removal of excessive skin fat and the prevention of distribution of a bacterial infection. These drugs act as the peculiar barrier which is preventing emergence of new rashes and not allowing expansion of old. Often a basis of antiseptic agents are aggressive substances, in particular medical alcohol therefore the main thing at their use not to be overzealous and not to overdry face skin.

Negative effects of use of antiseptic agents are connected with their excessive use and are shown in the form of burning, dryness, an itch and a peeling of integuments. Antimicrobic drugs can negatively influence work of kidneys, lead to allergic reactions and cause a number of other side effects.

Most often the leather infected with spots is processed such medicines of data of groups: Salicylic ointment, Salicylic acid, Baziron AS, Streptotsidovaya ointment, Metrogil, Ugrin, Hlorgeksidin, Dimexidum, Ichthyolum and so forth (outside).

Salicylic ointment / acid

One of the oldest, but, nevertheless, efficient means of disposal of spots. It is applied only outwardly, characterized by the effects suppressing secretion of skin sweat and sebaceous glands. In small concentration keratoplastichesky effect of drug is shown, and in high dosages its keratolytic efficiency, is also noted weak antimicrobic activity.

Outside putting these drugs demands them 2-3 multiple uses a day concerning the integuments burned by spots.

Baziron AS gel

Базирон АСGel Baziron the EXPERT contains an antiseptic agent benzoyl peroxide which possesses antimicrobic activity in relation to strains of the microorganisms provoking skin rashes (Staphylococcus epidermidis and Propionibacterium acnes). Keratolytic action peroxide benzoyl directionally on improvement of fabric oxygenation and oppression of development of their sebaceous glands of skin fat.

Patients can apply gel since 12 years, easy applying to touches it 2-3 times a day with a uniform layer on the struck skin sites which are previously washed up and dried up. The therapeutic effectiveness benzoyl of peroxide is noted in 4 weeks of treatment, stable improvement is registered after 3-month therapy.

Streptotsidovy ointment

Стрептоцидовая мазьStreptocide is one of the first streptocides (group of drugs of similar to antibiotics) with the expressed bacteriostatic efficiency. The mechanism of its action decides by competitive antagonism of streptocide on PABK, and also competitive suppression of enzyme of a digidropteroatsintetaza. These processes are resulted by disturbance of production dihydrofolic, and after and tetrahydrofolic acid that leads to disorder of synthesizing of nucleic acids. Activity of streptocide is shown concerning many both gram-negative, and gram-positive cocci which can be the cause of acne rash.

A thin film of Streptotsidovy ointment needs to be applied on problem skin areas, up to deflorescence. The exact duration of such treatment is determined by the dermatologist.

Metrogil gel

МетрогилActive ingredient of Metrogilmetronidazole, this synthetic antiprotozoan and antimicrobic means from group of imidazoles possessing enough broad spectrum of activity.

At local use Metronidazole is characterized by the antiacne effects, with thoroughly unknown mechanism of action. Outwardly the applied metronidazole, perhaps, shows antioxidant activity. It is precisely established that this drug considerably reduces development by neutrophils of the hydroxylic radicals, active oxygen and hydrogen of peroxide which are potential oxidizers which in the field of an inflammation are capable to lead to damage of fabrics.

Gel Metrogil should be applied on the struck in advance cleared integuments twice a day with a thin layer for 3-9 weeks. The average duration of such therapy is equal to 3-4 months. The beginning of efficiency of treatment falls on the 3rd week of use of gel.

Ugrin tincture

Drug Ugrin represents various plants tincture (a celandine, a camomile a yarrow, a lavender, a calendula, a tansy, mint) in 40% ethanol. The expressed wound healing, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory efficiency focused on the skin surfaces infected with eels is inherent in this tincture. At the same time drug negatively does not influence healthy skin, does not lead to a hyperemia, a burning/itch and dryness of epidermal covers.

Tincture is applied exclusively outwardly, moistening with a small amount of drug a cotton plug with which wipe problem areas of skin. Tincture has to remain on integuments for 1,5-2 hours. To patients is more senior than 12 years appoint usually 3-5 such wipings during the day. Duration of therapy varies within 3-15 days.

Dimexidum solution/gel

ДимексидThe outside antiinflammatory remedy including active ingredient – a dimethyl sulfoxide which is characterized by analgetic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobic action. Influencing integuments, the dimethyl sulfoxide inactivates hydroxylic radicals and improves the metabolic processes which are taking place in the inflammation center.

Patients since 12 years need to apply at 24 o'clock 1-2 times previously weak solution or gel on the skin which underwent an inflammation. Duration of such therapy, as a rule, makes 10-14 days.

Ichthyolum ointment

Ichthyolum or Ikhtammol is also antiinflammatory medicine which accelerates processes of maturing of furuncles and possesses the local anesthetizing, irritating and keratoplastichesky action.

It is necessary to apply this ointment 1-2 times a day on in advance disinfected problem skin. Duration of treatment is individual.

Other means

ФенистилCarry to other protivopryshchevy means mono - or the combined drugs including active ingredients from various medicinal or other groups. Their use is reasonable in case of influence of active ingredient of the applied funds for an origin of spots.

As a rule, side effects of similar means are limited to rare allergic reactions from integuments of the patient and disappear independently.

Usually such means are outside and are often provided by Dietary supplements (A fresh-water sponge, Cosmetic clay), drugs with antiallergic components (Fenistil, Psilo-balzam), cosmetics (Sledotsid, Innoskin), or "talkers "whose recipe is written out by the dermatologist, based on an etiology of observed rash.

Fresh-water sponge

БадягаOne of the cheapest money which are applied against acne rash which is earned from the fresh-water sponge consisting of colonies of coelenterates organisms (Ephydatia fliviatilis, Spongilla lacustris fragilis) families badyagovy.

Represents the dry brown powder intended for mixing with water before receiving peculiar "gruel". Action of the Fresh-water sponge is shown thanks to silicon needles as a part of a sponge which mechanically irritate integuments.

The prepared "gruel" should be applied on the unimpaired inflamed skin areas, to maintain about 10 minutes then completely to wash away water. Such procedures need to be carried out up to disappearance of spots.

Cosmetic clay

Masks from powder of Cosmetic clay which can be various flowers (white, green, black, red, yellow, blue) proved as an excellent supportive application in fight against spots. What clay the most effective will depend on type of skin of the patient and the rashes observed at it in this connection, before its use it is necessary to consult at the dermatologist or the cosmetologist. As a rule, all types of clay possess the drying, clearing, disinfecting and healing action.

For production of a mask it is necessary to dilute clay powder with water before formation of homogeneous mix then to apply it on necessary skin areas. After drying of a mask to keep it on skin of 10-20 more minutes, and then to remove by means of wet or cellulose towel wipes. It is possible to repeat such procedures 2-3 times a week.

Sledotsid mask / krem-gel

Is a part of these means: hyaluronic acid, extracts of arnica, a witch-hazel, green tea, the polysaccharide which is a product of baker's yeast. Their use prevents forming of fresh rash, and also promotes acceleration of disappearance of hyperpegmentation, observable after removal of eels, and to the fastest recovery of integuments.

It is possible to use these cosmetics 2-3 times a day, applying them on areas of skin, already free from acne rash, up to full absorption.

Innoskin gel/tonic/lotion

ИнноскинThe cosmetic Innoskin which is specially created for use in a complex. The clearing gel deletes excess skin fat, pathogenic microorganisms and other pollution from face skin, has antimicrobic and anti-inflammatory effect. The calming tonic regulates production of skin fat, promotes recovery of natural PH balance of integuments, possesses powerful immunomodulatory and antimicrobic efficiency. Organic lotion for a long time moistens skin and protects it from aggressive surrounding factors, is strong antioxidant, stimulates collagen synthesis, prevents premature skin aging, promotes regeneration.

After washing by cold water, apply the clearing gel in the beginning, applying 1-2 of its drops on face skin and gently rubbing the massing movements. In 30 seconds gel is washed away cold water and dry up skin. Further start use of the calming tonic with which wipe a face (especially problem sites) by means of a wadded disk, up to full absorption. The organic lotion applied with a thin layer (1-2 drops) on all surface of face skin completes procedure.


So-called "talkers ", depending on specific features of skin of the patient and the reason of acne rashes, include various medical ingredients in the structure and have to prepare the druggist in a drugstore according to the recipe of the dermatologist.

The most popular recipes are:

  • 50 ml of ethanol (medical alcohol), 5 grams of Levomycetinum (tablet), 5 ml of 2% of salicylic acid, 50 ml of 2% of Boric acid;
  • 4 grams of zinc oxide, 50 ml of 2% of salicylic acid, 4 grams of Erythromycin, 50 ml of 2% of boric acid;
  • 80 ml of Camphoric alcohol, 30 ml of 2% of salicylic acid, 4 tablets of Levomycetinum, 10 tablets of Streptocide.

All ingredients of "talkers" have to be carefully mixed. It is better to apply these mixes in the evening to avoid an excessive xeroderma of the person. It is necessary to apply "talkers" both on the struck integuments, and on the skin sites adjoining to them, for prevention of maturing of new spots.

Folk remedies from spots

Among various recipes of disposal of skin rashes not the last place borrow folk remedies from spots on the face and eels who pass from father to son. Undoubted pluses of such treatment is lack of significant side effects and resistance of a human body to the used drugs, however it is not possible to guarantee efficiency of carrying out such therapy owing to individual reaction of each person to folk remedies.


Активированный угольExcept the oral administration of drugs of this group (Absorbent carbon, Filtrum-STI, Enterosgel and so forth) which is carried out for the purpose of cleaning of intestines for decrease in allocation through a skin time of the harmful substances coming to a gastrointestinal tract with food practice also external use of Absorbent carbon.

In this case from tablets of absorbent carbon prepare the clearing masks, by mixing with warm water and juice of an aloe and bringing such mix to density. The mask prepared thus each three days for 10-15 minutes is applied on the area of skin affected with spots or on all person.

Vegetable infusions

Various vegetable infusions in this case act as supportive applications in therapy of acne rash. Recommend to use infusions of plants with the corresponding useful substances as tonics, masks, lotions and so forth, freezing them in the freezer and wiping problem skin in the mornings.

The sense of such procedures consists in natural disinfection of integuments, their cleaning of different types of pollution and the fastest healing of some inflamed skin elements. Such infusions can be applied without restrictions, as the only contraindication to their use the allergy to their ingredients can serve.

The list of the recommended plants which is well existing on skin and it is pernicious on spots and eels, includes: plantain, camomile pharmaceutical, oak leaves/bark, calendula, burdock, celandine, birch leaves, train, nettle, raspberry, St. John's Wort, elder.

Preparation of solutions consists in insisting of 2 tablespoons of dry raw materials in 1 liter of boiled water for 10 minutes. It is better to use correctly dried up plants as concentration in them is twice more than useful substances.

Bay leaf

Lotion from laurel leaves disinfects skin and narrows its pores, improves an intracellular metabolism and has high tonic effect. Regular use of this means leads to visible results in 2 weeks.

Lotion is prepared by steaming of a glass of dry laurel leaves in hot water (about 80 °C.) for several hours. After this time solution is filtered and put in the refrigerator for cooling. It is necessary to apply the cooled lotion three times a day.

In case of extensive purulent rashes there can be reasonable a use of tincture of bay leaf for 40% ethanol (vodka). Such solution is prepared in a proportion 1:3 (monasteries/vodka) in the glass capacity which is densely corked and left in the dark room for 14 days. After that lotion needs to be applied on the inflamed skin sites pointwise.


Though this plant most often use as seasoning to food, its salutary impact on skin of the person rather strong. Lotion of parsley is done by means of its crushing and the subsequent squeezing of juice. It is necessary to wipe face skin with not divorced lotion extracted thus for not less than a month. On the termination of this term black points and spots have to disappear, and face skin to get healthier and get an opaque shade.

Tar soap

Quite old remedy based on natural birch tar. Effects of Tar soap perfectly disinfect, dry integuments, and also remove inflammatory process.

Procedures of washing need to be carried out in the morning and in the evening, carefully processing soapsuds face skin (it is allowed to leave for several minutes foam on skin) then to wash away it cold water. The positive take has to be shown on the second week of carrying out such procedures. Long use of tar soap can become a cause of destruction of a natural lipidic layer of skin and its dryness.


This plant is characterized by the expressed healing and bactericidal action. It is used in pure form for what the leaf of an aloe is cut in two and the place of a cut put to the inflamed skin sites (it is possible to use Juice of leaves of the Aloe). The first use of an aloe usually is followed by small burning and discomfort which need to be endured.

Green tea

Effects of green tea are directed to disinfection and healing of problem areas of skin. Also it differs in antioxidant action. Previously made and cooled leaves of tea impose on the affected face skin and cover with the gauze which is also moistened in green tea (without sugar). Such peculiar mask is held on a face of 15 minutes, procedures are repeated twice a week.

Oat flakes

In this case prepare mix from istolchenny oat flakes and equal amount of powdered milk which is applied in the course of washing as a soft srub. In case of everyday use of such mix the positive take can be expected enough soon. For strengthening of effect it is possible to add oil of a tea tree (several drops) to a srub.

Food yeast

The mask is made of food yeast and peroxide of hydrogen by their mixing to a semi-fluid consistence. The prepared mask should be applied accurately on face skin and to leave on it for 10 minutes. Use frequency – 2 times a week.


Many people practice dot processing of spots toothpaste which shows quite good results. Toothpaste rather well dries the inflamed places, and in case of inclusion in its composition of plant extracts promotes the fastest healing of skin.


For this time there is still a set of ways and means of traditional and official medicine anyway of the spots connected with treatment and eels. Some of them really help the person to get rid of this misfortune, others are created for a raising of a rating of this or that producer and have the most mediocre relation to therapy of skin rashes. In this regard the people who are really suffering from acne rash can advise to turn less attention to various video or other material of obviously advertizing character as often such advertizing serves as the purpose of simple generation of profit and does not bear in itself reliable information.

Exclusively qualified dermatologist has to be engaged in a problem of spots and eels and only in this case it is possible with a high share of probability to predict not only their disappearance, but also safety of health of integuments.

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