How to look after the weakened hair?

Thick, brilliant hair will decorate any woman. But what to do if hair are far from perfect and the nature, alas, did not present a gift in the form of a dense shock on the head? A limp hair needs leaving and strengthening even to a large extent, than strong and beautiful.

For a start hair should appoint the strengthening masks. Often they are labor-consuming for continuous use and take away a lot of time. And here the mask from spirit infusion of bitter pepper – is very simple and effective.

Tincture can be bought in a drugstore, but it is better to make it independently. On 200 g of vodka or cognac, what is more preferable, 2 fresh pods of red bitter pepper or 4-5 dried are necessary. Fresh pods need to be crushed, sunflower seeds not to throw out, fill in them with cognac, it is better to use dry pods entirely. To sustain tincture in the dark place, sometimes stirring up capacity, approximately within a week. Now it is possible to rub it in roots of hair. It is for this purpose better to use the one-time syringe which will allow to moisten evenly skin in hair partings of hair.

Как ухаживать за ослабленными волосами?Emergence of a caumesthesia or even burning is possible, but it you should not be frightened. If at tincture rubbing in burning amplifies, then it is possible to reduce procedure only to moistening of head skin. Pepper very well affects blood circulation in head skin vessels, and it, in turn, directly influences a condition of roots of hair. Tannins of cognac strengthen hair follicles and feed them.

It is good to repeat procedure every other day within a month, and, it is not obligatory to wash the head after it at all. The tincture smell quickly disappears, and the type of hair does not worsen at all especially as such mask does not demand wrapping of the head. If procedure is carried out before washing of the head, then it is possible to add several drops of burdock or castor oil which in combination with alcohol will easier get into roots of hair to a portion of tincture. It is better to wash the head in 2 hours after drawing a mask. In a month hair considerably will get stronger and will grow up quicker, than usually.

At a limp hair use of gels for laying is undesirable. It is better to apply the freshly squeezed juice of a lemon which is slightly divorced water. Clean hair are moistened with juice and brush the hair, as usual, and after drying they get the volume and healthy gloss and longer remain pure. On such structure it is possible to do also laying which will well keep.

Как ухаживать за ослабленными волосами?Unfortunately, frequent washing is harmful to hair, even despite use of special shampoos and balms. Natural fatty greasing which is produced by sebaceous glands of head skin protects and at the same time nourishes both skin, and hair. Ruthlessly and daily washing away it, the modern person injures defenseless hair bulbs, and hair because of it weaken.

If on issue or on the weekend there is an opportunity not to wash the head, then it is necessary to use it and to give to hair rest, the longer not to disturb hair washing – the better for them. Optimum, from the point of view of health, the frequency of washing of the head – once in ten days. It is a pity only that requirements of modern life do not support these rules. Therefore hair need additional food and care. It is not necessary to refuse to them.

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