How to protect the child's skin from the sun?

Here also the long-awaited summer came! On the sun does not happen unless lazy now. Long walks in the fresh air, – all this your kid should master trips on giving, visit of the beach. Not seldom children go together with the parents to issue to tropical countries. And in order that all these actions did the child good, mothers and fathers should not forget about sun-protection means.

Scientists proved interrelation between sunblisters which children received aged till 15 flyings, and the defects of skin appearing afterwards. For this reason, gathering for walk in the flying, in 15-20 minutes prior to an exit to the street it is necessary to apply sun-protection means on the child's skin.

The most often found allergic reaction, and not only at children, on excessive stay under the sun is urticaria.

Parents should not forget that children about one year are not recommended to be under the open sun. In communication with what the majority of means of protection from influence of sunshine are intended to kids is more senior than this age.

All sun-protection means are characterized by the maintenance of the filters absorbing or reflecting ultraviolet rays. Degree of protection is designated as SPF, the it is higher, the protection is more reliable.

Dermatologists advise to follow some rules, going with the kid to walk to a sunny day:

  • Use of a protectant with the high SPF level does not mean at all that the child can carry out a large number of time under the sun.
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  • After acceptance of hydrotherapeutic procedures it is necessary to wipe carefully the kid since water attracts sunshine.
  • Upon return home from the beach arrange for the child a cleaning bathtub then leather of the kid is recommended to be processed the milk or other means intended for care of skin after suntan.
  • You should not store sun-protection means till the next summer season.
Section: Dermatology