How to get rid of freckles

With arrival of heat, we try to set up the person under sunshine. So there is a wish to receive the first suntan and the sea of a positive, but, as a rule, some instead of good mood receive in an award red specks on a face and a question how to get rid of freckles. And yet nothing terrible if face freckles were located small scatterings, giving to an image of children's enthusiasm, but most often they are formed on all person and a neck, have dark color, and can merge among themselves why beauty of your neck and person suffers.

What is freckles? This accumulation in cells of skin of grains of a dark pigment of melanin. Melanin is formed of tyrosine which is the making amino acid of proteins in skin cells.

Under the influence of ultraviolet rays melanin is formed of tyrosine, and skin gets a dark shade – suntan. Uneven distribution of tyrosine leads to formation of freckles under the influence of sunshine. In certain cases freckles can be constant on a face, it comes from spontaneous transformation of tyrosine.

There are they as you for certain know, not at all people. Their education is caused genetically, most often their emergence is connected with light type of appearance. Their emergence is not a deviation, it is also normal as red hair and green eyes, they cannot be considered as skin diseases. Have the most saturated color of a freckle at people of 20-25 years, later they brighten, but they become more.

How to avoid emergence of freckles?

The first measure of prevention of emergence of freckles it to hide a face from direct sunshine. It is worth wearing a wide-brimmed hat in the flying. Of course, it is more convenient to put on it at the dacha, the beach or country walk, but there are cases when the hat well does not fit into an image in any way. In that case face creams with protective UV filters will help. Some such creams possess rather strong protective properties. But if to be saved from freckles did not leave, and they to you do not go at all, there are two ways, or to disguise them, having sunbathed stronger, or will get rid of them.

How will get rid of freckles?

There is a large number of special masks and lotions for whitening of skin and fight against freckles. But at the choice of such means it is necessary to be extremely attentive. Many of them are intended only for one type of skin, and others possess too strong action. If you have an inclined skin to irritation better not to use such lotions and masks against freckles. Special acids which irritate skin are a part of the majority of the bleaching lotions. These means in certain cases and to people with dry type of skin do not approach.

National methods of controlling with freckles can be alternative to the cosmetic bleaching means. Many of these recipes are applied more than hundred years and proved the efficiency. Folk remedies do not irritate skin and except whitening give also nutritious effect. It is necessary to apply these recipes in the evening before going to bed as after masks it is impossible to come to the sun, they will not bring the expected result.

National methods of controlling with freckles

The most popular means of fight against freckles is the cucumber mask. The cleared cucumbers to cut and lay on the person. In 15-20 minutes to remove and wipe skin with cucumber juice. The second popular method to grease freckles with lemon juice. By means of a wadding stick juice of a lemon is applied on each freckle, in 15 min. is washed away. You should not put juice on all face as skin will become much lighter, and freckles will be allocated all the same. It is possible to put a mask from lemon juice and potato starch on all face, in the ratio 1:1, no more than for five minutes then to wash away warm water. It is impossible to use citric acid instead of fresh lemon juice at all, it is possible to get serious burns of skin.

The bleaching effect also the mask from yeast has, besides it gives additional food to cells. The mask is done depending on skin type, at fat type yeast parts 3% with hydrogen peroxide solution, it gives the chance to dry skin and to avoid irritation. At normal type of skin use simple warm water, and for dry yeast parts with milk. The mask is put before full drying then it is washed away by a tampon and boiled water.

Masks against freckles do with addition of berry, vegetable and fruit juice. Juice of a quince, wild strawberry, raspberry, a radish, grapefruit, parsley have the bleaching effect. The good result is yielded also by fermented milk products: cottage cheese, kefir, curdled milk. National methods of controlling with freckles have several hundred reliable and efficient recipes among which it is possible to choose that which will suit your skin.

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