How to keep youth of hands?

Well-groomed and young hands — a subject of dreams of many women. Nothing as except skin of hands, so does not speak about true age of their owner. Why skin of hands grows old? Therefore, why also all organism, on the one hand. But, with another, skin of hands is most of all subject to influence of external environment (tap water, various household chemical means, etc.), and, as a result, infinite moistening cream, in attempt to artificially balance what is artificially put out of action.

Too often moistening skin of hands (water or special creams), we break natural balance of fats and proteins in the place of intensive influence where there is a deficit of water and reproduction of young cells in a basal layer of epidermis decreases. Microcirculation in capillaries is broken, melanocytes (the special cells developing a special pigment – melanin) are worse developed that reduces protection of skin.

Disturbances in work of connective tissue cells lead to failure in process of synthesis of elastin and collagen that leads to decrease in elasticity, elasticity and density of skin. Skin of hands grows coarse, becomes dry, deep wrinkles develop.

Uncontrollable and frequent influence of sunshine, in other words – suntan, also promotes the fastest aging of skin. Neutral cells, under the influence of ultraviolet rays turn into free radicals which destroy a cell from within, her death promote.

Temperature differences, crusting, aggressive cosmetics – all this promotes an early and fast aggravation of symptoms of skin, in other words – skin of hands grows old. Therefore it is very important already at young age preventively to look after hands and to protect skin of hands, for example, not bad already at early age to get a habit to wash the dishes and to carry out other affairs master's in rubber gloves. In turn, it is necessary to turn them time in three-four days inside out, to erase and dry.

Hands before putting on gloves, it is useful to grease with a thin layer of vegetable oil. In order to avoid accustoming to a certain oil, it should be changed from time to time , it can sometimes be vaseline, sometimes glyceric oil, castor oil, oil of peach stones and other. The choice is huge for today. That hands entered such oiled gloves more simply, it is possible to get a small box in kitchen with starch and to periodically put on gloves with oil, with starch. It also softens skin. Or to use one-time medical unsterile gloves, having bought them wholesale for the house purposes.

At cold weather approach, surely you wear gloves, it is desirable from natural material. During a summer time avoid suntan under direct sunshine. Regularly do the softening trays for hands then process them a srub to remove the died-off cells interfering absorption of oils and nutritious creams.

Use creams with sun-protection filters, for prevention of emergence of pigmentation. Massage of brushes will remove erubescence of hands if it is connected with microcirculation disturbance. Massage is useful not only to capillaries, but also to inflow of fresh blood to skin of hands, recovery of exchange processes in fabrics that also promotes improvement of outward of your hands.

Section: Cosmetology