How to tighten breast muscles?

As the statistics testifies, nearly 35% of men pay attention at acquaintance to the woman, first of all, to her breast. In turn, more than 2/3 female representatives quite categorically treat the forms. Most of all they are disturbed by the size and a shape of a breast. However contrary to this statistics, for a strong half of mankind these parameters have no value since how the man perceives the woman, at the same time and her breast, more depends on the owner magnificent and not really forms. – it is correct to give the main thing of.

Often, women find not enough time for this the most attractive, according to men, part of a body. Over time skin loses the natural color, becomes flabby, elasticity of a breast disappears. To avoid such effects it is necessary to understand one: it is necessary to look after skin of a zone of a decollete. Well, we will begin.

Hydrotherapeutic procedures. Alternating douche

Как подтянуть мышцы груди?

Accepting hydrotherapeutic procedures, surely do massage of a breast by means of a shower. It is carried out as follows: roundabouts clockwise within three minutes we direct a water stream to a decollete zone.

It is necessary to begin acceptance of a shower with hot water, and to finish — always cold. The alternating douche promotes improvement blood circulation and increases elasticity of skin of a breast.

Complex exercises

There are many sets of exercises of which it is possible to make an own complex, the most suitable on loading. Daily exercises on ten – guarantee fifteen minutes support of a tone of a breast and strengthening of muscles. There are main exercises which need to be done every day.

Как подтянуть мышцы груди?1. Bend hands in elbows, arrange them before yourself palms to each other in a breast. Pressure one palm another within ten seconds. Repeat exercise eight times.
2. Relax and get up directly, bend brushes to hips, having slightly bent hands in elbows. During ten – fifteen seconds slowly stretch muscles, trying to cramp elbows behind the back. We repeat 4 times.
3. Get up to a wall the person at distance 0,5 meters, and having leaned against a wall palms, try "to get moving forward" as if it within fifteen seconds, then relax, stir up hands. We repeat exercise 6 times.


There are many massages intended for a breast. For example, the Laotian massage is carried out by an Ancient Chinese technique. For carrying out such massage it is necessary to put hands on a breast, having combined the centers of palms with nipples. At first make 9 rotary motions a breast towards the center, then softly press on a breast. To repeat 9 times.

These quite easy and not demanding a huge number of time procedures will help to return former elasticity and attractiveness of skin of a breast.

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