How to get rid of a dentagra?

Perhaps, there is no person on the earth who, who does not know what is a dentagra. And of course, most of people, tries to postpone as much as possible the campaign to the stomatologist. Here It should be noted that perhaps not in each case everything is so deplorable that there is no opportunity to do without medical intervention. If to try to address recipes of traditional medicine, then perhaps you will find a way out of the developed difficult situation. Let's consider several receptions and methods of elimination of a dentagra. So,

How to get rid of a dentagra?

Quite effective remedy against tooth pain the plantain root is considered. It is necessary to place it in an ear, on that side of a cheek where there is a painful tooth and to keep it there so far pain will not cease. It has to disappear in half an hour.

Kill a dentagra, and also clear fresh leaves of a marjoram or a kalanchoe which need to be chewed in a mouth of an undesirable dental calculus. Also burning red pepper is good for a local anesthesia, it possesses property to reduce pain.

Also, to kill pain, it is possible to put to tooth of garlic teeth. After that it is necessary to rub with garlic in a wrist on both hands from the inside. Or carefully to crush garlic and to put the gruel received from it to the place of definition of pulse and to bandage densely. Before you apply garlic to a hand it is necessary to cover a wrist with a napkin. If the painful tooth is on the right side, garlic is put to the left hand and vice versa.

Fresh garlic is efficient means also in case of loss of a seal and lack of a possibility of visit of an office of the stomatologist. The wadded balls impregnated with liquid extract of garlic can also relieve a dentagra. For this purpose it is necessary from bandage or cotton wool to impregnate a tampon with garlick oil, then to put to the inflamed gingiva or to a painful tooth for 10 — 20 minutes. If you are disturbed by a dentagra, procedure should be repeated in 2 hours.

At periodontosis carry out 15 — 20 applications. In 6 months the course is repeated. In case of a severe form of periodontosis carrying out the 3rd course in 6 months is possible. But be careful, at long use it is possible to get burn of a mucous membrane!

One more means from a dentagra is a cat's pad. Collect a grass when it passes blossoming, dry up, crush and smoke. After several times of smoking pain gradually abates, and absolutely passes, without reminding of itself any more.

Perhaps, having armed with these councils and recipes, you will be able in a house situation easily and just to get rid of an unpleasant dentagra. But you should not postpone nevertheless the visit to the stomatologist, pain is, some kind of, a signal for visit of an office of the dentist for preservation of health of your teeth.

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