How to look after neck skin?

They say that the neck can "give" real age of the woman. Neck skin as well as face skin is thinner and more gentle. Therefore, it is subject to early aging. Some women after a thirty-year boundary can have wrinkles on a neck, and skin becomes flabby and drooped.

Both diseases, and way of life can become the reasons. Avoid stay on the open sun! It is necessary to sleep only on a flat pillow, and not on a down feather-bed at all. Your gait has to be free. With highly raised head.

Daily clarification of skin of a neck is obligatory: light neutral soap will be suitable for this procedure. It is useful to wipe a neck with lotion of own preparation on the basis of medicinal herbs.

The yolk of one egg should be mixed with hundred grams of sour cream, to add a teaspoon of vodka and juice of a half of orange. Other recipe not less useful. The fresh cucumber should be crushed by means of a small grater, and in the received gruel, proceeding from volume add 1/5 part of vodka. This lotion needs to be insisted within ten days, and business to filter and use. You store lotions in the refrigerator.

After clarification of skin of a neck, apply fat cream. In its role there can be a warm vegetable oil or a smalets. In day off indulge neck skin with contrast compresses, alternately putting the towel moistened in hot and cold water to a neck.

Vegetable oils also use for mitigation of skin of a neck. A small amount of vegetable oil (olive, sunflower oil or oil of grape seeds) is warmed up on the water bath. Apply with a wadded disk on neck skin. From above obvorachivat a cotton towel. Leave for half an hour: the warmed skin will absorb oil. The remains follows promakivat a tissue. After such oil procedure skin of a neck becomes silky, soft and gentle.

Yeast dough perfectly will be suitable for cosmetic procedures: it needs to be rolled in a strip. Wrap the test a neck for 20 minutes. After that wipe it with the wadded disk moistened in lemon juice with water in a proportion 1:2.

During a summer season it is possible to apply such means as the bleaching mask to a neck. For this purpose it is necessary to cut cucumbers thin circles and to arrange densely them on neck skin. To fix from above by a kerchief. In 20 minutes to remove everything, and to grease a neck with nutritious cream.

If you have in the menu mashed potatoes, that time to pay attention to a neck. Add the shaken-up egg or a tablespoon of vegetable oil to mashed potatoes. Properly stir and you apply on skin in a warm look. From above cover a neck with cotton fabric. In 20 minutes rinse a neck with warm water.

If skin of a neck is much more dark than face skin, we suggest to bleach it, using the following recipe. The napkin from a gauze should be got wet in 3% - number solution of peroxide of hydrogen and within five minutes "to bleach" a nevus pigmentosus. Then grease skin of a neck with cream. To achieve essential effect, it is necessary to repeat such procedures two times a week.

The flabby drooped neck skin, in particular, a zone under a chin is affected by salt compresses. The gauze bandage is put in several layers and moistened in saline solution. Cultivation proportion: on a half-glass of water – 0,5 teaspoons of salt. The bandage is applied under a chin, from above covered with bandage and fixed by a node on the head.

When putting the softening cream it is useful to make the patting movements or massage in a chin from the center towards ears. Besides, for increase of elasticity of skin of a neck pats by the towel moistened in salty water give excellent effect. After such procedure blood circulation improves, toxins are removed from an organism, and skin comes to a tone.

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