How not to catch a cold because of the conditioner in the car?

There came the summer, and together with it it came to the cities and villages – a wearisome and all-consuming heat. Many, escaping from its influence, hide in cars, using conditioners and various climate-kontroli very popular recently.

For certain, each car owner ever got sick with cold in the flying, being perplexed why a heat circle, and the diagnosis of "ORZ" — here. As the reason for that serves that savior from a heat — the conditioner, the every time immersing us in the atmosphere of cool comfort. Cold, quinsy, etc. become result of what. How to avoid these effects?

Physicians claim that the disease comes not because of the conditioner specifically, and because of sharp difference of temperatures. When in the car at full capacity of cooling the conditioner works, at an exit at 30 a-degree heat, the organism of the car owner has a stress. The safest difference of temperatures are indications of the thermometer in 3-5 degrees.

Как не простудиться из-за кондиционера в автомобиле?Specialists suggest to follow some rules in order to avoid a disease of cold. The basic rule to which it is necessary to adhere is not to turn on the conditioner at full capacity directly after landing in the car. It is recommended "to banish" within 15 minutes the conditioner at low powers, gradually cooling air in a car. The maximum indicator on the conditioner panel at the same time should not exceed 24 degrees.

Including system of aeration of the car, a window it is necessary to close. Otherwise there is an effect of "double draft" that is fraught with a cold disease, and also can lead to breakdown of the equipment since any conditioner is not intended for cooling of a "open" car and will not sustain the raised loading.

Regulating system of flows of the cooled air, it is necessary to adjust it so that the stream of an obduv was not directed neither to the driver, nor to passengers.

Also specialists recommend to make sanitation of central air of the car, to timely make replacement of air filters. Many motorists neglect this rule, believing that if the conditioner cools air, so it is operational and does not demand additional leaving. But it, alas, not so.

Как не простудиться из-за кондиционера в автомобиле?In system of air offtakes of the conditioner any "living creatures" — a mold, microorganisms, causative agents of infections can accumulate, quite often all this is followed by an unpleasant smell. Cases of meningitis because of the "dirty" conditioner are known. At its inclusion microbes with ease extend on inside of the car, getting into lungs both the driver, and his passengers.

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