How to make nails healthy and well-groomed?

Well-groomed and beautiful, but the main thing – healthy nails are represented to each woman and the girl integral a component of a perfect image to which she aims to correspond. Beauty shops carry out a set of manipulations on decoration of nails, but not all of them are for them useful.

Nail extension procedure demanded and fashionable today often exhausts them and if nails by nature are not strong, then constantly applied building can aggravate all problems and injure own nails. Often salons offer also services in strengthening and treatment of nails, but it is possible and in house conditions to make a lot of things for improvement of their look and health.

Fruit, namely fruit acids are widely used in production of means for care of nails, both of a cuticle, and of a nail plate. A natural source of these acids are fruits of a citrus, and the champion by amount of substances, useful to nails, grapefruit is considered. The white pulp which is some kind of wrong side of a peel of grapefruit contain unique fruit acids which not only strengthen nails, but also smooth a cuticle, doing it elastic and equal.

For carrying out the procedure strengthening nails it is necessary to cut off a piece of a peel of this fruit and in the direction from a nail tip to its basis to wipe a nail plate, softly pressing the cuticle framing a nail, aiming to give it the correct form. The cuticle does not need to be separated from a nail surface as it happens before carrying out cut manicure, namely to remove softly along this surface. It is desirable to make procedure a constant and to carry out daily, it is absolutely easy, especially when its salutary influence will become noticeable.

It is very useful also in the course of cleaning of grapefruit as if to stick nails into white pulp of a peel, it will allow to strengthen also tips of nails. Of course, it is better if nails at the same time are not varnished, but also otherwise the cuticle and tips of nails will absorb useful substances. And the type of a cuticle becomes more well-groomed and accurate directly in the eyes. This procedure is similar to a peculiar express manicure and especially will help out in a case when before a responsible exit nails need to give the corresponding look urgently.

It is impossible to forget also about food stuffs, necessary for health of nails. Dairy products and cheese rich with calcium concern to them. Very much  the polyunsaturated fatty acids which are contained in sea fish and also porridges and garnishes from whole cereals, such as oat-flakes or buckwheat cereal help to strengthen nails. Microelements of crude fruit will also make salutary impact on a state and a type of nails.

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