How to keep teeth beautiful and healthy?

For many problems of teeth and gums are familiar not by hearsay. Visits of dental clinic demand sometimes from the person of huge courage. And often happens so because many got used "to delay" till the last moment when already even the anesthetizing drugs cannot appease pain. To keep teeth healthy and strong, so beautiful, it is possible, following the simple rules.

How to keep teeth beautiful and healthy?

So, health of gums and an adamantine substance of tooth directly depends on hygienic procedures. All the recommendation of dentists — to brush teeth daily in the morning and in the evening is well-known. And it is for this purpose important to have a suitable toothbrush. On reception at the dentist take an interest what brush it is better for you to choose.

Choosing a toothbrush, pay attention to degree of its rigidity. If you have thin enamel, then the rigid brush can damage it. If you have a tendency to formation of dental calculi, then the soft toothbrush will be inefficient. Get rid of a habit to ruminate. If you in a mouth have at least one filling, a chewing gum is contraindicated to you.

Be careful with a tooth thread. If she difficult passes between your teeth, it is necessary to refuse its use at all. Also, using, a dental floss, an opportunity to get injured on a gum is big.

Take for the rule after each meal to eat on a piece of firm cheese. It needs to be done especially after when you eat an acid product. Cheese has ability to neutralize acid.

Enter firm fruit and vegetables into the day diet. At least once during the day eat a cucumber, green apple or carrots. They will perfectly clear teeth of a plaque.

Как сохранить зубы красивыми?Do not forget to drink water between meals. It will wash away the remains of food, coffee, tea and juice which are capable to corrode an adamantine substance of tooth.

If you cannot refuse sweet carbonated drinks, then drink at least them through a straw to avoid contact of aerated water with enamel of teeth. And, therefore, and teeth to a lesser extent will suffer from sweet.

To fans to use the bleaching toothpastes it is necessary to reduce their use to two times within a week. Otherwise the adamantine substance of tooth will be damaged.

Do not forget to clear language of a plaque. Do it by the toothbrush. Language — a favourite habital of many harmful bacteria.

Even if your gingivas are healthy, it is necessary to use toothpaste from periodontosis. For the purpose of prevention it is necessary to brush this paste teeth for a month once in half a year. And if gingivas already bleed, then rinse a mouth broth of a camomile or a sage (1 tablespoon on 1 glass of boiled water) twice a day.

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