How to increase a lactation?

Pregnancy and motherhood are a serious work, work on themselves, but not for themselves. During all duration of gestation the woman cares for herself for the sake of future child, she eats so that it had everything for the correct development, she observes a daily routine and rest, takes care in order that the kid was born healthy. Here he was born, and works increased. Young mother has to care for herself for the sake of the newborn again, she should bring up him breast milk, full replacement to which not light is not present.

Breastfeeding of the child has specific features at each mother, but there will be a few such lucky women who had not to worry about amount of milk at all. Experience on healthy nutrition of the feeding mother which promotes formation of milk or a lactation was long since saved up. But there is one old, easy and fault-free way allowing the feeding woman to keep ability to nurse the child. It is known from time immemorial and consists in the use of podslashchyonny tea with milk in a certain mode.

Tea has to be freshly brewed, it is better if it is mix of grades of black and green tea. Hot tea on a third gets divorced boiled whole milk, a little sugar is added to it. In former times added honey to tea, but now, because of distribution of a children's allergy, it is better to avoid honey. So, tea is prepared. Mother has to drink its first portion in the morning on an empty stomach, without getting up better. It is necessary to have breakfast after a while. During the day it is necessary to drink not less than three liters of such tea, and then milk precisely will be, this easy way did not bring our great-great-grandmothers.

This quantity can seem to some women too big, but any healthy person needs to drink not less than two liters of liquid in a day, it is its physiological norm. So unless it is difficult to add for the kid only one liter? For observance of the mode of the use of "lactiferous" tea it is necessary to put an empty 3-liter jar on a table and to pour out in it so much water how many tea mother for each reception drinks. To evening of bank has to be full. It is not necessary to neglect this accounting, in such important issue as breastfeeding, there are no trifles. Besides such accounting will help mother to distribute correctly amount of the drunk tea for all day, its bigger quantity needs to be drunk before evening.

Of course, food of the woman practicing breastfeeding has to be healthy and balanced and include enough the vegetables steamed, cooked or stewed, and also fruit. And, if the child is disturbed by a tummy, then too it is better to subject fruit to thermal treatment. It is especially good to bake fruit, the microwave oven for this purpose approaches. At this way rough cellulose of fruit is softened and will not exert exciting impact on digestion of the child through maternal milk any more. Kids grow quickly, and mother will have new cares already soon, let they will be joyful.

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