How to make massage a foot?

To make massage a foot put under a knee massed the roller, or the person can lay down on a stomach, and then put the high roller directly under an ankle joint. Or, it can be mutual massage of feet, too it is very convenient and pleasant. For this purpose you with the partner lay down the friend opposite to the friend, and everyone puts foot on the partner's breast, is slightly higher than an abdominal brain, in order to avoid the discomfortable pressure upon internals.

Important condition — the sheer relaxation, as well as at any other massage. In the room it has to be comfortable in every respect, for achievement of the best therapeutic effect it is possible to use an aromatherapy. On foot there are a lot of such points and nervous connections which directly influence work of internals, and a psychological spirit.

How to make massage a foot?

Pound foot and an ankle joint oil with pleasant aroma which will increase effect of a relaxation. Holding the foot arch with one palm, another warm foot, active grinding by all surface of your palm. Then alternate grinding of foot and massaging of falang of fingers. Having warmed properly foot, mass each finger from a nail to the basis. It is possible return progress with pleasant pressing, a finger, then on top bottom, then as if the twisting movement on each side. Already each finger.

It is very useful to take a phalanx, and the sliding movement to mass only it. Oil in it the irreplaceable assistant. Later, a hand thumb, with pressing, mass roundabouts at first more and more rough places on foot, then all gentle places. On rough places press more feasibly, skin there thick, and our task not only blood to warm, but also to promassirovat properly all necessary points and nervous connections.

Put fingers of hands between toes, having well oiled, and move so fingers slowly, ten times – fifteen. Take an Achilles' tendon and mass about a minute up-down. Roundabouts carefully to a promassiruyta around stones of an ankle joint. Take one hand for foot, and another for an anklebone, and twist foot round its pivot-center at first to the right, then to the left. Then extend foot as at the ballerina, stroke the rubbing movements on a joint, then on the contrary, pull foot in an iron pose.

You can make to yourself massage and independently. The easiest way is a walking on a mowed grass or pebble barefoot. It not only massage, but also energy of the earth. If the situation is in the winter, then do not walk on pebble. Then it is possible to take a small box in which with ease your feet are located and to fill there, for example haricot or peas. Later, standing, shift from one foot to the other, pain will not become dull yet. It takes about 10-15 minutes.

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