How to gather in a stomach after the delivery

Each young mother after overcoming of the first difficulties with the newborn and a svykaniye with the new status begins to think also of how to recover the usual figure. Especially often young mothers worry about how to gather in a stomach after the delivery. It becomes frequent this problem stubborn owing to many reasons. The woman lacks time for performance of physical exercises, and the rigid diet is contraindicated to her in view of breastfeeding. Besides at first young mother generally feels weakened and tired.

The reasons of the drooped stomach after the delivery

During the period after the delivery extra kilos appear on a stomach owing to several reasons. First of all, in the course of pregnancy there is an essential muscle strain on a stomach. Their tone considerably goes down. Besides, many women both during pregnancy, and during breastfeeding of the kid quite often overeat, considering that it is necessary to eat strenuously at this time. Many mothers except usual food often eat up caloric mashed potatoes and other dishes of baby food after the kid. As a result fatty deposits appear on a stomach, even more aggravating a situation. One more factor promoting change of a figure of the woman after the delivery – predisposition of hereditary character. The hereditary favor also in many respects influences whether will appear at the woman of an extension on a stomach after the delivery.

At the same time not always the flat stomach after the delivery appears after the woman dumps, at last, the extra kilos which collected during pregnancy. It is very frequent at women who have weight no more norm, distribution of fat in an organism happens unevenly. And even rather thin lady can quite have the drooped stomach after the delivery. Therefore in this case the defining role is played by the size of a fatty layer.

At the healthy woman indicators of a fatty layer in an organism make about 23-24%. But in the course of incubation of the child there is a serious hormonal reorganization of a female organism, and noticeable increase in a fatty layer as a result takes place. Such situation is quite natural, this layer appears for protection of a fruit against influences from the outside. After the kid is born, fat on a stomach remains. And owing to extension of muscles the stomach can look uneven and not really esthetic. To overcome such situation, it is necessary not only to lower fat percent in an organism, but also to strengthen prelum abdominale muscles.

How to gather in a stomach in the first months after the delivery

Как убрать живот после родовThere are several efficient recommendations concerning how to gather in a stomach after the delivery. Of course, the continuous trainings consisting of the exercises directed to prelum abdominale muscles, and also other, not less important exercises will be the most effective method. But nevertheless the woman who just returned from a maternity home at once should not be engaged in daily trainings. Doctors do not recommend to play intensively sports for two months after the delivery. In the first weeks the woman's uterus is actively recovered and reduced, and dynamic exercises can strengthen pain. Only very easy exercises which intensity will be gradually increased are at first admissible.

For a start it is possible to find every day time for long walks with a carriage. In the course of dynamic movement recovery of a tone of muscles of a prelum abdominale down the street begins. Such initial walks will be good preparation for future serious trainings.

At once after the delivery the woman can drag away a stomach by means of a special puerperal bandage which can be got in a drugstore. But even without carrying a bandage the woman has to remember that the stomach needs to be pulled in constantly. Walking with the child, it is possible to do simple exercises, alternately involving and weakening an abdominal wall. It is necessary to pull in a stomach on an exhalation, and to weaken – on a breath, at the same time breath has to be equal. It is necessary to carry out this exercise several times for day: it will help to gather in a stomach after the delivery much quicker and more effectively. It is gradually necessary to get used to pull in constantly a stomach, standing or during walking. At first it will be difficult to keep it in such situation, but over time the stomach will be already pulled in with ease. Approximately in two months of such exercises there will already be first results, and on the expiration of several more months the flat stomach after the delivery will stop being only dream.

In the course of reception of a shower it is possible to do a peculiar hydromassage, directing a water stream to a stomach and pounding it in such a way. At the same time water has to be moderately cool. Roundabouts need to be carried out clockwise. Such procedure promotes strengthening of a tone of muscles of a stomach.

It is possible to do a hydromassage during bathing in the pool or other reservoir. For this purpose it is necessary to close horizontally palms and to drive them at distance about 4 cm from a stomach up and down. There has to be a feeling of how the wave touches a stomach. Also in the pool it is possible to do exercise for a stomach, having leaned a back against a wall of the pool and holding hands a side. Exercise consists in lifting of the bent knees to a breast in turn. Lowering a leg, it needs to be straightened sharply completely.

Independently it is possible to do massage and after acceptance of a bathtub or a shower. It is for this purpose recommended to use special massage oil, body cream or anti-cellulite oil.

Healthy nutrition for a flat stomach after the delivery

как убрать живот после родовCarrying out a daily set of exercises, the woman has to at the same time try to eat properly and not to overeat. Of course, mother nursing the child should not starve at all. However it is important to enter gradually into the diet a lot of fish, vegetables. It is recommended to use a laminaria. And here it is better to clean animal fats from a diet almost completely. They, and also pastries and confectionery promote postponement of fat in a stomach. Rich desserts can be replaced with dried fruits, nuts.

It is necessary to eat not less than four times a day. Portions have to be small, but such that the woman did not feel feeling of hunger and could look after the child fully. Such changes in food have to become the basic principles and after the woman achieves desirable results. However each feeding mother has to adhere to the principle saying that in a month she should not grow thin more, than on 600 g.

Specialists also advise whenever possible as soon as possible to stabilize an emotional background after the delivery. In the course of strong nervousness the metabolism in an organism is significantly slowed down.

Trainings for prelum abdominale muscles

After a complete recovery of an organism after the delivery and the preliminary trainings described above it is possible to begin serious occupations. Fitness specialists advise the women wishing to have a flat stomach after the delivery, to pay attention to exercises with a special gymnastic hoop, to be engaged in daily run. It is possible to play sports also in special groups on aerobics and other types of occupations.

There are very effective exercises for increase of a tone of muscles of a prelum abdominale. Such exercises can be subdivided into four essentially different groups.

The first group is exercises at which legs work, and the trunk remains motionless. This lifting and lowering of legs, their straightening and bending, work of circular and other movements by legs. In this case there is a strengthening of a lower part of muscles of a prelum abdominale.

The second group is exercises at which legs remain motionless, and the trunk works. These are turns, lowering, lifting a trunk, work of other movements. Such exercises should be done for strengthening of an upper part of muscles of a prelum abdominale.

When performing the third group of exercises both the trunk, and legs works at the same time. At the same time there is a complex training of the majority of muscles of a prelum abdominale.

The fourth group — exercises with cross work of a trunk and legs. In this case oblique muscles of a stomach of which sidewalls of muscles of an abdominal cavity consist work.

Как убрать живот после родовIn the course of performance of exercises it is necessary to remember that on the one hand muscles of a prelum abdominale fasten to bottom edges of edges, on the other hand they are attached to a basin. Therefore, at a raising of legs, it is necessary to lift also a basin. If exercise provides in a prone position a raising of knees to a stomach, then at the same time the basin needs to be torn off from a floor and to bring closer knees to the head.

There are many ways of trainings from which it is necessary to choose for himself the most suitable. However most of young mothers nevertheless prefer to be engaged after the delivery in the first months in house conditions. It is possible to be engaged, using record of a set of exercises on the video carrier, it is possible to work randomly. But all classes need to be given, following certain rules.

Regardless of intensity and duration of the main training before its beginning it is necessary to do warm-up. It is possible just to dance under music, to make several inclinations in different directions, to jump several minutes with a jump rope.

During the work on a flat stomach it is undesirable to apply burdenings. Under their influence muscles gradually become volume. It is also very important to carry out correctly exercises for a prelum abdominale. It is necessary to keep a press in suspense constantly. In this case emphasis needs to be placed on quality of performance, but not on the number of repetitions. Training has to be intensive as only during the work at full capacity it is possible to achieve real results.

Beginning to train for the first time after a long break, it is important not to be overzealous. Enough one approach will be initial, and gradually eventually the number of approaches for each exercise needs to be brought to four.

In the course of training very important point is breath tracking. Muscles of a press need to be strained on an exhalation, involving in itself a front wall of a stomach and relaxing edges. On a breath of a muscle of a press it is desirable not to weaken. At the same time the abdominal wall has to be involved.

Trainings for a prelum abdominale need to be carried out, at least, three times a week. However results will be much better if to train every day. Stomach exercises need to be done quickly, without stopping to take rest. After performance of all planned exercises it is possible to have a rest and continue training by the following approach a little.

It is not necessary to eat in one hour prior to training and after it.

Exercises for a prelum abdominale

Как убрать живот после родовThese exercises can be included in complex training.
For performance of the first exercise starting position: lying on spin, to link behind the hand head. On a breath it is necessary to raise shovels and to bend legs. Knees rise to a breast, heels reach for buttocks. At the same time the stomach needs to be pulled in. Then it is necessary to part legs, at the same time the left leg becomes straight, and right reaches for an opposite elbow a knee. Further there is a change of legs.

For the second exercise starting position: lying on one side with a little bent legs. Into the account of "times" it is necessary to reach a hand for heels, tearing off knees and shovels from a floor. In such pose it is necessary to hold on not less than thirty seconds. The field of performance of this exercise can be made an extension, "having twirled" the body. For this purpose knees are thrown back in one party, hands – in another. Exercise is carried out on both sides.

For the third exercise starting position: lying on spin, legs to bend and place on width of shoulders. Hands need to be put along a body, to press a waist to a floor. Doing an exhalation, it is necessary to pull in very strongly a stomach and as it is possible to lift a basin above. On the most upper point it is necessary to hold a pose not less than thirty seconds.

For the fourth exercise starting position: lying on spin, with the knees tightened to a breast. Hands need to be parted in the parties, to press palms to a floor. It is necessary to raise buttocks, to transfer towards a hip, at the same time knees have to be together. On a floor it is impossible to lower knees. Shoulders do not come off a floor. After return to a starting position exercise repeats in other party.

For the fifth exercise starting position: lying on spin, the bent legs, feet on a floor, hands behind the head. Hands need to be pulled forward, trying to raise shoulders from a floor. In lying situation it is necessary to take a breath, in a sitting position – to exhale air. At the same time it is important to watch that press muscles, but not necks strained. In such situation it is possible to be late for several seconds.

For the sixth exercise starting position: lying on spin, to raise legs, to bend them in knees, hands to arrange along a trunk. It is necessary it is low to raise a basin, not podmakhivy at the same time legs and without leaning strongly against a floor hands. Basin rises at the expense of prelum abdominale muscles.

The seventh exercise can be done on a bench or on a bed. It is necessary to sit down on edge of a bench, then to lay down on a back, to take hands for the head. To bend legs in knees and to bring up them to a stomach. Further the body completely becomes straight. Then legs rise again up. Carrying out these and other exercises in a complex, it is possible to achieve results already two-three months later after the beginning of trainings.

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