How to clear face skin in house conditions?

As often black points on a face spoil both mood, and even iridescent plans. And, they are inherent, unfortunately, not only to teenage age. Certainly, the best way – prevention: daily hygienic procedures with soap, the clearing lotion which is correctly picked up by cream and also the correct food allowance, not for nothing say that we that are that we eat. It concerns, in particular, and skin.

And still trouble under the name "comedones" declares itself with enviable stubbornness. Someone reconciles to these unpleasant spots, having waved a hand on continued fight. And someone goes to professionals – to beauty shop. However, it is impossible to be given, to overcome them quite in power to each lady. And, by the way, even in house conditions.

But unless it is possible most to make such procedure? It is no secret, that even after intervention of the professional cosmetologist face skin, sometimes, suffers – there are not esthetic vmyatinka, scars … Alas – happens and so. But only if you got to not quite conscientious or unskilled specialist. But you unless do harm to yourself favourite? At first you will attentively study rules of face peel, and then you will be without hurrying, accurately to implement all recommendations. And here it is beauty shop at home! It is simpler to use hardware cleaning, of course. But not all have an opportunity to buy such machine. However, the manual way is not worse.

Как очистить лицо в домашних условиях?First rule: no cleaning can be if on a face — inflammatory pustules, spots with so-called white heads or if skin is inflamed. Such procedure is shown only for healthy skin. Previously it is necessary to prepare "base": to apply a usual face scrub, to wipe skin with lotion. On this first stage not less than 3-4 minutes have to leave.

Further – a steam bathtub. It is possible to sweat, of course, just over boiled water, but deliver to both the skin, and yourself several minutes of pleasure and additional advantage – add to grass boiled water. At the same time consider: fat skin will demand "intervention" of a camomile, dry and sensitive it is possible to indulge with a yarrow or a wormwood. Prepare that the second stage will take not less than 10 minutes therefore it is necessary to settle with comfort.

It is better to pour in boiled water with herbs in a deep cup which has to be located at convenient height for your inclined head; take rather big terry towel – it not only will cover the head, but also has to close completely you together with a cup, having created effect of a sauna. And, of course, fix all this very steadily, you do not need accident with a burn? Do not forget: as soon as sweat begins to act – blot it with a pure cotton or linen napkin, but only do not rub! Skin already underwent aggressive influence, you can damage its upper layer.

Как очистить лицо в домашних условиях?And, at last, the third stage – actually cleaning. It is useful to remind: hands are prepared – washed with soap, wiped with alcohol. Ideally – wrap fingers the sterile bandage moistened in 1 percent salicylic acid. At this moment when all time is opened, skin is defenseless before an infection therefore it is so important to observe all hygienic requirements.

Black points are squeezed out by simultaneous pressing from two parties. And the last: do not forget – to wipe about touch-up in conclusion a face with tonic or lotion to pull together a time. If you prefer natural ingredients, then just part lemon juice in water. However, consider – such means clarifies skin.

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