How to keep "health" of kidneys?

In a human body there are no more or less important bodies. Everything, than the nature awarded us, it is necessary to protect from the youth. However there is a wish to tell about kidneys especially. If the liver – neutralizes harmful substances, then kidneys – bring them out of an organism. Just imagine, two kidneys on 200 grams everyone, process per day more than two hundred liters of blood, filtering it from toxins, microbes, viruses and slags.

Very often we do not pay attention to a slight cold or an indisposition, in time we do not treat teeth, we overheat or on the contrary we overcool and try not to pay attention to the aching pains of the spravy side of a waist. And usually so, problems with kidneys which develop then into serious diseases imperceptibly begin.

How to keep kidneys healthy and efficient for many years?

Kidneys "are loved ":

water, and boiled and in enough, 1,5-2 liters a day, apart from tea, coffee and other drinks. Therefore it is desirable to stock up with the filter for water and to drink the purified water not too to load kidneys. They love cranberry, cowberry fruit drinks too. And here mineral water of a kidney is loved in limited quantity, the salts which are contained in such waters can form stones in an organism.

healthy nutrition,  generally — vegetarian. Pumpkin, carrots, cucumbers, sweet pepper, apples, a water-melon, greens of parsley, spinach, fennel – favourite delicacies of kidneys. Still kidneys love sea fish. But the special preference of a kidney is given to vitamin A therefore periodically indulge the kidneys and accept polyvitamins.

the movement, i.e. dances, gymnastics and various exercises in a waist will be to kidneys only on advantage. For unloading of kidneys it is useful to stand or grabble. At such pose urine outflow is normalized.

dry heat. In dry heat blood vessels extend, and blood supply of kidneys improves. Therefore it is very useful to happen in saunas and to sweat, with various harmful substances are removed then, thereby reducing load of kidneys.

The kidney "is not loved ":

surplus of salt and sugar, overeating, various diets and alcohol. The poet it is better to salt insufficiently food, but absolutely it is impossible to refuse salt not to break water-salt balance of an organism. Do not gorge on for the night and you do not keep to diets. Modern proteinaceous diets are especially harmful to kidneys. They force kidneys to work more intensively, at the same time depriving of them a fatty layer which serves kidneys as a protective cover. Alcohol dehydrates an organism, therefore, destroys kidneys and a liver and causes an acute renal failure.

locks and at the wrong time the emptied bladder. Locks conduct to spasms of muscles of intestines and urinary tract. Stagnation of urine — for microorganisms – a fertile field for reproduction. And it leads to development of pyelonephritis. Therefore, never you suffer also in time to an oporzhnyayta a bladder.

heat and cold. During a heat the organism loses a lot of liquid with then, and the amount of salt output by kidneys does not increase, and it can cause risk of development of an urolithiasis. Overcooling is harmful not only to kidneys. However the cold and dampness first of all beat kidneys and cause inflammatory diseases.

overfatigue and chronic diseases. Overfatigue undermines immunity and endangers kidneys. Do not take uncontrolledly medicine at chronic diseases, you remember that all by-effects of these drugs can damage to kidneys. Kidneys especially badly transfer streptocides.

And finally, council — pay attention to color of the urine.

If urine of red, muddy color, perhaps contains in it blood. It can be a symptom of an infection or tumor. It is necessary to see a doctor at once.

If urine of dark yellow color, then, most likely, you drank not enough liquid and therefore urine, became more dark, concentrated.

If urine of dark brown color, then is one of symptoms of hepatitis. It is necessary to make tests of urine and blood urgently.

If color of urine bluish or greenish, then analyze the diet, perhaps, you ate products with artificial dyes.

In a zone of risk of a disease of kidneys:
— thin and tall persons.
— women of childbearing age.
— men of middle and advanced age.
— all who do not treat in time teeth.
— idlers and sluggards.

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