How to dye a hair without "chemistry"?

Many of modern ladies do not imagine how it is possible to look good without the use of cosmetic drugs? How, for example, to achieve a beautiful hair color if not to resort to the help of chemical paint? However, our great-grandmothers who were not knowing a technology delicacy and not having beauty of inventions of chemistry in the arsenal were able to look very good. Of course, thanks to methods of traditional medicine.

Perhaps, if to conduct survey on the street of any modern Russian city, then, generally girls and women will call as natural dye henna yes a camomile. On it our knowledge of natural laboratory of beauty for hair, alas, come to an end. Meanwhile, plants thanks to which it is possible to strengthen, enrich a natural hair color or, on the contrary, to clarify it continue to blossom and breed. Numerous drugstores and esthetic salons offer a wide choice of flowers, fruits, rhizomes – in a word, very rich range of vegetable raw materials. How to understand what is necessary for your hair?

How to dye a hair without chemical dyes?

Already mentioned camomile clarifies hair. However, experts on ancient national recipes advise to mix its flowers with nettle roots — on one tablespoon, to fill in with liter of water and to receive broth with which to rinse hair and, having rolled up the head a towel, to wait for minutes 15-20. However, if you want to gain bright, lasting effect, then it is only the first stage of procedure. Having removed a towel, hair should be dried up (better in the natural way, but not hot air from the hair dryer), and then to rinse with essence only from a camomile (parts of flowers and water undertake equally). In an hour to repeat rinsing, having prepared camomile infusion: to fill in couple of tablespoons of flower heads with a glass of boiled water, having taken infusion of minutes 20.

It is interesting that camomile broth not bad copes also with a gray hair: a half-glass of inflorescences to fill in with a half of liter of boiled water and to insist within half an hour, to filter, moisten with this solution hair and to take it to about an hour. Not less curiously and the fact that these florets will help to replace image, for example, to dark-haired ladies: in half of liter of water to boil minutes 10 about 200 grams of a camomile, to filter, moisten hair, leaving broth for about 40 minutes, then to rinse.

Very quite good result is yielded also by a usual onions peel. If to prepare broth from it, then on a fair hair it is possible to receive very beautiful golden shade with a little chocolate shade. For this purpose 30 grams of a peel fill in with a glass of warm water and boil 20 minutes. Further – broth to filter, add to it 3-4 spoons of glycerin. However, for achievement of due effect it is necessary to have patience: hair should be moistened with the prepared mix during a half moon.

For dark hair take juice of an external cover of a walnut – that green kozhurka. Any very strong tea is effective in fight against a gray hair. Indigofera Argentea – the Latin name of macrotherm which at us is much more known as a basm and which too as natural raw materials is very effective for dark hair.

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