How to get rid of bruises

Bruises (hematomas) develop on a body of the person owing to blows, injuries, damages. Because of injuries blood vessels burst, and under integuments blood spreads. As a result, there is a swelling, skin color changes, the person feels the expressed morbidity.

Origins of bruises

Emergence of bruises on integuments is more often observed at those people on whom certain factors act. Elderly people as their skin becomes thinner with age are more inclined to emergence of hematomas. Gradually there is a destruction of connecting fabric, blood vessels become more brittle.

People who got used to stay under direct beams of the sun throughout a long time are also more inclined to emergence of bruises. Hematomas develop more often at those who accept many medicines, in particular, those which liquefy blood.

At the women who entered the menopause period in an organism shortage of estrogen is noted. The hormonal imbalance leads to many changes including to bigger tendency to formation of hematomas on a body.

Under the influence of all reasons stated above there is a damage of the connecting fabric protecting capillaries. Elasticity of vessels is lost, and even rather light touch can provoke emergence of hematomas.

Shadows under the eyes are observed at the people having genetic predisposition to this phenomenon. The people having diseases of a liver, kidneys, hearts, vessels, urinogenital system are inclined to emergence of such bruises also.

How quickly to get rid of bruises?

Синяки на телеAccording to physicians, the usual hematoma has to disappear by itself for several days or weeks, depending on extensiveness of defeat. Gradually bruise changes the color. Initially it blue-red, later a hematoma becomes blackish and gradually changes a shade to yellowish-green. At the same time fast treatment of shadows under the eyes is hardly possible. To reduce expressiveness of this phenomenon, it is necessary to carry out special procedures regularly.

Than below on a body of the person the hematoma developed, especially slowly it passes. Bigger pressure of the circulating blood is put upon vessels of legs. Therefore grazes and wounds standing bleed more intensively.

How to get rid of bruises on a face and on other parts of a body, it is necessary to care at once after getting injured. That bruise from blow did not develop or, at least, was less extensive, it is necessary to put at once after blow ice or cold to the place of defeat. Under the influence of cold vessels actively contract therefore a fast way of the help — to wrap ice in fabric and to keep about the place of blow not less than 10 minutes. Such procedure needs to be carried out several times with an interval at two o'clock. This way can be used only right after an injury, it will not help to get rid of old bruises.

Days later after getting injured bruise over an eye, on a nose or in other place already completely forms. How quickly to get rid of bruises during this period, "prompt" features of functioning of circulatory system. Vessels need to be expanded that the collected liquid and blood cells were carried away on them quicker. For this purpose heat is put to the place of a bruise: approximately for 20 minutes it is possible to put a warm hot-water bottle to a hematoma. Such procedure is done three times a day. By the way, heat can prevent bruise from a prick, both at the adult, and at the child. That on a bottom there was no bruise after an injection, it is necessary to take several minutes a warm hot-water bottle for improvement of process of a rassasyvaniye.

If the bruise fell on an extremity, then the area of an injury should be tightened urgently an elastic roller. This way will help to avoid blood leak, and as a result bruise will not be strongly expressed.

Bruises from spots clean up not easy therefore best of all — not to allow their emergence, that is not to press spots. To reduce their manifestation, face cleaning by means of special cosmetics, broths of herbs then the creams and gels promoting a rassasyvaniye of bruises are used is initially carried out.

Ideally from shadows under the eyes, on a face and on other parts of a body the doctor who performed previously inspection has to advise the best cream. Peculiar "ambulance" from hematomas — the creams containing vitamin K. Cream from bruises and bruises with this vitamin gets through integuments and promotes active splitting of the flowed-out blood. Such means needs to be rubbed right after an injury, and then — twice a day until bruise disappears. By the way, the food rich with vitamin K does not influence treatment of hematomas as concentration of the received vitamin has enough for so effective influence. The substances liquefying blood are a part of cream bruise-off. It quickly gets into skin, liquefies blood clots and promotes removal of an inflammation.

Методы быстрого избавления от синяковConsidering that hematomas very often develop at small children in view of their mobility, in the first-aid kit of conscious parents there has to be also the best bruises ointment for children. It is possible to process bruises which developed at the child ointments Troxevasinum, Sinyak-off, Traumel With, the Rescuer. Also Unguentum Heparini from bruises and bruises is effective. Responses of those who used these bruises medicines, demonstrate that hematomas on a face and on other parts of a body of the child after their regular obrabatyvaniye disappear quicker. What bruises and hematomas ointment suits the child best of all, it is possible to ask the pediatrician.

If for you topical issue how to clean bruise on a face, it is possible to try to use any of the listed above ointments. Of course, to clean in 1 day bruise on a body will hardly turn out, but display of hematomas from pricks, bruises and other injuries considerably will decrease.

If it is impossible to clean bruise from eyes, it is worth using some time the special masking means having yellowish color. Them it is possible get in a drugstore. By means of such means it is possible to disguise bruise not only on a face, but also on a hand, and on other parts of a body.

It is much easier to answer a question how to clean bruises standing. They are less noticeable therefore it is rather easy to disguise such hematomas under clothes. Advising how to clean bruise from blow, the doctor can suggest to apply a yodovy grid on the place of a bruise. This method accelerates process of healing of hematomas. However it is necessary to consider that the grid should be done of weak solution. It is a lot of councils about what it is possible to clean hematomas, also traditional medicine gives. But before defining how quickly to clean bruise house conditions, it is necessary to make sure that the hematoma does not constitute health hazard of the person.

How to get rid of bruises by means of national methods?

It is possible to try to find the best bruises and hematomas medicine, having taken advice of traditional medicine. It is possible to get rid of bruises in house conditions by means of grass infusions and broths. An effective remedy from bruises and bruises on a face and on other body parts — lotions from a calendula, a St. John's Wort, camomiles. It is possible to add several drops of aromatic oil to broth. Fast bruises medicine is a compress with nonsense powder which can be bought in a drugstore. One more plant from which it is possible to prepare effective house remedy from hematomas — arnica. On the basis of this grass make some homeopathic medicines, it is possible to make infusion of arnica for compresses and in house conditions.

Folk remedies from bruises can be applied at once after getting injured. Massage with essential oils which are near at hand will help to reduce bruise. Best of all oil of a calendula, rosemary, a lavender, a thyme is suitable for such procedure. After an injury such massage needs to be done by very easy movements, previously having put 1-2 drops of oil. In the next days the massage movements have to be more intensive.

Helps to clean pain and a hematoma after a bruise a compress from parsley leaves. Fresh leaves of this plant should be put to the place of blow and to cover with a film. As a compress to the place of a hematoma traditional medicine advises to apply also leaves of cabbage. Before doing a compress, a leaf it is necessary to break or whip a little with a knife that juice was more intensively absorbed in skin. On skin the leaf can be held until it does not dry up.

How to get rid of shadows under the eyes?

Как избавиться от синяковBefore taking measures for elimination of shadows under the eyes, it is necessary to define for what reason such bruises developed. In most cases emergence of shadows under the eyes is connected with the following reasons: diseases of kidneys, hearts, chronic sleep debt. If the person had expressed shadows under the eyes, then, first of all, it is necessary to pay attention to a state of health. At suspicion on failures in work of internals surely it is necessary to visit the doctor and to pass all necessary inspections. In the presence of an illness which symptom are shadows under the eyes it is necessary to carry out complex treatment of an illness according to the scheme appointed by the doctor. If emergence of bruises is connected with the expressed fatigue, it is necessary to reconsider a day regimen, to increase a number of hours of a dream and to reduce the level of exercise and intellectual stresses. It is necessary to sleep not less than 7-8 hours every day. It is important to refuse addictions — smoking, regular alcohol intake.

At some people shadows under the eyes appear in connection with features of integuments. Skin near eyes in itself is thin and sensitive, besides the person can have a hereditary tendency to damage of the thinnest capillaries that leads to darkening of area around eyes.

To reduce expressiveness of shadows under the eyes, it is possible to complete a course of the cosmetic procedures promoting microcirculation improvement, strengthening of vessels, increase of elasticity of integuments. Such procedures are carried out in cosmetology clinics and salons. The professional cosmetologist will perform inspection and, depending on specific features, will appoint carrying out necessary manipulations. It can be lymphatic drainage procedures, a peeling, a mesotherapy, etc.

In house conditions to reduce manifestations of shadows under the eyes it is possible by means of creams which contain a large number of flavonoids, peptides, vitamin C. In the mornings it is possible to do a light massage in the direction from a temple to a nose bridge. After massage it is necessary to use cream.

When it is necessary to see a doctor?

It is necessary to consult with the specialist if on a body very big hematoma owing to a serious injury developed, at the same time bruise brings pain, discomfort, limits mobility of a joint. It is worth passing inspection to those people who on a body have bruises without the expressed reason. If hematomas without the reason began to develop at those who accept high doses of aspirin or other anesthetic of drug, it is necessary to tell about it to the doctor that it corrected treatment.

If big painful bruise developed during the postoperative period, it is necessary to show surely a hematoma to the surgeon who performed operation.

How to prevent formation of bruises on a body?

To avoid emergence of hematomas on a body, it is always necessary to be careful at movement, a physical activity, not to allow injuries. However such prevention insufficiently. It is required to take constantly measures which promote strengthening of vessels. It is necessary to enter into a food allowance surely those products which contain a lot of zinc, vitamins K, With, D and E. Eto vegetables of green color, fat fish, a citrus, pineapples. It is periodically possible to accept vitamin complexes, however before such preventive treatment it is necessary to consult to the therapist. It is periodically possible to use also the cosmetics containing vitamin C. Besides, it is necessary to take also other well-known measures directed to immunity strengthening.

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