How to get rid of spots?

There is a set of ways and methods of disposal of the spots and eels who were so preventing us to live. In a pursuit of ideal skin, we are ready to be ready to do anything, to buy any means which are actively advertized in mass media as the miracle drugs in a flash relieving of hated spots. But, alas, not always these means, really, are effective. Meanwhile methods of traditional medicine are widely applied in cosmetology to disposal of this illness. Here the most widespread of them.

How to get rid of spots, using methods of traditional medicine?

1 way

We take 3-4 tablespoons of the dry crushed flowers and leaves of a St. John's Wort, we fill in 200 ml of olive or vegetable oil, and we leave for 2-3 weeks in the dark place. Or we place mix on a steam bath for 20 minutes. The prepared mask is put on a face (within 2 weeks). Attention! In sunny days, when using this mask, it is necessary to use sunblock creams since the St. John's Wort increases sensitivity of skin!

2 way

To take 3-4 spoons of small cut cucumbers and to fill in them 1 glasses of abrupt boiled water, within 2-3 hours to insist. That there was no deposit, filter through a gauze. We add 1 teaspoon of honey to the purified liquid, and we stir before full dissolution. To wipe a face with this structure after each washing.

Как избавиться от прыщей?3 way

For clarification of skin from eels it is possible to prepare cream in house conditions. For this purpose we take 1 part of juice of fresh leaves of raspberry on 4 parts of vaseline, carefully we mix and we put on a face for 5 minutes once a day.

4 way

To place fresh petals of a white lily in a bottle, to fill in them with 1:1 vodka or the diluted alcohol, to insist within two weeks. We wipe a face daily, before going to bed!

5 way

To rub a ripe quince and to put in the form of a mask on a face for 15-20 minutes. Such mask is very effective at acne rash.

6 way

To add 1 teaspoon of Tinctura Calendulae to 200 ml of boiled water and as much honey. Carefully to mix all this before full dissolution of honey. In this solution it is necessary to moisten a wadded disk and to put it on affected areas of skin on half of hour.

7 way

Also for lotions and wipings it is possible to use the following broth. To boil a glass of water and to fill 1 spoon of the dried-up St. John's Wort leaves in the boiling water. To boil on slow fire within 20 minutes, after that instantly to filter. To wipe a face before going to bed daily.

8 way

Also for disposal of acne rash it is necessary to adhere to some diets. For example, a fruit diet which it is necessary to adhere within three days, with breaks between diets in 1 month. During a diet exclude from a smoked product diet, fat meat and fish, sugar, coffee and strong tea, eggs, preservation.

Как избавиться от прыщей?It is necessary to eat food enriched with cellulose that promotes prevention of a blockage of a time. The main menus has to include sour-milk products, vegetables and fruit. In a diet there has to be enough vitamins, especially, of vitamin A. On an empty stomach it is very useful to drink carrot juice. It is recommended to use rye bread of a rough grinding.

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