How to keep a liver healthy for many years?

The liver plays a special role for our organism. It neutralizes the toxic agents getting to an organism, filters blood, carries out a role of a powerful clearing construction of our organism. At everything at the same time, it is very vulnerable. If you are constantly pursued by bitterness in a mouth, pain in right hypochondrium disturbs, so there is an occasion to see a doctor for inspection of a liver.

The huge role in preservation of a liver is played by a healthy lifestyle and food. Let's understand that the liver "loves" and that ruins it and destroys.

What is useful for a liver?

The liver "loves":

— fast fish — a cod, a trout, a pike perch.
— low-fat meat — veal, a turkey, chicken.
— vegetables — carrots, beet, cabbage, vegetable marrows, pumpkin, greens.
— fruit and dried fruits — bananas, dried apricots, a fig, raisin, prunes.
— honey — from all sweets honey is most preferable to a liver.
— soups — generally vegetable, without hot spices.
— the salads, vinaigrettes filled with sunflower or olive oil.
— cheese, cottage cheese and all fermented milk products.
— natural, sezhevyzhaty juice.
— mineral water, and, not butylirovanny, and directly, from sources.
— the filtered water.
— the sets of exercises promoting clarification of an organism. And in general, the liver loves active lifestyle.
— positive emotions and positive spirit.
— vitamins of group B.
— one-time syringes at injections and individual objects of personal hygiene.
— the vegetable and grass infusion for prevention accepted by courses. For example; immortelle flowers, a peppermint, flowers of a marigold, a glycyrrhiza root, hips in equal proportions. 4 tablespoons of collecting fill in with 1 liter of abrupt boiled water and insist 6-8 hours. To drink for half an hour to food on a half-glass small drinks within a month.

What is harmful to a liver?

The liver "does not love":

— butter, fat meat, more pork. The more fat, the more load of a liver.
— vegetables with specific taste — a radish, a radish, garlic, horse-radish.
— acid berries — a cranberry, cowberry.
— marinades and marinated products, pickles, smoking, mustard, spicy ketchup.
— strong coffee without milk.
— hard alcoholic drinks. Sometimes with pleasure will pass through itself quality a little dark beer. On holidays it is permissible without forgetting to take dry red wine, within limits, about danger of an alcoholism disorder.
— a gluttony for the night.
— badly washed up vegetables and fruit.
— any contacts with others blood.
— uncontrolled use of drugs.
— sedentary and lying way of life.
— depression, despondency and discontent.

If to observe these simple recommendations, then the liver will serve faithfully to extreme old age.

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