How to make a dream healthy?

The dream and especially its quality influence health of the person, perhaps, as nothing else. And quite recently scientists proved that quality of a dream influences our memory. Such conclusion was made by researchers who on the basis of Stanford University (Great Britain) made experiments with rodents.

At first experimental mice were placed in a cell with objects, new to them, and allowed to get used to them. Then mice were lulled and to a half of them did not allow to fall asleep strong, using light impulses, after that they were returned to an initial cell. Those from examinees of mice whose dream was strong, learned a situation at once, and those whose dream disturbed, began to study a cell so as if she is not familiar to them.

Even if rodents react thus to sleep disorders that is tested in that case by the person Problemy are familiar with a dream to all of us, many not on a naslyshka know that it "sleeplessness ".

How to make a dream healthy?

For this purpose it is necessary to avoid an overeating and, especially, to overeat before going to bed since work of digestion during a dream is slowed down and it creates additional loading for heart and lungs. It is necessary to eat not later, than in two-four hours prior to a dream.

One more hindrance for sound sleep is a large amount of the drunk liquid, it forces us to wake up and rise several times in a night.

But most often the normal dream is disturbed by our thoughts connected with the events endured earlier which we perceive as trouble.

Simplest in such cases to accept sleeping pill, but these drugs cause accustoming.   Meditation, an aromatherapy and the weakening massage are much more effective and useful to health of occupation pranayamy (respiratory gymnastics).

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